Can a person truly be happy without meditation?

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The next question is, can a person be truly happy without meditation? If you’re looking for the emotion of happiness then probably you can do without meditation. There are much easier ways to give you happiness but this kind of happiness is an emotion and there is always a counter part of it, sadness that comes along. You cannot have a constant sense of happiness all throughout your lif, all throughout your time. You will see that happiness comes along with sadness, it’s coupled with it’s counter emotion and same is with every other emotion that it comes in a package of opposites but if you’re looking for something that is beyond happiness sadness and these emotions, if you’re looking for a state that goes beyond happiness and sadness and all these temporary emotions, that’s where meditation can take you for sure and once you are in that state of who you really are, you would probably not even ask this question because you will not be concerned about happiness and sadness and all these temporary feelings and emotions that you can experience as a human consciousness.


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