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Robert: So, what I wanted to create in my
life, at first was my dream of going to film school. And I got into one of the best film schools
in the country, and I got there, and I noticed what it takes to make a film. And I very quickly realized I didn’t want
to be a film major. Have you ever had that where you work so hard
for something you want and get it and then you realize you didn’t want it? And the thing I really realized was that I
didn’t wanna make movies as much as I wanted my life to be a movie, right? I wanted to go on great adventures. I wanna get the girl. I want huge arcs of character transformations. I wanna save the world. And I did a lot of that, I change, not just
jobs, but careers every three years. With these arcs, my mentor actually taught
me that if you go work for another company, you have three years there max. Because the first year you spend learning
about everything, the second year you spend kicking ass, and the third year you do the
really cool shit that gets you fired. So if you’re working for somebody else, it
should really last, you know, three years, according to my mentor at least. But, I don’t know, I’m all about creating
cultures where you create environments that are so supportive, like at Zappos where we
had a life coach on staff that makes you wanna stay there. In fact, at Zappos, we actually intentionally
moved from San Francisco Bay area to Las Vegas, a place that’s up 24 hours, that’s weird,
that like where we could actually create a culture there. And Vishen has really done that with Mindvalley,
is to create an environment. So, here’s the other thing I realized about
my true intentions with movies, is that I not only wanted my life to be a movie, I want
movies to be real. I want them to be real. And so I decided to take my favorite movie
and see if I could make it real. So, this of course is the famous scene in
“The Matrix” where he’s given the choice between the blue pill to stay in his current world
or the red pill to wake up to the truth. So, I thought, “What if, what if, what if
it’s real? What if we could make it real?” And I thought, “Where is the environment,
right? What’s the best environment you can think
of to test if the red pill might be real?” Anybody wanna guess? Man: AFS. Robert: AFS? Not a bad one. Yeah, I tried this one. Burning Man. Yeah, this is a place that’s just so weird
and fanatical, if you say to yourself, “You know what, I wanna have a party on a cruise
boat in the middle of the desert.” Then that can happen. You can do that. So, what I did was I took red Tic Tacs and
I put them in prescription bottles, and I took them out to Burning Man. And I put little phrases on there that said,
if you wanna know reality, take this and say, “I want to know my reality.” And so, when I first got to Burning Man, I
had this intention. I said, “You know what, I’m gonna be of service. That’s what I wanna do. I hear you’re of service and it’s gonna be
fantastic, and I’m gonna have a great time.” So I went to all these individual people and
I said, “Hey, can I help you? Can I help you? Can I help you?” And everybody was like, “No, we’re good, we’re
good, we’re good, we’re good.” I said, “What?” I was bummed. And so then I decided to finally, you know,
take my red pill, red Tic Tac on the first day, and I said, “I want to know reality.” And I swallowed it. And what was interesting, the instant I swallowed
it, I had a thought to myself, “Wait a minute, I don’t actually, the only reason I’m trying
to be of service is because I wanna be loved. And what if I just dropped the whole service
facade attempt technique and just went straight to feeling loved?” And I had the best time after that, a lot
of love. And I went up to people and I said, “Do you
want to take the red pill?” And people started having their own little
awakening experiences. And it’s funny too, because I went to other
people and they said, “No, man, I like my reality, get that shit away from me.” And I was like, “It’s a tic tac.” But this is the power of it. We believe it’s real, right? And I gave it to a psychologist and she took
it home, and she said, she called me up later and said, “Hey, do you have any more of those
bottles?” I said, “Yeah, why?” She’s like, “I’m using it with my psychology
patients and they’re having big breakthroughs. So, can I get some more?” And so I said, all right, maybe this isn’t
just Burning Man, somebody actually bridged the gap to the real world here. So then I thought, all right, let’s take it
up a level here. Let’s use some red vitamins, but let’s make
it more of an experience. And I put it on Facebook to my friends. I said, “If you believe, if you think the
red pill is real, or if you’d like to experience it as real, leave a comment.” And then I asked for their address. And I created this cool like secret book package
with the pills and a journal and I gave them instructions and I sent it out like this mythical
object. And I told them to do the wake-up-to-the-reality
exercise, and then to set an intention. Like I wanted to see how far we could take
