Birkat Kohanim: The Priestly Blessing Guided Meditation

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let’s try guided practice to help us
enter into an experience of Birkat Kohanim the priestly blessing this prayer is composed of three lines each having two components these six
qualities a blessing can be felt and experienced both physically and
emotionally bring your attention to your physical
body pay special attention to the contact between your body and the floor
or chair that you’re sitting on relax into that sensation feel grounded and
steady if you’d like you can close your eyes and focus on the sensations in your
body wade into the stream of blessing Yivarechicha, may you feel blessed to
feel blessed means that you have an abundance that you have all that you
need feel what it feels like in your body to have a sense that you have
everything that you need right now Vayishmirecha, may feel safe you can let
down your guard you can relax in your body notice what it might feel like to
feel safe Yaer HaShem Panav Elecha, may you feel luminous imagine a bright
warm light is shining down upon you and it also shines from within let the light
fill you and surround you bathe in this light Vichuneka, may you feel loved the word that’s used here for love “chen” means a kind of love that is given without reason it is “chinam”, free you don’t need to earn this love
rather it is a divine gift that shines upon you simply because you are go ahead feel loved Yisah Shem Panav Aylecha, may you feel happy this phrase evokes an image of the
Divine inclining joyously towards you we can reciprocate, allow a gentle smile to appear on your face and let yourself feel happy this is not a happiness that
is dependent upon things being perfect in your life rather it is a kind of
happiness that is accessible now as a gift of waking up to this miraculous
moment exactly as it is Yasem Licha Shalom, may you feel
peaceful feeling peaceful is something that we can access even if the world and our lives are not as filled with peace as we need this blessing is an opportunity to fill Shalom, peace, shleimut, wholeness a time to just be
with all that is present in our hearts and minds by feeling peaceful right now
no matter what is happening we become energized and better equipped to engage
in the essential work of building a world that is more peaceful feel it now to learn more about Birkat Kohanim, the
priestly blessing watch this video about its history and place in the prayer


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