Bounce Back! 10-Minute Guided Meditation for Resilience (Break-Ups, Job Loss, Health Challenges)


Hello and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary.
I am Michelle and you are listening to a guided ten-minute daily meditation for
resilience and bouncing back. This may be listened to on its own or as part of a
seven-day meditation series. If you are looking to have a regular practice you
may listen at any point of the day that is most beneficial to you or you may
carve out some time in your day to connect with the deepest part of
yourself and honor your journey. So find a quiet place and if you would like you
may close your eyes. Noticing your breath as you begin to
deepen it and if you have any holding in your body, now is the time to just let it
go. Just as if sweeping the corners of the room, you may do a sweep of any
hidden corners or crevices in the body the may be holding tension. You may expel
all the air from the deepest part of your lungs. Audibly sighing out your
mouth if that feels nice. You may inhale deeply for one two three
and exhale for six five four three two one.
inhale for 1 2 3 maybe holding at the top before exhaling for 6 5 4 3 2 1.
Just continuing this rhythmic breathing for a few rounds on your own. Recognizing that whatever has happened
to you or is happening right now or will happen someday ahead you are still
breathing you are still here. You are still alive. Inhaling one last time
before you exhale all the air out. Return your breath to normal. Visualizing right now if you will, a time
that goes further and further back. Reversing through the years you have
been in this body, going back in time to when you were a child. When fumbling and
making mistakes was just part of the learning process. It was okay to fall
down and try again the mind had yet to see a challenge or obstacle as a reason
to give up. Your focus was on the goal and accomplishing whatever that was. And
right now you may just remember what that feels like. Letting go of self judgment or imposing
the idea that any blocks you may have been dealing with are permanent.
Letting go of the idea that resistance is inevitable because you have lived
long enough to know that change is a natural part of life. Nothing good and
nothing bad can possibly last forever. You are capable of resilience and
bouncing back because it is what you have always known in this life. It may
have been some time since you remembered all that you have overcome, so let’s
visit this idea for this moment of your day. Any time that you may have convinced
yourself that you could not go on, you did. Being here right now is evidence of
that and so you may imagine
as you continue towards the goals you may have or just towards the
experiences you wish to have. You may visualize the resilience of a baby fawn
but is just learning to walk and leap taking many stumbles and still
continuing with enthusiasm. Your story is not over until it’s over.
You are still writing one page at a time guiding your life as if a sailboat on a
cerulean sea, you are empowered to adjust your sails and direction whenever you
need to if the wind happens to change course. You just need to readjust your sails you
are in control and if you choose to keep trying
or even if you choose to go in a new direction you will find that the support
you need will come with ease once you make this commitment. You need not
believe you are resilient to be resilient. Survival and continuing on is
embedded in the human spirit. Going on and striving even when the ego is
wounded and a chattering mind tries to tell you the opposite but today and
every day you may celebrate your own resilience. Your own moments in life that
required you to begin again or rise above her work through what once
appeared to be unworkable. You have the power. You are doing
everything just as you should and you may know that you are not alone. Generations of people have come before
and I’ve endured on just as you are enduring on right now knowing that while
support and love will find you when you ask. You are the only one with the power
to lift yourself up again this is your power. You are capable and you always have been.
Just as when first learning to walk you stumbled and got up again you may
remember this power when you’re feeling stuck or feeling that you cannot go on.
Know that someday ahead you will look back at that moment and realize that you
did move on. And you may begin to flutter open your eyes
bringing movement to your fingers and toes. Inhaling and exhaling and you may
go through today with the idea that you have the power to bounce back. Resilience
is a part of your nature even when you may forget
but you need not even forget. You are resilient. You bounce back and you’re
capable of overcoming and rebounding from more than you may realize


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  1. Michelle's Sanctuary: Sleep Stories & Meditations

    April 19, 2018 3:03 am

    "It doesn't matter how smart you are. Or how much you achieve or make happen if you don't have the ability to grow and bounce back from setbacks. Getting up again and trying is the most important skill you will ever develop." This quote stuck with me as an overachieving school kid.

    This meditation focuses on the idea that any time you may have thought you could not go on, you did. Because here we are today. And even if you feel stuck or unable to bounce back, there will be a point in the future that you may recall this time and see that you forged ahead. Dealing with heartbreak and career challenges when I was a young adult, I would write all that bothered me or that seemed to be going wrong on a slip of paper and hide it for six months, when I would read the items again. An adviser has told me that typically 6 months was enough time to realize you had moved on to new worries and problems. To be honest, a few of those items stayed on a neatly tucked away slip of paper for two or three years. But eventually, yes, I bounced back and had moved on. With the grace and beauty of getting older, I haven't had to maintain a hidden slip of concerns in a long time. Oh, the beauty of surrender and just… letting go. Here's wishing that you all embrace the resilience that is inherent within you and that you always bounce back.

  2. Pamela Walker

    May 1, 2018 3:01 am

    Thank you so much for this series! I absolutely LOVE IT!
    What a perfect MUST HAVE for my Michelle's Sanctuary GM playlist 💫💞💫☮️


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