Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner Batch 7 Lahore All Questions Answered

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Hello and welcome. my name is Dr. Ibrahim Siawash and in this video I want to answer all of your questions about certified hypnotherapy Practitioner batch 7. So keep watching this video till the end So the first question people are asking is how does this 1 month long course work? Well… you see before you come to the workshop, there is a lot of readings that you must do you do that reading step 1. Step 2 you join the course for three days… Three full days from 10:00 a.m. Till 6 p.m. Step 3 after completion of the three days you go back for twenty-five days you practice your newly learned Hypnotherapy skills in the workshop. We are going to teach you a lot of hypnosis, which is just a state of relaxation and therapy skills and in the next 25 days, which we call “mentorship” during this mentorship you are going to practice these hypnotherapy skills Now you can submit these videos, if you are from out of Lahore, via internet different file sharing systems Or you can come visit me right here in my office with your progress of the practice. By the end of this 25 days You will make five case reports which are successfully conducted hypnotherapy sessions. Once these 25 days are completed successfully, you will come back and conduct one more day of workshop. Now in this final day of workshop, We will have a final written test and a lot of new, updated tools and therapeutic techniques to teach you. So this is how this workshop of one-month course works. the second question people are asking is what are the charges and the certifying body… well, the charges for this workshop this one month-long hypnotherapy practitioner course is only 49,000 Pakistani Rupees. Now this includes all the taxes as you know, PIMS – Pakistan Institute of Mind Sciences is the certifying body and PIMS – Pakistan Institute of Mind Sciences is a registered company with the government of Pakistan So we have to pay a lot of taxes. Now 49,000 PKR for this one month long course is a very reasonable amount of investment for all those who want to not only learn the skills and tools of healing with Hypnotherapy, But want to multiply their income 10X. You see most of our students, as soon as they are done with these hypnotherapy workshops, they can go and earn 150,000 PKR per month regardless of your age and education. So this workshop is not only for psychologists, but it’s also For everybody else that wants to benefit from this therapeutic method. As soon as you are done with this workshop you are going to be able to open up your own clinical practice and continue Healing people at the same time earning a very good amount of money. For those of you who are coming from outside of Lahore as you understand you don’t have to state a complete month inside of Lahore You only need to stay three days first and then one more day later. Now if you are from outside of Lahore Of course, you don’t need to state that one day at the end But you do need to stay in Lahore for three days. So three days means two nights of stay. And for those of you who are from outside of Lahore you can actually apply for residence. We will book hotels right here near our venue for you where you can stay at night. but if you want us, PIMS, to provide you with accommodations in high three-star, three to four star hotels, then you cannot avail any of the discounts. So you pay the full fee and then we will arrange the accommodations for you as well. Or you can have any of our discounts and arrange your own accommodations. Now about the discounts, that there are several discounts that you can get for example we have an Early Bird Discount where you can find the details right in the description box. Another very interesting question people are asking is whether you have to be a psychologist in order to learn hypnosis? Well, you see hypnosis is a very commonly occurring phenomena. Most of what you learn about Hypnosis is wrong. You see it’s very simple very understandable, and anyone can learn it. I give the example like this that if you ever have slept at night, which everybody has, before going to sleep you have this kind of a sleep – wake state. Now that sleep – wake state is actually a hypnotic state called “Hypnogogic” state. So one of the forms of hypnosis you have already experienced if you sleep at night. My job as your trainer would be to teach you how the subconscious mind works and How you can leverage it to gain the maximum From your life. You see the person who has tamed Their mind is a person who gains the most of success out of their life so the answer whether you have to be a psychologist to attend this course is “No”. You can be an Engineer, you can be an IT software person, You can be an artist, all you need to do or you need to be is an open-minded person Who is interested in healing others and who wants to achieve the best of their own lives. You see because in this course you not only learn the tools to apply on others But while you are learning these you will go through a lot of therapies. A lot of phobias Phobias have been cured in these workshops, A lot of confidence have been increased during these workshops, A lot of mental barriers have been broken during these workshops. All the attendees, all the participants Which I hope one of them would be you in the future, Go through hypnotic state and Reprogramming under hypnotic state while you are attending the workshop. So by the end of the course, not only you have the tools to treat others, help others, heal others, but you have improved the quality of your own life. And Evidence is a lot of our previous students. We have trained about a hundred plus students in our previous six badges and this course is Even much better than all the previous courses. In this course we have added at least ten extra therapeutic tools. So even if you are a repeater, even if you are a previously certified hypnotist You can attend this workshop and learn therapy under hypnosis. So before we close and end this video, I just want to invite you to attend this workshop This is not only good for the overall society, healing everybody around you But it is excellent for your own personal development as well. Understand this that anyone who invests on themselves is an intelligent investor. I hope to see you guys in the workshop and I hope I have answered all of your questions…


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