CHAKRA CRYSTALS 💠 3 Crystal Meditation & Healing Methods!

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hi everybody okay today I really am so
excited to talk all about crystals my new crazy obsession
I am totally into crystals I have been learning so many cool things about the
healing energies that are within all crystals I’ve been studying up on all
the different kinds today I wanted to share three ways that I’ve been
incorporating crystals into my daily routine my meditation and even my
skincare routine so I’m really excited to start diving into the exciting topic
of crystals and most all the crystals that I have that I’m going to show you I
have found on Amazon I will link everything in the description of this
video three ways that I’ve been incorporating crystals into my life is
number one in my skincare routine number two in my meditation to help align my
chakras and to feel more balanced and the third way is crystal infused water
and I’m going to show you how I do all of this first it is very important that you prep
your crystals and there are a few different ways you can do this first you
can either soak them in salt water for three days I like to do this also but
then the second way you can cleanse your crystals and to prepare them for use is
to burn some sage and then allow the smoke to surround the crystals and it’s
a way to cleanse the crystal of other negative
any negative energies that it may have absorbed and then ways that you can
recharge the energy is to place it in the Sun for a day or even when it’s the
full moon I just did this a couple weeks ago when we had the full moon I put all
my crystals out and that is just one way to recharge the energies that are within
all crystals and I really love these I found these on
Amazon again I’ll put the link in the description of this video but these are
really cool because these are all crystals each bag R is a combination of
crystals that help with different things the blue one is for stress and anxiety
the purple one is for aligning your chakras and the red one is for love and
self-love so I love I love the idea of just gathering up all the crystals that
are available the cool thing is that it comes with a description for each
crystal so it teaches you the meaning and the energy properties for each
crystal alright first up is the rose quartz and Jade facial these things are
so cool I just recently was made aware of these
awesome rollers PS this is not a sponsored video these crystal rollers as
part of your facial routine it can help improve the health of your skin by
increasing the circulation it’s a Chinese medical technique and it just
improves the it promotes lymphatic drainage it can reduce pore size and
reduces puffiness and one thing you can do is place these rollers in the freezer
overnight and use them on under your eyes wherever you feel puffiness and it
just feels nice so the other way that you can use the
crystals is to help is to place them on your body during your meditation so
kitty so it has all the crystals that are helpful in aligning your chakras and
don’t you love my chakra towel to go with this so you can either hold them in
your hand while you meditate or you can lay down place one on different parts on
different chakras like your heart chakra or your third eye chakra or your throat
chakra and just as you begin to learn about chakras and crystals you’ll kind
of start to understand how crystals can be used as part of your meditation
mostly I like to lay down and put them on different chakras and other times
other days I just like to pull different ones in my hand and I will just hold
them in the palms of my hands as I meditate I like to call this my crystal elixir
and you know crystals and all the amazing healing benefits that we now
know of have been used since ancient times and one thing that I really love
about the crystal infused water which is basically just putting your crystals in
water and letting it seep overnight one thing I really love about this is just
the mindfulness around it I love the the ritual of drinking my crystal water I
love how I feel just basically helps me be more in the present moment and be
mindful as I drink my crystal elixir and it’s just a fun thing for me and I
really like the idea of it so there you go the three ways that I have been using


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    CHAKRA CRYSTALS ✨ 3 Crystal Meditation & Healing Methods!
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