“Bali Rice Fields at Night”: Magical Bedtime Story and Guided Meditation (Water Sounds)


Hello and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary
I am Michelle and you are listening to a guided sleep meditation and hypnotic
story a night in the rice paddies of Ubud should you be struggling with sleep
and easing your way down from a long day this recording will assist in helping
you find respite and release you will slowly enter a trance state and
relaxation will find you as you drift further and further down towards a night
of restorative and bliss filled sleep and if you have not already this may be a
good time to subscribe so you may find your way back to this meditation in the
future please find a cozy and safe place where you may lay down uninterrupted and
free from any distractions and as you bed down you may think of my voice as
the voice of a dear friend and Ally who is here solely to act as your guide
towards relaxation and sleep the most important thing to note right now is how
much you deserve this time you have done all you need to do today and may let go
of any lingering thoughts feeling the pride that
comes with making it through another day in this life in your body and any
concerns you may have about tomorrow or the future maybe you can part to
mentalize visualizing if you will that you are placing each concern into a box
that may rest atop a high shelf for the night it may wait for you tomorrow when
you are fully equipped to take on these tasks because for right now the only
task you have is to find the most comfortable position as she bent down
for the night this magical and hypnotic story will take you to the far-off rice
paddies of ubud bali where you will travel through the lush green fields
toward your own private modern-day hunt where you may find a comfortable canopy
bed awaiting you carrying you as you drift towards a night sleep under the
starry skies above and as you are still working out any kinks of the day you may
adjust yourself in any way you need to get comfortable and cozy putting all
your joints sink into the bed allowing your limbs and head and neck to
just relax and we will take a few deep breaths together to further deepen your
relaxation and set the calm tone for this exploration empty out all your air
expressing air from the deepest cavity of your abdomen before you inhale for
one two three and now just sigh it out audibly if you like four three two one
and again inhaling four one two three and now letting it all out four three
two one and again inhaling four one two three maybe hold at the top before
exhaling four three two one lovely you may do this one more time if
you like or you may return your breath to a normal relaxed breathing if you
prefer because this is your journey by your design where you are completely in
control all hypnosis is self hypnosis and this journey will allow you to
activate the most imaginative and inspired parts
of your mind accessing creative thoughts that comes so easily as a child the
thoughts we somehow forget as we grow older but acknowledging right now that
you hold the power to unlock the creative force within you and you may
even take note right now of how much more relaxed you feel compared to
moments ago inhaling and exhaling with ease I would like you to visualize that
you are walking down a chalky gray stone path you are wearing sandals of your own
design and preference and focus on your toes as each foot comes into contact the
ground below and the brilliant golden rays of light from a waning Sun are
warming your bare legs and creating shadows across the road you follow taking with ease one step at a time
the air is warm and humid can you smell the rich earth and botannical fragrant
air that meteor knows with a gentle blowing breeze and all around you are
the rich brilliant green rice paddies that are so lush and swaying in the soft
wind you imagine for a moment what it might
be like to float across them peeling the massaging emerald reeds running across
the back of your head and neck and spine like tickling fingers how calming it
would be to just load along the patties that go on for miles luxuriating in the
warm and golden sun that covers the fields like a metallic gloss poured over
the land like molten honey feeling the softness as you imagine floating the
rice fields flowing like soft sea grass below your feet during a low tide this
gentle ease of being is intoxicating and enrapturing you and you cannot help but
feel caught up in this enchantment of going with a flow you continue on
watching is a vibrant lavender butterfly flutters directly in front of you
finding a perch on a reed of grass and you watch with wonder observing the
pattern on its wings as it glitters under the rich light of the Setting Sun inhaling
and exhaling grateful for the soft loops cotton clothing that billows around you
with each step and with each gentle breeze you feel as if you are floating
towards your home and as the Sun begins to set below the dark silhouette of
tropical trees in the distance you watch the fiery perfect sphere the Sun going
deeper and deeper down the closer to setting the Sun becomes the more relaxed
you begin to feel closing your eyes and taking in this last bit of amber warp inhaling the damp warm air around you watching the streaks of magenta and
orange across the sky you think back going deeper and deeper down to a
pleasant memory of being a child in recognizing the beauty of a sunset for
the first time in this stillness appreciating the tenderness of this
moment as you realize that everything given to you may be taken away slowly or
quickly and suddenly feeling in tune with this
fluidity of change this transient experience of being in this body living
your life with only right now the promise of right now this is your moment
and you may honor it and savor each morsel of beauty that’s around you and
calms you feeling the electrifying connection of being tubed in into all
that is around you the life around you as you witness the beauty of the rice
paddies and the ebbing and flowing water that nourishes them instills a feeling
of tranquility and boundless gratitude feeling the coolness that comes over the
area as this rare golden Sun has gone down and the day eases into Twilight you
come towards a fork in the road intuitively continuing towards the
curving path to the right as if there is a magnetic pull that you feel in your
heart center guiding you towards home the sky is darkening and the nighttime
sounds of nocturnal beings begin to Chur and to sing like a private Symphony
among the patties you feel the solid road below each step making you feel
more and more tired your legs becoming heavy your eyelids just the same and up
ahead you see the burning tiki torches outside your special tropical home
perched above the paddies is an open-air hut sculpted by interwoven bamboo that
glistens under the rising full moon and although this home is rustic it is
modern as well with eco-friendly amenities that allow it to naturally
exist in this isolated habitat inside the home is an orange glow emanating
from the lights within and so you continue on so happy to be home inhaling the fragrant smell of jasmine
that grows around the tiled path towards your raised bamboo hut you feel yourself
becoming intoxicated by the lovely indigenous smell new step of the winding
stairs towards the main part of your home feeling more and more tired as you ascend one step at a time and you
approach the custom door of your home that is artistically engraved with the
words you are welcome here pushing open the door into the open-air loft you
notice the high domed ceiling of wooden planks feeling the breeze that comes
across the patties in a cross breeze through your home you feel as welcome as
the door inscription had encouraged the front and back of the home are open and
facing endless fields of rice and palm trees the stars are beginning to come
out above and you walk towards the back of your home where there is a deep white
clawfoot tub brimming with warm water and floating lotus flowers of pink and
white and soft orange the bath has a magnificent view overlooking the rice
paddies and gentle palm trees but sway in the breeze and you close your eyes
and inhale and exhale so grateful for this home in this moment and you disrobe
slowly taking off each flowing cotton garment as you sat
them in a basket on the floor stepping across the cool dark wooden planks of
the floor beneath your feet as you step into the bath the water is fragrant
with relaxing essential oils that quickly work their magical ways by
relaxing your muscles and cooling your skin carefully sinking deeper and deeper
down into the bath you listen to the flowing water from a fountain beside the
top each ripple bringing you deeper and deeper down towards relaxation as you
let go feeling the contentment that travels like warm waves of healing
energy from your heart center to the twitching corners of your mouth they
cannot help but erupt and do a smile of gratitude oh this is for you you deserve
this feeling so nourished and at ease and at peace floating in this healing
tongue absorbing the war and weightlessness that comes to you gently
opening your eyes to look out upon the deep blue black sky that
with stars and is illuminated beneath the silver white rays of a full moon
above as you inhale and exhale healing every joint in your body just melt relax
your muscles melting as well as if soft wax melting around a candlestick your mind drifts toward sleep she decide
to get up and dry off with a plush oversized towel in your favorite color
let await you luxuriating in the softness feeling cooled by the gentle
evening breeze then you change into the silky bedclothes that await you walking
across the cool wooden floor torture plush canopy bed overlooking the waters
below and rice paddies but flow in the breeze reflecting the silvery moonlight
that falls upon them pulling back the soft netting that surrounds the bed like
gossamer you pull yourself under the crisp cotton sheets and inhale the
jasmine and earthy smells that waft towards you and the lights of your home
all begin to dim program to your needs for this restful night of sleep that
awaits you resting your head into the soft pillows your eye is taken one last
glance of the beautiful scenery ahead the rich history of life and abundance
that has existed before you and will continue to thrive long after you are
gone you feel happy and grateful to be a part of this moment right now for right
now is all you need it is enough you’re brimming to the edge of your
being with aliveness and fulfillment this feeling of ecstasy and bliss carry
you gently towards the open gates of sleep as you inhale and exhale and
inhale and exhale you are letting go you are so at ease and at peace encapsulating the stillness to carry
with you every day knowing it is there for you to reactivate whenever you need
that you may have this power in this reserve to tap in to at your own
whim breathing in and breathing out hailing the richness of the air taking
in the luxury of this experience drifting deeper and deeper down getting
closer and closer to sleep grateful for the feat that carried you one step at a
time – right now where everything makes sense where you are easily guided toward
sleep and the restorative powers of the night where your bliss will carry on
through your dreams and towards the brilliant day that will greet you
tomorrow but right now finding asleep finding
relaxation letting go deeper and deeper down you go deeper than you ever thought
possible and I am going to count you down further
towards lis following my voice as I lead you to the great rest that awaits ten
nine eight seven six five four three two one finding bliss finding contentment
finding grace finding love finding healing finding sleep good night


