Camping Under The Stars: Guided Sleep Meditation and Hypnotic Story (Written by Clare Stephanie)


Good evening, and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary. You are listening to “Hilltop Under the
Stars: A Guided Meditation and Sleep Hypnosis.” This meditation is a collaborative effort
with Clare Stephanie who has created this script that will take you on a deeply relaxing
voyage towards sleep. Tonight, you will be taking a journey through
a meadow, onto the top of a hill where you will camp out under the stars. But firstly we will do some breathing exercises,
a relaxing body scan, and a countdown. Please only do this meditation in a safe environment
where you can fall asleep and have no distractions.  We all need time to wind down, to allow ourselves
time to reset, to relax and forget about all the stresses that life holds. It is ok to let go. We spend so much of our time over-thinking,
it is a natural thing, but now is the time to learn how to just be. You need not think about the past, or the
future, only, right now… And right now, is your time. The time to leave all worries behind. You can focus on other things when you awaken
tomorrow, but for now, this time, is all about you. Now, Get into a position that is most comfortable
for you, fidget a little if you need to. Just easing in and getting as comfortable
as you can, right now. Great. So lets start by bringing your attention to
your breath, and when you are ready, exhale completely, empty out your lungs. And then take a slow, deep breath in to the
count of 5, hold for 3 seconds, and take a slow breath out until your lungs are completely
empty, do this 5 times (either give them time to do it, or guide them through it…your
choice). This breathing technique will help your body
and mind to relax and get ready for sleep. Now that you have done that, you can bring
your breathing back to a natural rhythm.  So, lets start the body scan.  Imagine that your body is filled with a thick,
black liquid, preventing you from true relaxation. Now start by focusing at the top of your head,
and imagine this liquid slowly draining downwards, leaving your head clear, and light. Now feel it drain through your face, down
through your neck, loosening all the muscles, releasing all tension.  Down through your shoulders, the front and
back of your body, soothing all and any tense muscles in your back, down through your waist,
your thighs, your calves, through your knees, and the liquid is now leaving through your
tired feet, leaving you completely relaxed and free from aches, pains, and stress. I will now do a countdown, starting from 10,
and when we reach 1, you will be at a state of pure relaxation, ready for our soothing
journey that will take place in our imagination.  10, 9, breathing in slowly, 8, 7, letting
go of any left over tension, 6, 5, 4, feeling sooo relaxed, 3, remembering to breathe, 2,
and…1.  And now we will take our journey… You are in your home, stood by your front
door, imagine the door, what it looks like, the colour, the texture. Does it have a glass window? Does it have worn wood? Or is it glossed and smooth? Bring your attention to the door knob, you
place your hand on it and open your door.  You are surprised to see that what is usually
on the other side, is no longer there, instead, you are greeted by a sunny, green, meadow,
scattered with beautiful, vibrant flowers. You step out from your doorway and place your
feet onto the grass, and even through your shoes you can feel how soft and cushioned
it feels under your feet. The temperature is perfect, not too hot, with
a cool breeze floating through the air.  You glance around, amazed at the magnificent
surroundings. You see so many colours, bright pinks, oranges,
reds, purples, its like you have never seen colours so vivid before. You begin to walk across the grass, taking
in all the beautiful sights, and you come across a stream, the sunlight bounces off
the surface, creating tiny little rainbows in the bubbles. You close your eyes and listen to the babbling
sounds, focusing on the subtle, soothing sounds of the water gliding over the pebbles. You open your eyes and look down into the
stream to see dozens of tiny fish scattering around, dancing between the current and the
stones. You decide to sit on the edge of the bank
and take off your shoes and socks. You place them on the grass next to you and
put your feet into the water, it is cool and refreshing, the current massaging the soles
of your feet. Nearby you is a stunning willow tree, hanging
over the stream, the sun lighting up the green colours of the leaves. You are astonished by all this beauty that
surrounds you.  You take your feet out of the water, and they
dry off quickly from the lovely temperature of the air, and you put back on your socks
and shoes. You walk beside the brooke, and it leads you
to the bottom of a hill.  The sun will be setting soon. You look up and smile at the thought of seeing
the view when you reach the top. You have a backpack with water, some snacks,
a tent, and a blanket. But it is so lightweight, you can barely feel
the straps on your shoulders. You take a nice deep breath, inhaling the
freshness, smelling the scent of pine, and sweet but subtle smell of the flowers that
are gently swaying in the breeze.  You start walking up the hill, the grass feels
so spongy under your feet that walking barely feels like any effort, its like you are gliding
upwards. You continue walking, feeling that refreshing
breeze gently stroke your face. Leaving your skin feeling cool and smooth,
like you’d just had a refreshing shower. You can hear the bees happily buzzing around
from flower to flower collecting pollen, paying no mind to you. You can hear the leaves of the trees gently
rustling. You see a beautiful, angelic, pure white butterfly
float alongside you. You stop for a moment and hold out your hand,
and it dances through the air and touches its legs on your finger, fluttering its wings
which catch the light and creates the brightest colour of white you have ever seen. You lift up your hand towards the sky and
it softly flutters its wings and sets sail into the sky.  You continue walking for a while, and before
you know it, you are at the top.  You gaze across the magnificent landscape,
looking down to where you first stood at the bottom, realizing that you left all your negativity,
all your doubts and concerns behind the door that you came out from, and you now feel so
light, and so comforted.  You set down your your backpack on the floor
and pull out the tent, it is a pop up tent, so you need not build one. You take out the pegs and secure it to the
soft, plush, grass below your feet.  You see that the sun is about to set, so you
lay out your blanket on the floor, and sit down. The grass almost feels like a cushion underneath
you, it is warm from the sunny day that you just experienced and it is soothing.  You get comfy and watch the sun slowly descend,
turning the sky a stunning combination of oranges and pinks, it is a magnificent sight
to behold, and you have never seen anything so breathtakingly beautiful in your life.  As the sun gravitates down, out of view, it
pulls a blanket of dark purple and blue tones across the sky. The stars leave a soft, gentle glow, gently
illuminating your surroundings. The moonlight is a pleasant soft white, with
a splash of pale blue. It makes everything around you look so elegant.   You lie down on your blanket, looking up
at the tiny balls of lights above you. Twinkling gracefully in the now dark black
sky. You can see Orion right above you, the three
stars making up his belt are glowing.  You think about how vast the universe is,
and how lucky you feel to be a part of it, being able to enjoy its beauty.  You think of all the generations of people
before you who have looked up at the same stars, who admired its beauty and magnificence.  The cool breeze that you enjoyed earlier has
now dissappeared, leaving you feeling warm and comforted. The flowers and leaves stop swaying, as if
they have gone to sleep for the night. The
moon gradually peers out from behind the only whispy cloud in the sky, and it is the biggest
you have ever seen it, you can almost see the craters, and the shadows they leave across
the surface.  It is incredible.  The more you gaze up, the heavier your eyes
become, and you are struggling to keep your eyes open.  You decide to climb sleepily into your tent,
pulling your blanket in with you. You cuccoon yourself in it, it feels like
being held by warm, loving arms. It is so plush and so cosy, it feels as if
nature itself is comforting your tired body. You close your eyes, and you drift off into
the most peaceful sleep…