this. For something like Ronita, what you wanted
to set the intention around something that you want. And we created a Facebook group, a private
group to track it all. And so people would open up their boxes, I’d
give them the instructions, and I got some really interesting comments back through it. One person said, “For me, this served to keep
my intention squarely in the forefront,” thereby serve as a sort of focusing tool, like when
you make up your mind to buy a particular new car, you start seeing it everywhere. Relevance, right? Another, “Each day gets stronger and stronger. I’m finding distractions fading away much
faster. In the past, I would sometimes get caught
up in distraction for days or even weeks. Now I’m finding them lessening. I make quick decisions and move on them.” Another, “I moved into a neighbor that I always
wanted to, restarted salsa dancing after six years, stopped watching TV and began reading.” This is in 30 days. “The most notable thing I’ve seen is the shift
in the last month is that I’ve started tapping back into my intuition.” So, what’s going on here? Right? How does this work? And I don’t, the honest answer, I don’t know. Here’s some theories though, is that it’s
an archetype. It’s an archetype. So, think about it this way, Young told us
about how the unconscious communicates with us through images, through symbols, and we
try to talk back to it in English. But what if we talk back to it through a symbol? Because each of us here knows that a pill
affects us. A pill changes us. It’s also the context. We created support, we created community around
it, we created our focus, our intention on it. This is a really interesting one. You can’t take it back when you take a pill. Because you could say, you know, “Oh, I wanna
be an author,” and then say, “Oh, cancel, cancel.” Nope. Right? But if you take that pill with that intention
and swallow it, it doesn’t matter if you change your mind, because once you swallow it, you’re
in a new world, right? Like you experience new emotions with it. And I think it’s doing something around aligning
the conscious and unconscious intentions. And I started to think, “How can I tap into
the unconscious mind?” Because it can’t be the red pill, that’s “The
Matrix.” This is something different. People aren’t waking up in spaceships, right? They’re not waking up in spaceships. But interestingly enough, some of them were
having experiences that were like Neo’s, which is when you first do it, it’s not exactly
pleasant, right? It can bring up a lot of shit. So I tapped in and I got this idea from my
friend, Scott, who said, “Look, you keep talking about needing to rename this pill into something
original.” He said, “Why don’t you take the pill to figure
out its name?” So I sat, I took it, I said, “All right, with
this pill, I have the intention to learn its name. I swallow it. I sat down and then all these names were coming
through. And one was just crystal clear, The X Pill. The X Pill, because X is whatever it is to
you, right? There is no set-in intention with it. So, the next beta test came with these new
pills that I developed that are purple. Because, there’s a quote from Ken Wilber who
saw “The Matrix.” He said, “Blue pill or red pill, why not take
both? That’s what we do in the 60s.” And I thought, you know, what happens when
you take blue and red together? It makes Purple. So, what if you could wake up and you could
stay in this world at the same time, how cool would that shit be, right? Yes. So, got more bottles, put the purple pills
in there, and some interesting things started happening. I’d worked at it with my friend, David, and
we sat down and we really thought about it. I said, “What do you want?” He said, “I wanna be rich.” I said, “Why?” It’s important to know your why, right? Symix the next work. Why? He said, “Because I wanna leave a legacy.” I said, “Okay, how are you gonna do that?” “I gotta start creating products. I’ve been sitting on this product idea for
a while.” And his wife’s right there next to him and
she’s like, “He talks about it all the time. He’s not like, he’s always playing his video
games. It’s terrible.” And, you know, they start kind of having this
fight there about it. And he says, “Yeah, I really wanna do it.” And I said, “Okay, what’s really holding you
back?” He said, “I don’t have the right equipment.” Really? Do you have an iPhone? You can do an audio product if you have an
iPhone. And so we finally got to this point where
he said, “Okay, I’m gonna take the pill to create this audio product.” And we sat there, and he swallows it and immediately
starts shaking, sweating, crying. And has this experience, lets it go. I said, “Okay, great.” I said, “When do you want to have it by?” He said two weeks, and he built that into
the pill too. And, by the way, just to settle my mind, I
hope that woman’s voice wasn’t offensive. Like, if that was, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean
that, she didn’t sound like that. Anyway. So, I call him up later about it and I said,