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  1. Michelle's Sanctuary: Sleep Stories & Meditations

    May 15, 2018 1:25 pm

    Back from Bali and the beauty of the tropical island is now within this meditation that will take you to the rice paddies at sunset where you will venture to a modern bamboo hut for respite and a night of deep, restorative sleep.

  2. Rich Saloum Jr

    May 15, 2018 4:31 pm

    Checking it out right now – thank you God bless – hope your trip was wonderful !!!

  3. MTC

    May 16, 2018 2:31 am

    I am so looking forward to hearing this tonight. I hope your travels were wonderful! Thank you.

  4. HoodedDude

    May 16, 2018 11:30 am

    listened in for 10 seconds at work. sooo relaxing already! excited about listening more tonight!

  5. Laiba Khaliq

    May 18, 2018 5:20 am

    This is the best video yet! Thank you so much for what you do, I hope you know what a positive difference you make in the lives of all your subscribers.

  6. morty finchlavich

    October 8, 2018 9:09 pm

    congratulations my friend you have earned Isaiah 47 just a few more clips and You will be completely caught not up,but down thank you for fulfilling Isaiah 47 is on its way through the exhaust systems of the vehicles that you use to your microwave oven into your food pantry and through your air ducts once again congratulations my friend thank you for your teaching of Isaiah 47

  7. Mrs. Potato

    November 15, 2018 5:29 am

    I really love his intro. I wish you'd have a few more that reiterate the fact that, I DID make it through today, this life, and all the troubles I have. I think it would be nice to have a short video about compartmentalizing all the thoughts and feelings one gets from stress and life. Sorry for the long comment! I really love your videos and I've listened to them all! I've been a subscriber from almost the beginning! Much love and many thanks from this anxious woman!


  8. Jaym Quincy

    June 19, 2019 10:55 pm

    Michelle, I hope you know what a wonderful difference you make in your subscribers lives! I found you from Jodi, now you've been my favorite for over a year and a half. My nights are infinitely better, today.

    Thank you for all you do! ❤


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