Crime Patrol Dastak – Ep 989 – Full Episode – 4th March, 2019


In our daily life, we think that crime happens
only around us. But you never know when
that crime will become
a part of our life. Greetings! I,
Senior Inspector, Rajesh Jadhav welcome you to this episode of
‘Crime Patrol Dastak’. Today, I am going
to tell you about that case which I came across
during October, 2018 when I was posted in Kolhapur’s
Shahpur Police Station. We had a long list
of suspects in this case. The police was bouncing
between the suspects. In spite of having
a lot of leads we were going nowhere. And when the truth got
revealed at the end of the investigation humanity was ashamed again. ‘Betrayal.’ Vilas, move. I am getting late for my class. I will go only if you agree
to go on a date with me. Come. – Have you gone mad? Anjali will feel
bad if she comes to know that you are doing this. She loves you. Oh, why don’t you think of me? Even I love you a lot, Yogita. Stop it! Stay
in your limits. Understood? Vilas, why aren’t you
answering my call? I am calling you
from so long. Are you angry on me? No..
Why would I be angry on you? Dad was around me back then. That’s why I couldn’t
take your call. Come, let’s have some chats. Okay.
Yogita, even you join us. No, you may carry on. Okay.
– You are coming with us. No. You may carry on. Come, sit. Hi! – Hi, Anjali! Good morning, students.
– Good morning, sir.. How are your studies
going on? Good, sir. I will find that out. You have a surprise test today. Surprise test? – Yes. Come on, quick.
Your time starts now. Vilas!
– Sir.. Time up! Finish it fast! Okay..
– Sir, I’m done. Vilas, come here.
– Yes, sir? What’s going on?
– What, sir? You know what I am
talking about. If you do such cheap things
in class again I will oust you. Understood? Sorry, sir.
I won’t do it again. Okay, you may go now. Hey, look.. Isn’t she Anjali, your sister? Ganesh,
it’s good that you are back. Please bring some
vegetables for dinner, son. Stop it! I am not your son. And why don’t you ask your
daughter to do it? She roams with
that scoundrel all day. Ganesh, talk slowly. Don’t refer to me as ‘son’.
Don’t you understand? Ganesh! Is that the way to talk
to your mother? She is not my mother. She is my step mother and you have
imposed her on me. Both she and her daughter
are a trouble for us and her daughter is insulting
us in the whole community. She roams with that guy
on his motorcycle. What’s his name
– Vilas Shinde. Dad, I am telling you. He
isn’t even from our community. We have become a disgrace
for the community. Dad, my friends make
fun of me because of that. I’m telling you,
either do something or our family honour will be.. Ganesh.. Come! Leave me.
– Chetan! Chetan, come out!
– Leave me. Chetan! Hey! Why are you shouting? Look what your daughter
is doing. First, leave her hand. I said, leave it! Mom..
– How dare you touch her! You are so angry just
because I held her hand.. Ask her with
whom she was and where all he was
touching her. Ask her. What are you saying? She was having fun
with her boyfriend in my farm. I found her red-handed.
– Don’t defame her! I’m warning you! Take her inside. Go. I know why you are doing this. You want me to vacate
that land, right? What.. – Remember this! I won’t vacate that land. I will get it one day.
Understood? Stupid.. Leave her! What are you doing? Will you kill her? How can you raise
your hand on your daughter? Move.
Tell me! Who was that guy? Dad, it’s not true. Mr. Kamlesh is lying. I will deal with him
if he is lying. – Mother! But if you are lying remember this I will kill you. And you know that I can
do this. Understood? Mom, I didn’t do anything..
– Anjali.. What do you want? Do you want to get
me divorced? Mom, I didn’t do anything.
– Didn’t you feel ashamed of roaming around
with that cheap man? Don’t you have shame? Leave her. Dear, I know that I am
your stepdad. But I love you like my daughter. I have considered you
like my daughter. I don’t expect anything
from you. But just stay away
from that guy. He is not of your status. And he is not worthy
of you either. Did you see that?
