Benefits of Meditation by Elizabeth Scala

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elizabeth scala here Living Sublime Wellness aspect of my business is each month we focus on one wellness theme this month the theme is awareness now when thinking about awareness one nights come up with similar terms or other
words our experiences that have to do this concept you might hear the terms consciousness you might have heard mindful being in the present moment being in the hearing now and want to all of that i like to use
that fermilab helps with all of these concepts is that of meditation meditation sometimes can be scary wary before we get nervous and start um…
coming up with excuses not having time different things like that let me just share with you a couple of
the better that’s that meditation so some of the physical benefits are it lowers oxygen consumption aching decrease respiratory rate it increases blood flow and slows the
heartbreak they can actually be good for people
with high blood pressure it can reduce anxiety and stress even decreases muscle tension it even helps reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms it enhances our any any new system they can help with concentration and
relax ation so there are many many benefits
meditation even many more than i’ve just shared with me today and one of my speaking about meditation to us as nurses about the nursing profession any of them all spent u may have a submerged you know i’m sure are busy sometimes stress in here specific job a specific workday you know we have a career that involves
a lot of multitasking a lot of questions unanswered a lot of needing our attention you know just being in as simple one workday stand out just a few minutes a nurse can be interrupting called upon
asked a question you know called on the telephone all sorts of things just fifteen minutes so it’s a very very busy and and fast-paced career now i know i’m speaking to you and you
know this but that being said meditation is something for you can actually help you to increase your
focus to help you be more in that moment with the patient or the
client to help you reduce stress and anxiety and really just can help you balance the flow of the work day so i just thought i’d share briefly my
own journey because i’m you know when people hear the word meditation sometimes they even if your lungs no enough for a planned chanting
montrose for forty five minutes to and our team all day sometimes people worry if painful or
uncomfortable sometimes people more entertainment
parsley so just briefly in two thousand ten this summer i went to my coaching certification program and in week too we’ve really focused allot being in the present moment being able to really listen be mindful when speaking with client being aware up how we’re feeling in reacting to what’s
going on so really being in that here now there was a reading list and one of the
book site shows to greet during the course of the class
was catastrophe living by john habits and and that booklet that it’s really been my relief strong introduction to this whole uh… this whole lifestyle really and read the book now about two times
that i always refer to it so it’s a great book notebook uh… really introduce me to be
more mindful and focusing on my breath so i kind of was getting an
understanding of what some of the meditation practice is worked out now there are many different types of
practice but this was just one that i was reading about problem though where i was fully successful was i was practicing meditation and
sometimes when i would get home sometimes on my lunch break sometimes in
the morning if i had time maybe in the evening before and it was happening sporadically was
not happening every day recently uh… may of two thousand
twelve but not another instructor another guy don’t want my wellness
journey and have been introduced to the mutual
and not only that really was reinforced with the concept of it needs to be a
delete practice and he needs to happen at the same everyday if you’re looking to begin some sort of
meditation practice you didn’t look you want to make sure
it’s on a daily basis to get the most benefits it’s happening at the same time of day
so it becomes routine that you’re in a quiet states that you
close the door that you tell others say you’re not
interrupted that you turn off the electronic devices and then she’d get in a comparable
positions so that you our table to for some time now in the beginning if you’re just
starting out it does not have to be twenty five thirty forty minutes long you know start out with five minutes a
day increased to ten do whatever is going to fit into your
lifestyle but do you recall ideally basis at the
same time so you get form that thirteen as nurses if we are able to practice
this one technique we will be more present with our
patients we will be less stressed with our job
load and we merely will be image hearing now in the moments with our with
our staff our clients with ourselves so that we are aware and conscious of everything around them if you’d like more information or you
want help getting started with your common
practice feel free to use check out my website via email so come visit us [email protected] thank you and have a great day


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  1. Dave Gould

    May 25, 2014 9:03 pm

    Meditation and mindfulness for health practitioners.  This is great for frontline hospital staff.


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