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♪ [music] ♪- [Jeffrey] If you’re a skeptic,
if you’re not sure about energy work, it’s okay. I actually recommend that you question the
things that you learn. So for me, the reason I have the beliefs that
I have is because of the experiences that I’ve had. When I share those experiences with you, hopefully
you get some ideas, and you’ll go and have some similar experiences to base your beliefs
on. But I actually think that it’s a little bit
naive or a little bit foolish to just listen to my experiences and then base your beliefs
solely on my experiences. So if you’re skeptical, I just want to say
I got you. I’m that way too, but these are my actual
experiences that built these beliefs up. All right. So I’m going to tell you that because this
one might be a little far out for some people, a little bit of a stretch. Now this technique that I use, this is so
powerful, and what I use it for is helping me to manage complexity. So when I’m trying to scale up my business
and I’m getting overwhelmed by the amount of things I have to do or the amount of ideas
I have or the number of students coming through, I found that this technique is the one thing
that I can do to kind of take the heat off and make that easier. I’ll give you two ways to do it. So the geometry we’re going to work with is
called an octahedron. When I say geometry, I’m not talking about
a physical object. I’m talking about a three-dimensional construct
that you can create using your mind. Now sometimes it helps if you have a visual. So maybe we can get a little visual and put
in here so you know what I’m talking about, but the…I’ll just walk you through a quick
exercise because that’s the easiest way to get it is for you to have that experience
for yourself. Does that sound good? Do a quick exercise? Okay. All right. So this is very simple. So just close your eyes, and I want you to
imagine that there is a flower, like a rose, that’s right out in front of you, maybe about
arm’s length out in front of you. Maybe you can visualize that. Maybe you can just kind of feel it. What we’re doing is we’re working on that
point that’s straight in front of you. The rose is actually not the important part. Okay. So now that you got that, I want you to imagine
you can place a rose directly behind you at about the same distance, so kind of about
arm’s length behind your body. So you’ve got these two roses. Then imagine that you’re going to create one
on the right side and on the left side of your body. So just kind of imagine. Just visualize this. Feel this around you. Okay. Good. Now you want to…You’re going to connect
those roses to each other. It’s going to make kind of like a diamond
shape around your body. So just in your mind, just visualize this
line of energy, straight line from one, from front to the right, from the right to the
back, back to the left, and the left to the front. So you’ve got this diamond around your body. Okay. Looks good. Now I want you to create a rose up above your
head and connect that rose to the rose in front, to the right, behind, and to the left. If you’re getting this right, you’re noticing,
“Ah, now I’m inside a pyramid.” It’s kind of like a four-sided pyramid, and
I’m sitting in the middle of it. So just kind of focus on that until it feels
real. Okay. Good. Now imagine that there’s a rose down below
you, beneath your feet, and connect that rose with straight lines to those points on the
front, the right, behind you, and on the left. So now you’ve got a pyramid pointed up and
a pyramid pointed down. As you do that, I want you to notice what
starts to happen to you right now because you’ve created a very powerful container for
energy. This is one of the fundamental geometries
of how space/time divides. I’ve done some scientific research that’s,
you know, outside the scope of this talk, but if you want to read more about that, you
tune into [inaudible 00:04:36] and these teachers that
are very in-depth scientists in this field. But for now, just have the feeling because
it’s the experience, not the mental experience, the actual experience that’s going to change
you. Okay. Very good. All right. So now that you understand the geometry, I
want you to think of a project. Think of something that you’re working on
that might feel a little bit overwhelming. It might feel like you’ve sort of become your
project. Right? So for me, if I’m teaching, sometimes I can’t
stop thinking about the next class. I can’t stop thinking about work. But I need to sleep. I need to have a personal life. So just imagine a situation like that for
you. Okay. Now what you’re going to do is I want you
to notice where is that thought. Where is that activity where you’re thinking
about that project? Is it inside that container that you created? Inside that geometry? Is it inside your body? My guess is yes. If you’re feeling it, if you’re thinking about
it, it’s inside of you. You’ve become the energy of your project. Now, very simply, you’re going to just imagine
that you can create the same geometry. It’s a very simple, little octahedron with
a pyramid pointed up and down. Then you’re going to create one out in front
of you, maybe, you know, 20, 20, 30 feet, maybe 10 meters out in front of you, and that
geometry, that location is where all that project excitement is going to go. So you’re just going to feel it leaving your
personal space, moving out into something just as powerful, but that’s going to give
you a little bit of private space for you. So just feel that energy moving out and really