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  1. miss gemma winder

    March 20, 2018 9:48 pm

    Ive suffered many years with anxiety and bipolar disorder and gave always struggled with meditation as I have never been able to stop my mind wandering. I have tried different types of healing and meditation and none seemed to work until I found you. Ive been using your videos for 6 months and you have helped me so much. Thankyou for teaching me how to relax. You are an inspiration and you have a lovely beautiful tone to your voice. You really have changed me for the better. 😊❤❤


    March 20, 2018 10:29 pm

    Hi michelle just a quick question have u done a healing meditation for cold and flu? As im currently ill and need some relief thanks

  3. Clare Stephanie

    March 20, 2018 11:09 pm

    It was an absolute pleasure writing this script and you really brought it to life Michelle! Thank you.

  4. Paulo Hatanda

    March 22, 2018 2:09 pm

    You have no idea how much I love You and your work. You are not just helping me (after a hard work day) but my little kindergarten students at their nap time too.
    Everyday I say them we are gonna hear the angel’s voice before sleep (btw I really believe you are an angel)

    Big Hugs from Japan

  5. Sundry Girl

    June 14, 2019 5:23 am

    Thank you sweetie I appreciate your relaxing videos and meditations and stories. And falling asleep to them for 2 weeks now. Peace and blessings dear have a happy weekend


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