Baalveer Returns – Ep 59 – Full Episode – 29th November 2019

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This is Dark Realm. And every single object here
is slave to me. Nothing happens
without my consent here. You wish to kill me, is it? Let me show you what magic is. What did you reckon, boy? Learning a few magic spells
will make you grow up? No one can surpass
the Queen of Fear in Dark Realm. ‘Partner, I’m going to need you
now.’ ‘What am I doing?
I am supporting Timnasa?’ ‘I must support Vivaan.’ It is my duty to protect mother. But protecting children is Baalveer’s greatest duty. When all the children
of the Earth including Vivaan are in danger how can I wait until
I finish meditating? I have decided. Shaurya, bless me so that I may save
all the children and fulfil my duty. Enough of this child’s play. Kill this boy now. Baalveer has stopped
his meditation midway. And the chants
echoing in my ears have stopped too. Now, all of us will
kill this boy. He stopped meditating! That means partner
is coming here to take you all to task. So, don’t come forward.
– Really? What will you do? Timnasa, don’t waste
your time on him. Kill him.
– Yes, Queen Timnasa! For the first time, King Bhaymar
has given a good suggestion. No. It’s necessary
to keep him alive. Vivaan! Father-in-law,
have you seen Vivaan? He must be playing outside. You must keep an eye on him. Look at the news. ‘During the half yearly exam
at TBS School’ ‘in Mumbai a strange incident
took place.’ ‘Within 10 minutes
of the exam starting’ ‘the students started copying
from each other.’ ‘The second incident occurred
in Delhi’ ‘at the Dhanpat Rai Stadium’ ‘where, during an inter-school
cricket match’ ‘the children
vandalised the stadium.’ ‘Neither parents,
nor the teachers’ ‘can explain why the children
of our country’ ‘have suddenly become
so ill-behaved’ ‘and aggressive.’ Father-in-law, even Khushi
has been behaving in a similar manner of late. And I’m so worried now that
Vivaan is nowhere to be seen. Don’t worry, Karuna.
He must be playing nearby. Now, tell me, Vivaan.
Whose side are you on? Is the path of righteousness
preached by Baalveer bad or my teachings of evil good? If a path is so full of honesty
and righteousness that it offers
no fun and excitement it’s no use following it. I will follow the new path
preached by our new principal. Bravo! You have turned Vivaan
on the evil path. What do you intend to do next? Oh, no! Queen Timnasa just
brainwashed Vivaan and Baalveer is already here
to take us to task! Look, there!
The comet has disappeared and the black weapon is broken! Eventually, our bones
will be broken too. It is not me. The Dark Realm dwellers
will say so. The comet and the black weapon haven’t disappeared
due to Baalveer coming. You have made them disappear. But why, Timnasa? That is because
I do not want Baalveer or the fairies
to see the black weapon. Queen Timnasa, I swear by
my little finger how will we find the weapon now? I will give you the vision
to see it which will help you see the
black weapon whenever you want. And it is now time
for our next move. There you go. Looks like Vivaan has started
smashing windows while playing cricket
once again. For the first time, I’m relieved
to hear that noise. Vivaan! Vivaan! When did you come back, dear? What is this, Khushi? There’s one more child
in this house apart from Vivaan.
But you don’t seem to remember. You’re getting it all wrong,
Khushi. I called out Vivaan’s name
because he’s nowhere to be seen. Have you seen him anywhere? He’s your darling son,
you’d know. But why are you smashing
these plates, dear? Because I feel like doing it! So, if you feel like it will you smash people’s heads
too? Yes, I will. Father-in-law. She’s doing the exact opposite
of what she’s being asked to. Listen to me. You feel like smashing plates,
right? Carry on. Go on! There are more in the cupboard. You keep smashing plates
and I’ll keep giving you more. I’m not your slave that
I have to follow your orders. You have come up
with a great solution! Father-in-law, I’ll go and tell
Kamini, Padmini and Diwali to do the same. Even they’re fed up of their
children’s misbehaviour. And I’ll also inquire
about Vivaan. Fairies, we must find the comet
as soon as possible. Water Fairy, Wind Fairy both of you
search for the comet. I’ll look for Vivaan
in the meantime. You need not look. I’m right here. Vivaan! Vivaan, I hope you’re all right. Don’t act like you’re concerned,
Fun Fairy! I’ve tolerated your rules
for long enough. You want me to be
an ideal boy, stay at home and do all sorts of things. Even my mom isn’t
as strict as you. From now on,
I will do as I please. Baalveer. Baalveer, I think
we’re too late. Along with the other kids Timnasa has instigated
Vivaan too. We must take him
away from here soon. You can take me away
only if you can touch me, right? Wow! Wonderful, Queen of Fear! The disciple is humiliating
his teacher! Hey, King of Fear! King of Fear, learn from him! Because when you make a move,
you are defeated each time. Hey! I never said that.
