Body Scan Meditation – Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Tension | Ethereal Meditations

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Welcome to Ethereal Meditations. This guided
body scan is intended to offer you a short break to help you tune into your body and
to let go of any tension that may have manifested throughout the day. Listening to this meditation
three times a day can assist your body in integrating this practice of awareness. Begin
to find a comfortable position and slowly close your eyes. When you are ready, take
a deep breath in and just let the breath flow out naturally. With each breath, notice your
body becoming more relaxed. Begin to bring awareness to your feet, let your toes
and ankles completely relax, bring your awareness to your shins and knees, with each breath,
let all of the tension dissipate, moving to your hips, pelvis and lower back. Perhaps your
body can sink even deeper into the position in which you are sitting or laying in. Begin
to bring awareness to your back, all the way up your spine and into your shoulders. If you
are in an upright position, perhaps your shoulders can drop even more now to your fingers, hands,
wrists and elbows. With each breath, keep allowing any extra tension to melt away. Now bring your
awareness up to your neck, ears, jaw, and cheeks. Allow
your jaw to unclench. As you reach the top of your body, move your awareness to your
eyes, forehead and crown of your head.Take a deep breath in and with the exhale, let
any lingering tension dissipate. Feel the relaxation flowing through your entire
being. And slowly bring your awareness back to your breath.Thank you for listening to
ethereal meditations. To hear more meditations, please visit our YouTube channel Ethereal
Meditations and subscribe.


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