Brain Training Meditation Video


What we are going to do in this program is
a couple of things: One is to activate the MidBrain, and prior to that we need to do
one thing and that is to shut down as much as we can the Frontal Lobes. The Frontal Lobes
are on both sides, the left Brain, and the right Brain are the Frontal lobes. That will
take care of shutting down the logic and also the impulsive behavior, as far as the right
frontal lobe is concerned, and that will be shut down, both parts. Then what we need to
do is just go into the MidBrain, and then activate that MidBrain. That’s what we are
going to do. Just close your eyes. Okay, and just focus
on your frontal lobe. The moment you Focus on the Frontal Lobe which is the forehead
area, just you can only focus on the forehead area.
Go left to right focusing, and right to left. Left to right, right to left
And focus the entire Frontal Lobe, both left and right.
Lots of things are happening. If you look at the FMRI, which is a Brain scan, you will
know what is really happening. You are doing a lot of things. You may think, “I am not
doing anything,” but the FMRI will show you a lot of activities in the frontal lobe
area. Wherever you focus it will be activated.
Now the logic and impulsive behavior have to be stopped. The logic will stop your manifestation
by asking: ’Why, Where, What, When’. So we have to do that.
The impulsive behavior is bad too because that will lead you to denial and distract
you to go and smoke or have a drink, or do some impulsive action. Both have to be stopped,
and how are we going to do it? Just move your Attention towards the middle
of your forehead corresponding to the MidBrain. So now we are going to move the energy from
the left Frontal Lobe to the middle of the forehead.
You do the same thing with the right Brain, the right Frontal Lobe you move to the middle
of the forehead corresponding to the MidBrain Go deep within and visualize the groove in
between the two Brains, the slot that divides the two Brains, the right and the left
Then Focus on the MidBrain, the middle of the Brain, the groove, and the sides of the
Brain, the groove and a little bit closer to the MidBrain on the left side as well as
the right side Like a candle flame, visualize a candle flame
in the MidBrain Now remove the candle flame and just focus
on the MidBrain Now visualize, visualize whatever you want
to manifest, a home, or a job, or money, stacks of money, a car, or relationship, health,
weight loss, whatever you want to manifest Bring all of your energy to the midBrain,
and think inside the midBrain, and put it inside the MidBrain
Now visualize also all of the energy from the frontal lobe, and the rest of the cortex
also going into the midBrain Now slowly, slowly
come back to yourself, and open your eyes,
but before that just relax before you come back
You can open your eyes There are two ways of doing this. 1. Is you
can do like a short version that I have just taught you, and then 2. you can go for an
hour, 20 minutes, or whatever time you have. The more you do the more benefits you have.


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  1. ULA

    June 16, 2018 5:37 pm

    When i was doing the manifestation excercise there were negative thoughts and fear coming in. Will they affect my manifestation

  2. soma mukherjee

    November 16, 2018 8:14 am

    Guruji , thank you for this vedio.I just want to tell you that everyday I am practicing SHREEM BREEZE .Once again thank you guruji.


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