She doesn’t have an answer. She will not
listen to us so easily. I will deal with her.
Will you meet him again? Hey! Will you teach me what to do? Calm down.. And why are you
yelling at Ganesh? This poor guy..
– I’m not a poor guy. It’s all because of you! Dad slapped me
because of her today! The day you married my dad,
my life has turned into hell! Ball..
– Bring the ball.. Hey..
– Run quickly! The way you’re being defamed
and all this drama everyday.. There’s one solution for it. You just fix Anjali’s marriage. At least, I am going to do that. Are you fixing
Yogita’s marriage? Yes. Yogita is lucky. The priest brought
a nice match for her. They are about to come
to see her in one or two days. If everything goes well,
then I’ll get her married and will send her
to her in-laws’ house. Listen, Chetan. I wish, if I could find a nice
match for my daughter as well then even I’ll be stress-free. Are the preparations done? The family of the groom
is coming today. All the preparations are done. Just waiting for Yogita
to come back. What do you mean, come back? She went to library
to return a book. Have you lost your mind! Why did you let her go!
– Come on, she was saying that today is the last day
to return the book and if she doesn’t return,
then she’ll have to pay fine.. Have you gone mad!
You’re worried about fine! I told you, right! She’ll go out of this house
only after getting married! I told you, right! You’re unnecessarily
being worried. She has gone
and she’ll come back. S-She promised me. If she doesn’t come back,
then you’ll see! Your daughter went out yesterday
in the evening on a bicycle to return the book
of the library and she has not come back yet. We kept waiting till evening,
but she didn’t come. But later, we found out that she
didn’t even go to the library. We searched her
till midnight, sir. She didn’t come till morning,
so we’ve come to you. Sir, whenever the bell
of any bicycle rang then I felt like Yogita
has come back. Sir, I don’t know what condition
my daughter would be in and where she would be. Sir, please find her out. But even this is possible
that your daughter went somewhere in her own will. N-No, sir.
My daughter isn’t like that. If that would be the case then she would definitely come
and tell me. Any boyfriend of your daughter?
Any affair? Whatever it is,
please tell us the truth. Because if there’s any such boy,
then it’s possible that your daughter may have gone
with her in her own will or that boy may have
kidnapped her. There’s a boy
called Vilas Shinde, sir. He’s her classmate. Once, she was talking to him
over a phone call. I heard that. Yes. Tell me.
What happened? Hey, I can’t come.
Everyone is in the house. Why don’t you understand? Okay, then where shall we meet? What are you doing here?
Why are you so angry? You just keep
drying the clothes! Yogita went to meet a boy! She was talking on a call!
I heard that! I won’t spare her! I won’t spare her today! D-Dad!
– S-Sir.. How dare you! Will you have an affair
with Chetan Patil’s daughter! Dad, leave him..
Dad! Come here!
Shut up! Dad, there’s nothing like that..
– Shut up.. From now on, you won’t
go to college anymore! S-Sir..
– Move! Come on!
– Sir.. That means, both Vilas Shinde
and your daughter Yogita use to go for tuitions together.
– Yes, sir. But from that day onwards,
I locked Yogita inside a room. I snatched her phone as well. And when the groom’s family
were about to arrive yesterday then she convinced her,
took the phone and escaped. I think she must have
escaped with Vilas. I called up both of them. Both
the numbers are switched off. Sir, my daughter
is very innocent. She doesn’t understand
much about worldliness. She must be in some trouble. P-Please find her out, sir. Please give us the details
of both Yogita and Vilas. We’ll try our best
to find them out and as soon as we get any lead,
then we’ll inform you. Sir, Vilas has gone to his
friend’s house to study since last night. That’s what he told us. But I don’t know why
he hasn’t returned home yet. His number? Gaekwad, take the number
and call him up. Tell him the number.
– Tell me. The number is switched off. But, sir, what happened? Why are you asking so much
about my son? You son has lied to you. He didn’t go anywhere to study. Either he eloped with a girl
called Yogita Patil or he has kidnapped her. What!
