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Welcome to Sync Mind. This audio session combines Sadhguru’s speeches with Binaural Beats Technology. For a better experience, please Use Headphones. It can Enlighten You! You know, a month ago I was in Hyderabad. After I spoke in one of the meetings, the local newspaper next day reported: “Sadhguru denies God”. The heading of the article was ”Sadhguru
denies God”, or something like this, and it went on to describe how I deny God. Why these things happen is simply because instead of using your… “naïveté”, I am constantly trying to help you to be doubtful about everything. I am telling people, “Anyway you have a doubt about everything; you don’t trust anybody in your
life, please see this.” You don’t really trust anybody in your life. Even people with whom you have
lived for ten years, twenty years, if they do one act that you cannot understand, immediately all kinds of
suspicion will arise about them, isn’t it? Yes or no? If they do just one thing
that you cannot understand, any number of suspicions
will come to your mind. A Guru is always a suspect. So, naturally, there are more
suspicions about him than anybody else; unfortunately that is the reality. That is why the possibility which is so close is so far away. So I am not asking you to be trustful,
I am always asking you to doubt. Doubt is fine with me, but suspicion is a sickness. Doubt means you are looking
as to what is the truth; suspicion means you have made a conclusion about it. Doubt means you don’t know; you’re looking. That is a good state to be in, you’re looking
constantly. “Naive” means, you are suspicious and constantly wondering, “Is the other person much smarter than me, and still taking me for a ride
in spite of all my suspicions?” These people think
they are naive they are actually suspicious. But they are constantly wondering that the other person may be so much smarter
than them and still take him for a ride isn’t it so? There is really no naive person in the world; there are suspicious people who are dumb. Dumb and suspicious. Suspicion is not intelligence. In fact, the lower the level of your intelligence, the more suspicious you are in your nature. Somebody who is intelligent
naturally trusts people around him, at least in the day-to-day affairs. People who have a small mind are suspicious about everybody around
them, have you noticed this? The less intelligent they are, the more suspicious they are always, because they cannot figure
out one thing from the other. They are constantly afraid
that somebody will misuse them. They constantly fear that somebody is going to take them for a ride. So, they will be very suspicious, but they are clueless. So, they call themselves naive. They are not naive, they are suspicious but with the brains of a caterpillar. Now, the question is how do I know whether
I’ve been taken for a ride or not? Let’s come directly to it. isn’t it? That’s the question, isn’t it? Let me tell you,
you are being taken for a ride, because you are still not yet in that state where I can either expose or impose, or even tell you what it is about. It is like… I don’t know if you have seen, but if you come from an Asian family, you might have seen… in India especially, mothers have a whole technology as to how to
stuff the child with more food than he would normally eat. You know this technology? Now, they will take… so much rice and whatever
else on the plate. The child says, “No this is too
much, I am not going to eat that.” They say, “Okay, you eat one half of it.” This half as the child begins to eat; they will mix everything together again. Let’s say the child has
eaten half of this half, then they will mix everything together and then again the child
says, “No, it’s too much.” Again they make it half, “Okay, okay; only half of it I
will give you.” Again make it half. Like this they will go on doing, and in the end, showing kakama, ghodama, chandama, this one, that one, you know, all kinds of distractions, and unknowingly the child will eat
up the whole plate full of rice. Definitely the mother is taking
the child for a ride, isn’t it? Yes? Similarly, the Guru is also constantly taking his disciples and devotees for a ride, because if you really tell them
what they are supposed to swallow, they will just say: “this is
impossible” and will run away. So, because you like
everything in installments, I am taking you for a ride in installments. But it will never happen in installments. It is whole or nothing, but your willingness comes in installments. Do you see the first day you
arrived at the introductory (talk), what level of willingness you were, and today what level of willingness you are? Slowly we have taken you for a ride, isn’t it? Making you a little more willing,
a little more willing, a little more willing. The way I am talking to you today, if I had
spoken to you on that day, you would have left never to see my face again. Isn’t it so? So we are taking you for a ride. There are a whole lot of people with lots of energy, but… there is no wisdom or the necessary systems within themselves to transform this energy into
a kind of a personal power. Power is not about somebody else, power is about you. How much of a potential power you are determines the intensity and profoundness of your life and how effective you will become in your life in whatever area we choose to operate. If this power has to come, you have to use your energies wisely. Energy can be aggregated into power with the necessary wisdom and necessary… tools that we employ. Otherwise, energy can be dissipated simply with endless amount of thought, endless amount of reactions and anxieties. If it has to become a living experience if something as powerful as the Creator
has to come into your experience, there must be some sense of power within you. This must be always understood power is not about domination. Power is about becoming effective. Power is about becoming empowered. Only when you carry the potency
of this power within you, you walk through this life, it doesn’t matter where you’re placed in the society. It doesn’t matter financially where you are, materially where you are,
you walk like a king


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    December 3, 2019 2:49 pm

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  2. Kamaldaye Maharaj

    December 3, 2019 6:53 pm

    Unknowingly you just answer the question to decreasing the human beings birth rate controlling very interesting advice given blessings awesome J,V.Sita Ram Sadhguru

  3. Joshua Alcius

    December 4, 2019 6:38 pm

    When a man becomes enlighted or truly awake is all his emotions, his body, his mind, his energies becoming organized in one direction please? @sync mind

  4. Ott Gavras

    December 5, 2019 5:58 am

    Learning, but you hit this one. I don’t trust anyone never used to be but life happens. I do doubt a lot of people. Thank you πŸ™πŸ»

  5. Shiamala Jeganathan

    December 6, 2019 4:08 pm

    😘😘😘sadguru I simply adore you. Your talks are always mesmerizingπŸŒ‹

  6. Lucid

    December 7, 2019 7:47 am

    The power is within and without me. I need Wisdom and the knowledge to become effective and aid the Creator!

  7. Anthony Blignaut

    December 7, 2019 8:31 am

    Exactly, In a nutshell people generally are impatient and want to reach the top of the ladder without having to take one step at a time,looking for any excuse on the way – !!!!…………….


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