let yourself see that geometry that you’re putting it into, because if you can see it,
it’s more powerful. When I say, “See it,” remember you can think,
“Imagine.” You can think, “Create.” It’s not a…It doesn’t have to appear physically. Okay. Very good. Then the next step on that is when you think
about your project, I want you to do two things. Okay. I want you to remember where did you put your
project. Right. so maybe I wake up in the morning. I’ve been feeling great. I need to get to work, but I’m kind of thinking
more about something else. Not thinking about that project anymore, but
I really need to focus on it. Because I’ve separated it from my space, I
feel a little distance. So what you do is you just remember, “Where
did I put it? I put it out here. I put it that space out…I put it on the
left side. I put it far out.” You just grab that geometry, and you just
bring it back around you. Essentially what you’re doing is just, just
like this, you’ll notice that, “Boom. It’s back on. I’m tuned into the students.I’m tuned to the
class.” That fast activity that was happening in my
mind, that I wanted to stop, is now back on because now I want it. Now I’m going to go back to work. What’s so cool about this is when you start
getting used to this, you start to have multiple projects in the space around you, and you
can tune in very quickly. You can just take one kind of off the shelf,
fire it up in your body, energize it, and then you know how to take it out and let it
kind of go on its own. [inaudible 00:07:58] for you, Vishen, that
you probably do some style of energy work like this, whether it’s conscious or not,
because you’re managing a tremendous amount of projects and people and a tremendous amount
of energy. So you’re doing something like this, whether
you know it or not. – [Vishen] I am. I am. I can give you a couple of examples of how
I work with energy. Well, many people who are listening are not
familiar with my six-phase meditation. Right. So phase one of the six-phase meditation is
the compassion phase, and that’s where I picture love. I start with a simple exercise, visualizing
my two-year-old baby daughter because that generates the feeling of love. I want to know what that feels like, and thinking
of her, Eve, generates that. Then I project that through a series of layers
from my family to my team at Mindvalley, to our customers and everyone here, and then
our subscribers, and then the entire planet. So that’s one way, and it generates compassion
and love. Another way is forgiveness. I always forgive someone or something every
single morning. I start my day with forgiveness. So those two things are two examples of using
that which we cannot see to help shift my days to be even more better. – Yeah. So that’s great. What I was talking about, though, is like
you’re actually using geometry, whether you… – In what way? – Whether you know it or not, you’re using…Like
when I watch you work…I remember the first time we met, and I was doing a kind of…You
know, my trick that people really enjoy was tuning in and telling you a little bit about
your energy. I noticed that your energy looks different,
geometrically, than other people that I have seen. The way your…Your energy is in motion in
a way that allows you to sort of…If there’s a barrier in the way, it sort of just kind
of gets crunched up and dissolved. If you…So you’re working very powerfully
with geometry, even if it’s not something you consciously do. – I see. See that. So that’s unique to me. I’m not doing anything conscious. – Right. Yeah, but it’s part of your spirit imprint
that you came in with. When you move from life to life…Because
I also notice this isn’t your first time around. You’ve been here before, and you’ve been making
impact before. So this is kind of a little part of your personal
technique moving forward. – I see. – Yeah, but there’s a…I want to talk a little
bit more about the geometry, just to kind of ground it into…make it a little bit more
real for people, because I know that you’ve had the experience, and I mentioned that this
geometry is actually a fundamental part of how space/time divide, is how things actually
work on an energy level. You’re just visualizing something that’s close
to that, and that gives you a lot more power in your visualization. What’s fun is just even this simple visualization
with the octahedron. If you look around in kind of sacred texts,
you’ll find this exact geometry. The example that I really like is I used to
do sweat lodges occasionally with the Lakota, so a Native American tribe, and they really
have some beautiful geometric meditations that they teach in the sweat lodge, and even
the very simple one. They’ll say, “We’re going to honor the north.We’re
going to honor the south. We’re going to honor the east and the west
and above and below and within.” It sounds like a really sort of beautiful
land-based meditation, but it’s actually creating that geometry. Right? So, we’re going to honor the north, the point
in front of you, the south, the point behind you I had you create, the west and east, to
your sides that I had you create, above, above your body, below, below your feet, and within,
which is that center point in the middle, which is your heart space, that sacred heart
space. So when they tell this story and use the land
as a metaphor for describing where you’re going with your attention, what they’re really
doing is they’re just creating an octahedron around the body, because that’s the fundamental
geometry that’s going to ground you and bring you more present into your body.


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