“Hey, did you get it done in two weeks like you said?” He said, “No, I got it done in two days.” My friend, Rob, he said, we went through the
whole process, finding the emotion and finding the why. And he said, “I want to start a photography
business.” I said, “Great. What do you need?” “Photography website.” I told him the story about David. He said, “I want it tomorrow.” I said, “Okay, great.” And he’s about to take it for that, and he
says, there’s this resistance. Resistance often comes up. And he says, “I’ll be up all night and I don’t
want to be tired tomorrow.” I said, “Okay, let’s build another pill. I will get the website done by tomorrow and
I will have plenty of energy.” Swallows it. Shoots up, shoots me a video on the way home
of him singing in the car, calls me the next day, says, “I got it done. Three in the morning. Got it done with energy the next day.” Second day, he calls me up and says, “I got
two clients.” Yeah. My friend, Brian, talked for seven years about
going to Japan, takes the pill, in a week he’s got a trip to Japan. Danielle, talked about quitting her job a
lot. Suddenly quit her job. I thought, “Oh no, this is gonna be horrible.” “You and your pill, I shouldn’t have done
this. This was stupid.” There, my voice again. I’m sorry I’m doing women’s voices like that. I don’t know why it’s just coming out. I’m just a bad impressionist, that’s all. And my friend, Holly, this is really fascinating. So, we took it together on our New Year’s
eve and she said, “I will find the love of my life.” And she takes it. All this energy and panic comes up around
it, all this stuff that she starts processing, and what’s interesting is she very soon after
forgets about it and just starts doing the two things I told you about before, cleaning,
and cleaning, and cleaning, and then doing all the things she had to do that she didn’t
wanna do. Creating that space, right? Two months later, meets the man of her dreams,
they’re engaged, they’re gonna be married later this year. And here’s where it gets really weird, is,
right after that happened, she pulled out this artwork that she did with her kids that
she said was this like psychic kids class. They would somehow be communicating in this
bizarre way, she’s kind of psychic herself, and she pulls out this drawing that a kid
presented her before all this happens. It says, “Love potion” misspelled on one side
and there’s a purple pill right next to it. Bizarre. Right? Boom. So, what if you don’t believe it? Right? And now, keep in mind, I wanna tell you, since
I didn’t give the part of the punchline of this is, everybody who takes it knows there’s
nothing in it, there’s nothing in it. The first one was tic tacs, the second one
was vitamins. And I’m not deceiving people, I’m not about
that. I tell them clearly what it is. The purple one that I saw made there, it’s
filled with non-GMO brown rice powder. And I want people to be clear on it, because
otherwise when they start experiencing those symptoms, they think I gave them some kind
of drug, right? But it’s not. And so some people say, “Well yeah, well,”
you know, they believe in it, they want it to work and they really believe it will work. So, what if you don’t believe in it? Great question. My friend, David, he said, “I want to make
more money. I want to spend more time on Bizdev.” He holds the pill in his hand. He looks me in the eye and says, “Look, you’re
my friend. I want to tell you, I don’t believe this will
work.” I said, “I’m all about experimenting. Let’s see what happens.” So, he takes it, he swallows it, and he’s,
immediately after swallowing it, tears start pouring out of his face and he just looks
at me and he goes, “What’s happening?” And I said, “I don’t know, but something.” And he didn’t actually get those things done. But I think part of the pill, the X pill,
the experience is about realizing what comes up. You know, Rob, who I mentioned before, the
photography business, do you know, two weeks after that, he told me, two or four weeks,
he had a little bunch of clients. He got it done. I checked in with him about it. He said, “Yeah, I’ve closed the business and
I’ve sold all my camera gear.” I swore, “Are you kidding?” He said, “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it
for so long, for so many years. When I finally did it,” like me with film
school, “I realized it’s not what I actually wanted and I realized what I do actually want.” So, next came this. So, I got it made up, made it look as real
as possible. It’s just 500 milligrams rice powder if you
can’t see it. And that was when I took it to this group
here, TLC, does everybody know TLC, Transformational Leadership Council. It’s a group started by Jack Canfield. I’ve got a few members here. Woman: I know, Doug. Just taking the photo. Robert: Oh, yeah, there’s Doug there, the
photographer. So, what I did there was explain to them everything
that you’re seeing here, there’s me in my preacher mode. And what we did was we got people on stage
to do the process. So, this guy, Arjuna, does anybody know Arjuna? Audience: Yes. Robert: Yes. Amazing guy. A