The others say so. This means the fairies will keep
looking for the comet and the black weapon whereas Baalveer will try to
catch his disciple Vivaan. That’s when you will execute
your next plan, Timnasa. The next plan? Queen of Fear,
I swear on my little finger. What’s your next plan? The next plan is to bring
the children of the Earth to the Dark Realm,
and to make them Kaalveer with the help of
the black weapon. Right, Timnasa? That’s why I always say
that I like you. Because you always figure out
what’s on my mind. You understand. Not one or two, but thousands
of children from Earth will become Kaalveer. 8,500.
It’s 8,500, Chinti. Think about how we can use
so much money! First, we’ll buy lots
of chocolates with it. And then, we’ll buy a new dress
for me. ‘Now I’ll buy clothes
and ice-cream with that money.’ Yes, Chinti.
– Let me count it. – Go ahead. Chinti, both of you stole
the money together. But why will only Chinti
buy a dress? Chintu has a right
over this money too. Yes, Chinti. I’ll first buy
jeans and shoes for myself. And then, if we have any money
left, we’ll buy you a frock. What if there’s no money left? Then you’ll get nothing.
– You’ll get nothing. Chinti, give me the money back.
– I won’t. Chinti, give the money back.
– I won’t. Give it back! If I don’t get my
jeans and shoes you won’t get anything either. Time’s up.. If you tear it,
no one will get anything. I’ll tell you what,
give me the money. Until then, you two decide
whose clothes to buy. Give it to him.
– Take this. What’s this, Gopu? Did you steal money? Is this
what I’ve taught you? Tell me! What’s the harm in stealing
stolen money, Mom? And anyway, I won’t
return it even if you ask me to. Gopu, don’t argue.
Return the money. I won’t. – Hey..
– I’ll buy jeans. – Leave her. You’re siblings.
Do you want to hurt each other? This is our business.
Why do you care? You won’t return the money,
will you? Okay, then, don’t do it. Run away with the money. Go. You’re right, Chinti. It’s
your business. I don’t care. Hold on. Take this. Hit each other.
Go on. Why should I run away? You don’t want to?
Okay, then. Don’t run. But don’t return the money
to Kamini, okay? When you’re done hitting
each other, hit me too. Okay? No. We won’t listen to you. We won’t fight with each other. Come, Chinti. Ma’am, mom doesn’t want me to
return the money to you. I see.
– But I won’t listen to her. Here’s your money. Okay. He didn’t want to listen
to you! What happened?
– Wow, Karuna! Your idea worked! Yes, Karuna. Now we feel our
children will mend their ways and walk on the right path. God knows, Kamini how long this idea will work. I feel as if we’re going to be in big trouble soon. Death Fairy, I swear on
my little finger what weapon is this? With the help of this weapon,
you’ll be able to face the powers of Baalveer and
the fairies for a short period. Take this. Now go gather the children on Earth and
bring them to the Dark Realm. Baalveer, we’re checked the
skies of the Dark Realm. We didn’t find the comet
or the black weapon. Let’s go. I’ll show you. Stop, Baalveer. Timnasa has cast the spell of
the black weapon on Vivaan. Hence, we can’t trust him. ‘The matter is something else.
I must follow Vivaan.’ Timnasa thought her black
weapon affected me and that’s why she gave me
the power of magical sight. But.. Surprise! Well done, partner. Now you will stay in
the Dark Realm as our spy and help us destroy the comet. We fooled you, didn’t we? ‘Now I need a glimpse of
the children on Earth.’ Vivaan, are you all right? But when all the children
on Earth were affected
by the black weapon how did you get away from it? My partner and the lion
have been teaching me to control my mind and stay calm
during trouble. Their teaching worked today. Anyway, I may be weak,
but I am Baalveer. Vivaan, you got away because you
had a teacher like Baalveer. But where will we find teachers
like Baalveer and Shaurya for the millions of children
in the world? No, Wind Fairy. Children don’t have to
look for a teacher. They have a teacher
since they are born. And that is, their mother. Baalveer, I’ll go on Earth
and tell the mothers that only they can
solve this problem. Yes, Fun Fairy.
Vivaan and I will stay here and try to destroy the comet. Until then, Fun Fairy,
go on Earth and make the mothers realise
their true strength. Both you fairies should go
on Earth and stop Bhaymar, Tauba Tauba
and Jabdali. Are you ready, partner?
– Absolutely. ‘Timnasa, this time, you will
face not one, but two Baalveer.’


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