Benefits of daily meditation

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thank you so much we know at times our lives can become stressful and hectic it’s good to just stop and breathe just four minutes of meditation every day can make a difference joining me this morning Todd McCullough from Team act fitness thank you for joining us and we were talking a little about meditation because I have a girlfriend that does it she says it helps start her day off right tell me a little bit about meditation and why it’s so successful so we were just talking when it’s been the biggest game-changer in my life as well and so the idea we have this idea with meditation that we have to be on some you know some Hill legged meditating for an hour right it’s not it doesn’t have to be that way can be something it’s very practical that you can do every day and that’s why I love this meditation it’s something I did this morning and I’ll go tomorrow morning it’s simple and easy to use it’ll make a huge impact on your day I’m a big believer that the one thing we can control is our mindset each day and this is just another tool to put in the tool bag so do that’s great and you said four minutes so what exactly does this how do you meditate so I’m a big believer like you want to shock the system first right so I do use the old 20 minute workout first thing we’ve got people that are doing with CrossFit and doing this afterwards but you want to build this into your routine and you want to shock the system first right most of us wake up in the morning and maybe do a morning prayer and we’re kind of like going through the day yeah if you can shock the system get the blood flow and you’ll be more present it’ll be easier to drop in okay so how did you build this into your morning routine all right so what are some of the steps how does it work all right so developed over the years you know as my early prayer life into what I’ve learned from yoga so I think of it as a blitt think of it as a blend as a morning prayer with a little meditation so it starts off with a moment of gratitude right yet to wake up this morning get a breathe this beautiful fresh air you have a roof over your head food to eat friends and family just a moment of gratitude right something we can all relate to it’s usually meditate on that for 30 seconds to a minute then we’ll move into lifting up a loved one right and so much of the studies now show that wellness is more about your community and the people around you and not just yourself yeah and so one of the things I like to do is I like my brother’s a police officer so I imagine him coming home from a night shift hugging his two kids seeing a big smile on their face and just pouring blessings over him so you pour blessings on that loved one and the third phase we move into is visualizing that’s right so we’re gonna talk about the Jaguars right most elite athletes do this they play the game the night before in the hotel room you can do this with your everyday life right so you come into work you want have a good TV segment you can kind of see that happen before it happens more importantly what is it what a success feel like now and in the final part is really with the room and magic happens it’s just where you’re absolutely present listen to the rise of the fall of the breath the sounds of the air and that’s when you drop in and I will say that during this moment it’s really when you’re at your truest self and you can take that positivity into the rest of your day and everyone you come in contact with will benefit from that your friends your colleagues your loved ones yeah you have a better attitude and it doesn’t matter which time of the day whether it’s in the morning or in the night awesome I think that’s something everyone can put into their routine thank you so much for joining us you can learn more by going to t-mac Fitness comm of course will post this interview on our website news for Jax comm we’ve made it easy to get onto our website all you have to do is just look on our morning show page for this after the morning show so thank you so much thank you so much


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