Chinese Visit Isha Yoga Center


Participant: What I experienced
here was far beyond my imagination because it was not in my daily life experience. Participant: I’m Xiang Ran, from Suzhou, China. I heard of Sadhguru’s yoga
center from Wei Chao last year. Participant: I feel so lucky that I had the chance
to participate in this Inner Engineering program. Especially, I heard it’s the first Chinese
group who has come to the ashram and take the whole program,
including the Shambhavi Mahamudhra. Participant: Ashram’s beautiful
environment impressed me very much. The flowers, the dwellings and every little detail here are the best expression of Sadhguru’s character. Sadhguru: Only in comparison we
are making up things in our minds. Essentially, you are here as life, and only
if you are here as life you will know life. If you want to know life and
that which is the source of life, you have to sit here as life, not as a man,
not as a woman, not as this or that; If you do that, we can do wonderful
things with you in these few days. Participant: When I first came into the
Dhyanalinga, peace and calm saturated me. Participant: Also, the best part of it is, we have been given a spiritual seed inside
us that we can take care of and make it grow. Participant: During the Inner Engineering
program, we were initiated into Shambhavi. Participant: Shambhavi will change my life as it helps me be more present in
this moment and enjoy life totally. Participant: This program has
had a significant impact on my life because I experienced what is
gratitude, love, and the meaning of life. Participant: Isha surprised us from the first day.
We visited Isha Home school and Isha Vidhya. The school and the architecture here moved me a lot. It moved me so deeply that I wept, feeling that Sadhguru dedicated his whole
life towards creating this space for us. Participant: Living in the ashram
make me don’t want to go home. I would like to stay in the ashram. Participant: Receiving this
blessing is a wonderful experience. Participant: The whole program is
beyond words, especially the volunteers… Everything they have done for us is so amazing. They are so loving, friendly, caring.
I just love you all so much. Thank you very much. Participant: When we met Sadhguru the next day,
I was in tears without knowing why, without reason. Sadhguru: You didn’t come all the
way from China to meet a man! Yes? Just to meet a man you came
all the way from China? No. You came here to meet something
which is more than a man, that you will meet better when the man is not around. You will see it better, you will know it better, you will
experience it better when the man is not around. If who I am is limited to my physical presence,
you think all this could have be been done in the world? No power, you know? I don’t have an army, I don’t have a
government behind me, I have nothing! All this is happening not because of some… you know, some kind of means that you have. Because it happens not because
of your physical presence, it happens because of a
different dimension of presence; and you are here for that, and don’t forget that! A guru means he is like a door way. A door should be open. If somebody stands in the way
you can’t go through, isn’t it? So I will move away so that you can go. I will see that you don’t miss me for a single moment. You ask me how deep is my love… How much my love is… My feeling is real. My love is real. The moon represents my heart. Sadhguru: If all the Chinese are as
sweet as you I am going to China. Participant: Thank you very much. I never thought that human being can live like God.


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  1. Kamalasegaran Kumarasamy

    February 14, 2015 12:39 am

    great to see our chinese cousins into isha yoga,hope guru will visit china and great a new wave /alai of love and bliss from ancient india to ancient china. May love siva the adiyogi gets his own anamalai in land of china

  2. ULTRAS Alive

    March 17, 2017 11:01 am

    for thousands of years China and India have shared knowledge with each other. they have been associated for eons. now the world needs their thinking and thoughts​.


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