Brief Body Scan by Dr. Weits (Military Meditation Coach Podcast)

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[music] [Dr. Julie Kinn] Welcome back to the
Military Meditation Coach, your source for meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation exercises. Made for the military, but good for everyone. Today, Dr. Genelle Weits returns to lead us
in a short mindfulness meditation with a focus on the body. The exercise will last about five minutes,
and it’s called a brief body scan. As always, try to find a comfortable position. Adjust your lights and electronics as needed. Take a nice deep breath in and out, and focus
on your intention, the reason you’re meditating today. [silence]
[Dr. Genelle Weits] Getting into a comfortable position, whether it’s lying down or seated,
knowing that you can always change positions at any time. Taking a somewhat dignified posture, attempting
to be alert and aware of the moment. While it may be possible to fall asleep during
these meditations, perhaps having the intention to fall awake, becoming more and more aware
of sensations in the body, thoughts or images in the mind, emotions that may be present. And even as various sounds or thoughts may
pull your mind away from the body, becoming aware of the position or posture that you’re
in. Noticing where your body is making contact
with the chair, the floor, or whatever you’re seated on. Beginning to bring awareness to your body
as a whole. [silence]
Noticing any sensations or lack of sensation in the front of your body, in your face, your
neck, the front of your torso, the abdomen, your pelvis. Noticing any sensations or lack of sensation
in your thighs, the fronts of your knees, your shins, your ankles, the tops
of your feet, each toe. [silence]
And moving awareness to the soles of your feet, the pad of each toe, your heels. And then awareness to the backside of your
body: your calves, backs of your knees, the backs of your thighs, your gluteals and pelvic
region. Bringing awareness of any sensations to your
low back, your hips, your mid-back. Noticing any sensations in your upper back,
your rib cage and shoulder blades. Bringing awareness to your shoulders themselves,
from the neck all the way out to the shoulders. And then bringing awareness to the upper arms,
your elbows, your forearms, the wrists, the palms of your hands, and down each finger. The backs of your hands
and then back up the arms, through the neck and into the back of the head, and top of
the head. [silence] [music]
[Dr. Julie Kinn] Thank you for joining us today. The Military Meditation Coach is produced
by the Naval Center for Combat and Operational Stress Control and the Defense Health Agency. You can learn more about us on social media
@MilitaryHealth. If you liked this show and would like more,
please subscribe and review us on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts. Let us know what kind of relaxation exercises
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and do not reflect the official policy of the Department of Defense or the United States
government. [music]


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