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You’ve made the commitment to meditate but
you’re struggling to find time to actually do it. To help you out, I’ve reviewed 13 meditation
apps to find the best ones for short meditations. Well done on starting your meditation journey. There are loads of studies that show that
meditation improves focus, creativity, memory and many aspects of wellbeing. Of the 13 apps I reviewed, I found 11 that
really catered to the time poor. Insight Timer is a genuinely free app with
over 7,000 guided meditations by over 1,500 teachers. The usability is great, and it has other cool
features such as support groups and communities. The app offers a host of options for people
with under 5 minutes to spare. Calm, which costs $12.99 a month, offers a
number of 3-minute guided meditations. Headspace, which is a beautifully designed
app that costs £9.99 a month (although it does have a free version), offers minis, which
are super-short exercises that you can do at any time. Smiling Mind is another free app that offers bite-size
tracks in the 1-2 minute range. Stop, Breathe, Think is a great free meditation
app with a premium option. A lot of the tracks are offered at various
lengths, starting with 3 minutes. 10% happier is another app with a free version
(the premium version is £74 per year). Its Just Meditate section contains a whole
lot of 1-minute tracks. Mindfulness Daily’s Simple Start programme
is available on its free version. There are a number of short, 2-minute tracks
in the Simple Start section. Omvana does offer quite a few 2-minute tracks,
some free and some available to purchase. I did find it quite hard to locate them as
you can’t search by length. Breethe, by OMG I can Meditate, costs £6.99
a month. It offers meditations in 1-2 minute chunks. Simple Habit costs £7.83 per month, although
there is a free option with more limited features. You can choose some shorter meditations but
the variety isn’t great. Finally, Meditation Studio, which is a beautifully
designed app costs £3.99 a month. The app offers a quick breaks section with
loads of great 1-2 minute meditations. Well done for committing to meditation. Even if you only have a minute to spare there
are loads of options available to you. Thanks for watching my review of meditation
apps for the time poor. Please support me in helping bring great tech
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