Best meditation warmups for a deeper session 🙌🏻🧘‍♂️ (#21)

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is there anything we can do to make sure
that our meditation practice goes deeper every time yes there is it is to make
sure that we include some meditation warm-ups before the practice that’s a
concept that many people are not familiar with so I decided to make this
video about it hi there meditator welcome to episode 21
of master your mind daily your daily source of inspiration for all things
meditation anxiety and personal growth my name is Giovanni Dienstmann I am the
author of practical meditation and the creator of liveanddare one of the top
five most popular meditation blogs on the web today we are talking about
meditation warmups these are simple steps that you can take
at the beginning of your practice think of it as a pre meditation ritual and if
you take these steps then your meditation practice can go deeper so
first I have a question for you do you have a premeditation ritual and if so
what is it please write it in the comments you know just like before doing
any physical activity before doing a sport we have a bit of a warm-up so that
we can ease into the sport more easily and not hurt ourselves
there’s also value in having a bit of a warm-up before meditation it’s not that
we’re gonna hurt ourselves if we don’t have it but because our body and mind
are in usually in a state of agitation during the day if we just go and sit in
meditation it will take us several minutes to really settle down so if
instead of that we spend a couple of minutes doing some simple steps that I’m
sher soon to settle the body and to prepare ourselves to create the mood for
meditation then the minutes that we actually spend in meditation are gonna
be much better the practice is gonna go deeper so what are these steps I’m gonna
share three steps and one fourth which is an optional one more advanced the
first one is to calm the body and the mind if we go into meditation with the
body and mind that has a bit of detention and the agitation of daily
living it will take some time to really settle down but instead we can spend two
minutes doing some breathing practices and some physical practices so here are
things you can do you can do some deep abdominal breathing and for that you can
place your your hands on your belly and make sure that your belly is moving
forward and back as you’re breathing in and out and then you can breathe in
counting one two three four breathing out counting one two three four five six
breathing in four breathing out six you can do this for 10 breaths and if
possible you can breathe out double then breathing in so that would be four eight
or if that’s too difficult for especially for beginners then you can do
three six the idea is that you’re having a couple of minutes of calm rhythmic
breathing and that the exhalation is longer than the inhalation because the
inhalation is energizing while the exhalation is relaxing it releases so
doing this even for one minute before your meditation practice will already
make a difference and if that’s the only thing that you remember
from this class now then that will already be worth it it’s already make an
impact in your practice another thing you can do if you want to spend a little
bit more time in this premeditation workout or warm-up is to do three yoga
poses a forward bend a backward bend and a hip opener that is optional but if you
have the time and you have done a little bit of yoga doing the doing these three
types of poses one of each type before your meditation practice can allow you
to sit with greater comfort and it also calms you down and finally another thing
you can do if you like in this category of calming the body and the mind is to
make sure that you relax your shoulders your jaw your forehead in your eyes may
sound funny to say relax your eyes but the eyes are very connected to the mind
and if you just close your eyes and have the intention of relaxing the muscles
around it you will see how that creates a nice relaxation effect on your mind as
well so the first the first step is this calming the body in the mind you can do
the abdominal breathing you can do relaxation of these key points in your
body and you can do some yoga asanas some yoga postures if you like and if
you have the time then the second element is gladden the mind and by the
way re-finding is useful so far if so please write yes in the comments and if
no please write now and consider liking the video as well if this is useful for
you so step number two is to gladden the
mind have you noticed how some days meditation flows easily and on other
days you just you can’t focus the mind is so busy so Restless well it is very
difficult to focus the mind if you’re not feeling safe or if you’re feeling
negative if there’s something that feels wrong something that you need to fix
something that is urgent that needs to be done if something like that is going
on in your mind it will be very difficult to forget about it and
meditate peacefully our brain is wired first of all for survival so if there is
a sense of a problem or an immediate threat or unsafety
then the brain is going to be engaged with that rather than the meditation so
what can we do about it well we can create a sail a sense of
safety and positivity in your in our mind before the practice and this could
be something like saying to yourself I am safe now there’s nothing else I need
to do for these next few minutes there’s nothing I need to worry about I am safe
I am okay right and in doing that can help cool down the mind a little bit the
other thing that is helpful is gratitude or anything that you can think of or say
to yourself that will elevate your mood a little bit
gratitude about the good things in yourself in your life in your day-to-day
that will create the right type of mood and hormones and chemicals for
meditation the third step is to have a strong
intention for your practice some masters say in Buddhism they say meditate as if
your head is on fire that is much more advanced but you get the picture
come to meditation with the important with the feeling that this is an
important activity and that I want to devote my time and my energy to this
right now what I have find what I found useful
with my own practice and what I teach my students in my master your mind
meditation course is to say things to yourself such as for the next few
minutes I’m going to focus completely on my meditation there’s nothing else I
need to think about nothing that I need to fix not right now the world doesn’t
need me right now I can be fully available only for my meditation and
when you say that to yourself before your practice with intention you will
notice that you are more ready for the practice there is more energy available
so this phase 3 affirm your intention is as simple as this it’s just telling
yourself that you’re going to do something really important right now and
that there’s nothing else you need to worry that for the next 5 minutes or 20
minutes or however long you meditate there is nothing else in the universe
nothing else in your life more important than this and try to meditate with that
attitude and you will notice the difference now the fourth element is an
optional element and it’s more advanced and it is a brain dump sometimes in our
life we are really we have a lot of things going on in our mind
maybe there’s something new maybe we lost a job or maybe there was a
troublesome conversation that we have just had or something is happening and
it’s keeping our mind really really busy if that is the case I suggest that you
spend five to ten minutes doing a brain dump regardless of meditation but if you
do that before your meditation it will kind of empty your mind of all these
things and a brain dump is just getting a piece of paper and a pen or using a
digital format if you like a word file Evernote whatever and do a flow of
consciousness just write down everything that is going on in your mind it says if
you are downloading all of these worries out of your mind into the paper and you
notice that as you do that there is this feeling that arises that maybe I don’t
need to be thinking about these things right now I’ve already kind of
recognized it and put it into the paper it’s the papers problem now so the gist
of today’s talk is this when it’s time for you to meditate you can simply go
and meditate but if you spend a couple of minutes before that doing what I call
the meditation warm-ups your meditation will go much deeper and this warm-ups
are basically three different phases phase one is calming your body in your
mind and you can do that by taking a few deep and slow breaths
especially abdominal breathing you can also do that by relaxing your shoulders
your neck your jaw your forehead in your eyes and these places if you can relax
them mentally it will affect the mind and you can also do two or three yoga
poses so you sit more comfortably then step two is to gladden the mind to
create a feeling of safety in the present moment and to create some
positivity in the mind such as through gratitude that will help you to be more
ready for focusing and the third one is to affirm your intention that in the
next few moments in the next few minutes I’m going to focus wholeheartedly my
meditation and that there’s nothing that I need to do
apart from this right now if you follow these three steps before every
meditation practice you will notice how your meditation goes deeper how it’s
more comfortable and of course these steps on themselves they already
beneficial for you do you know of any other meditator or in your other person
who wishes to meditate but is a little bit struggling with the practice if so
consider sharing this video with them or tagging them in in the comments I’m sure
that they will benefit and appreciate that you did that and if you want my
help to guide you through this process of meditation step by step to integrate
these things slowly so that you don’t overwhelm yourself and if you want to do
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next level even a little bit that will already be great happy growing


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