Connect to Source Guided Meditation, A Great Empath Meditation, NO MUSIC

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Welcome to this guided meditation by
becoming a better you by skeed this meditation is to connect into the
connectivity of every thing in the universe in this dimension
and beyond I hope you are ready in your meditation
position lying standing or sitting with your spine this tree all distractions are away internal
you let’s begin feel become aware of how you feel know how your mind feels and how your body
feels we’re going to place our attention on your feet and your toes imagine a calming soothing red light penetrating
your toes and moving up your feet under the arches over the bridges
up to your ankles it then gently moves up your legs up
your shins up your car’s to your knees as it goes up to your knees your body
your legs and your feet and your toes up it goes up Accords up your thighs up
your hamstrings up to your pelvis fills your pelvis your perineum
ilkook’s this and gently moves higher and as it does
the red starts to change to orange and as it reaches your stomach the orange starts to change from the
orange to yellow as it reaches your solar plexus it is a
brilliant calm soothing yellow feel your fingers new hands this the light bears
up your fingers in the hands from that orange to that yellow where they lie in
line with your stomach and as this light moves up your arms and your body as it
gets to the level of your heart it changes to green then the keeps rising higher towards
your shoulders the green starts to change to blue as it reaches your throat and starts to enter your head changing
from blue to purple as it reaches the level of your third eye and as it keeps
going up the reach is your crown chakra at the top of your head and this purple
becomes viola feel your body now come to relaxed Hey you now become aware of your breathing breathing gently through your nose and
now gently through your nose place your tongue on the top of your mouth just behind
your teeth bring your attention to your mind and feel how calm and in your mind
here Naza way here we’ll go down further
still counting down from ten to one ten going down d9 softly Zhi Dao a seven
in relax six subtle vibrations greediness head deep four times deep three down and down and down we go –
we’re almost there why now in a place of calm infinite
safety relaxed that peace at rest bring your attention to your abdominal area you lowered and here found in the center
of your body without three to four centimeters below your navel a sphere of energy lying deep within your body and as you
feel your lower Dan Tien emerging a cable of energy coming out
your lower Dan Tien in two directions moving horizontally recognize that there
is a cable another cable crossing this first cable connecting right in your
lowered hand now open your awareness and see that
these cables spread horizontally out filling the area horizontally out past
wherever you are all the walls all the space you can feel and it goes out hasta risin become aware these cables of energy of
the light are part of a criss-cross network with billions upon billions of crossing
cables and wherever these cables cross there is another being or thing of
energy just like you now imagine is horizontal cables also
extend up and down vertically creating a vast three-dimensional
Network and then realize it’s not just three-dimensional
extending out in the whole universe it is four dimensions by six seven eight nine ten damage and if
you can imagine more you can go for this tale feel how connected you are to everything there’s your year think of the word a
minute what does this word mean to you how does it feel this word M&A
perhaps you prefer the word read feel this power the word emanate
radiates bill inside your body very powerful very bright and as you say this word to yourself
feel the power emanate and radiate down the network of
cables from your lower Dan Tien feel how your energy your powerful energy flows
out into the network this multi-dimensional network the vastness
of it and how you are connected to its entire system multi-dimensional system
and that you have enough power more than enough power to brighten the whole
system the whole system becomes brighter and brighter every time we think the
words emanate radiate emanate ray emanate the network
is becoming brighter and brighter and more powerful as you feed the system the
entire system entire multi-dimensional system
with your energy you no time to stop emanating radiates feel
the word in your body receive and what you receive may be less
powerful as powerful or more powerful than what you’ve just given him and that
will be absolutely fine feel the meaning of the word receive in
your body and now connect receive in your lower Dan Tien to the network and
let yourself receive energy or C or C or C and say to the network
thank you feel thankful the most thankful and grateful you’ve ever felt
in your entire life and send this out to the network for
giving you its energy and know that every time you do this meditation the
more powerful your energy will be the more you will be able to emanate and
radiate the brighter you will shine within this net didn’t more you will also or see from
the network in return know just be still stop perceiving feel thankful at peace at harmony and safety for a few
minutes you no it’s time to come there that you are
connected all the time to this network and you can feel this and practice this
any time of day you wish remember to always give to the network
before you receive and to always be truly thankful and grateful for anything
you receive going to count from one to ten one we come too slowly bringing your
awareness back to where you are three your awareness new physical body you mental body your
spiritual your conscious body fullback we come by as we feel our physical body
we can remember we’re connected to this network to our spiritual body
to our mental body six seven eight now nine back to our physical bodies you when you’re ready feel your toes wiggle
your toes feel your fingers wiggle your fingers feel your body you may wish to
slightly tint different muscles in your body
tella so slightly to come back and when you’re ready open your eyes remember the
more you practice this guided meditation the more powerful it will become thank you for joining me on this journey
and if you wish to receive more meditations like this please remember to
subscribe to the channel thank you very much namaste


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