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  1. Jack Humphrey

    October 6, 2016 2:57 pm

    It is unbelievable how this just showed up in recommended videos THIS MORNING. The morning I essentially gave myself the purple pill (without knowing anything about Richman's experiment or this talk). He says things in the video that I thought about on my longer-than-usual walk this morning as I broke down walls and got ULTRA CLEAR. This showing up when I got to my office after that kind of breakthrough is proof, to me, of everything I've been thinking about and working on for the last several years. Thanks for the perfect timing!

  2. Tamara

    February 6, 2017 1:44 am

    What a great idea. So cute! What a great speaker you are with such great energy. Ok… I took a pill last night and it was a blend. I think the blend had too many things (like 6) and perhaps a little too high minded, so I got nothing. I did take a pill today and it got rid of my headache. I'll try again. Maybe I shouldn't have taken a St. Johns Wart and just a tic tac. :)) Maybe that was the problem.

  3. T B

    March 3, 2017 10:02 pm

    Loved it. The idea, the message, the results. The mind body connection is a real thing. Kudos. And I got to smile. Thank you.

  4. JohnnyArt Pavlou

    September 5, 2017 7:42 pm

    If you really want to go…. It's not pretty, but it's very real. How real, my teacher, Sophie, kicked me out. But I still see her work as very valuable. Not for everyone. Forgive me for link-bombing this video. But it might be worth it for one or two people. 🦋

  5. gfx

    December 28, 2017 8:14 pm

    This only applies to stuff that you believe in, some people dont believe in something but it still happens so they can learn to believe in it.

  6. Alejandra Maria Palomo Santos

    April 5, 2018 8:11 pm

    What an amazing video! This is Psicomagic… This term to refer to helping and breakthroughs using symbols to heal was created by Alejandro Jodorowsky, I invite you all to read more about all the different Psicomagic acts and how gurus and shamans have been using this all around the world for yearsss

  7. jon lanham

    October 11, 2018 12:36 pm

    It is all in perception

    If we believe something enough that is all that matters

    I would truly enjoy attending one of your conferences

  8. Andrew Miller

    November 19, 2018 3:57 pm

    Although symbolism and belief are very important, these are unfortunately only a fraction the game, Taking a pill, and believing, will never get the job done alone, and mastery and achievement have occurred with neither of these, but some good points, nonetheless.

  9. Norwegian viking

    April 6, 2019 2:06 pm

    Its about DARING to leap into your dream, and not just living with the dream, but living THE dream….make it reality….ONLY then you are truly living…:-)
    God bless you all and have faith in yourself, as you all were made in HIS picture you are indeed able to do anything you set your mind to do…
    Sadly, the majority will never get it, but more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are in so much more control of their lives than they could ever imagine…

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    June 27, 2019 8:32 pm

    Love this guy. Btw I tried this with water and each sip was equivalent to one intention. Called it magic water. Seems to be working 😀


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