Brief Breath Awareness with Bells by Dr. Weits (Military Meditation Coach Podcast)

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[music] [Dr. Julie Kinn] Welcome to the Military
Meditation Coach, your source for meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation exercises. Made for the military but good for everyone. I’m Dr. Julie Kinn of the Defense Health Agency. Today, Dr. Genelle Weits is joining us again
to do a brief breath awareness exercise. Find a comfortable position. Make sure the lights aren’t going to be in
your way. Turn off screens if you can, and alarms, and
start breathing slowly and deeply, focusing on your intention. [silence]
[Dr. Genelle Weits] Becoming aware of your breath. Simply noticing how it feels in this moment. Becoming aware of any desire to make it different
than how you found it. Slower or deeper. Attempting to allow your breath to be however
it is in this moment. [silence]
Becoming aware of the tempo, the rhythm of your breathing. [silence]
Noticing if it seems regular, or if the rhythm changes. [silence]
Gaining awareness of any movements in the body, as you notice your breath. [silence]
There may be a place in the body that you feel the breath most vividly. Noticing that place. [silence]
Attempting to rest your mind in the place where you feel the breath most vividly. [silence]
Noticing the movement, whether subtle or more obvious. [silence]
Becoming aware of any sounds. Whether you’re imagining the sound of your
breath or you can actually hear it. And again, being aware of any change you’ve
done to try to hear your breath or to soften the sound of your breath. Attempting to allow however you are breathing
now to continue just as it is. [silence]
Whenever your mind moves away from the breath, gently bringing it back. Bringing it back to the next breath or the
one after. [silence]
Coming back to the breath. [silence]
Coming back to the breath. But you can cut. [silence]
[Dr. Julie Kinn] [music] Thank you for joining us today. The Military Meditation Coach podcast is produced
by the Naval Center for Combat and Operational Stress Control and the Defense Health Agency. You can learn more about us on social media
@MilitaryHealth. If you like the show and would like more,
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government. [music]


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