– But, sir.. How can this be possible, sir!
– This is what it is. What’s the name of the friend,
with whom he went to study? Sachin Parab.
– Do you know his address? Yes, sir.
– Gaekwad, take the address. And summon Sachin Parab
at the police station. ‘Sholapur Police Station’
Sir, even Sachin Parav is missing
from the past few days. And even
his phone is switched off. Then it’s possible Vilas either
abducted or eloped with Yogita with the help of Sachin Parav. Then do this, Gaekwad.
Yogita, Vilas, and Sachin put their
mobile phones on trace. And tap their
landline phones as well. – Sir. Listen, where are you going?
– Sir.. Sir, my daughter, Anjali,
is missing from yesterday. Please find her.
Please. Okay. Please sit down.
Ms. Patil, help her. Here, drink water. Now tell me what happened. Sir, I don’t know
where did my daughter go. She didn’t come
home from yesterday. Did you try to ask around? Perhaps she went
to some friend or relative. Yes, her father
asked everywhere. But she was nowhere to be found. Didn’t her father accompany
you here? You came alone. Sir, Anjali isn’t
his biological daughter. She’s from my first marriage. He thinks being a step daughter what if she’s eloped
with someone? Eloped? With whom can she elope? Sir, there’s a boy
named Vilas Shinde. He studies with her
in the tuition. Sir, my son,
Ganesh, had said repeatedly that Vilas isn’t
from our community. Dad, I’m telling you.
He’s not even from our caste. Nor is he worthy of Anjali. But my daughter
didn’t listen to us. And yesterday,
she went to her friend Yogita on the pretext
of borrowing a book. She didn’t return after that. Just a minute. By Yogita,
you mean, Yogita Patil? Yes, sir. That’s the one. But, sir,
how do you know Yogita? Because a while ago,
before you came Yogita’s parents were
here to lodge a complaint that Yogita is missing. And they suspect that
Vilas Shinde has either eloped or has abducted her. What! Anjali Pawar is Meena’s daughter from her
first husband, Dattaram. And Meena left Dattaram
because he was a drunkard. Now, Kishore is Meena’s husband. Kishore’s first wife is dead and with her
he has a son, Ganesh. This means Ganesh and Anjali
are each other’s step siblings. While Yogita is Chatan
and Lata Patil’s only child. Yogita and
Anjali are best friends. Just how their father Kishore
and Chetan are best friends. Now both
their parents are saying both these girls,
at the same time eloped with the excuse
of borrowing book. And that guy is Vilas. Hello. – Sir.
– Yes, tell me, Shinde. Sir, I have come to Gaothan. We’ve found a cycle, a
girl’s dupatta, and gold chain. Sir, all this matches to what
Chetan and Lata Patil had mentioned while
giving Yogita’s details. Stay there. We’re coming. Gaekwad, ask Patil family
to reach Gaothan. Oh, God! This is Yogita’s cycle. And all this belongs
to Yogita as well. Where did our daughter go? Where’s my daughter? Yogita’s dupatta? This..
– Just a minute. – Don’t touch. This is evidence.
You can’t touch it. Please step back. Tell me something, Mr. Chetan. Whose farm is this? Sir, until a few years ago
it belonged to me. Kamlesh Surve made false papers and swindled me of my land. A case is going on but he fights with me
even outside the court. He tries to defame my daughter. One day he dragged
her to my house. Ask with whom she was
and what they were doing. What are you saying? She was having fun
with her lover in my farm. I caught her. I won’t spare him. Gaekwad, summon Kamlesh Surve
to the police station. Sir, I really don’t know. From where did
Yogita’s stuffs come on my farm and what was she doing there what happened with her.. I really don’t know all that. Listen, tell the truth. Perhaps, you’ll be
spared if you tell the truth. I am telling the truth, sir. I’m telling you
I’ve been trapped. And don’t take Yogita
for a naive girl. She was a cunning girl. Hey! Who is there? Yogita? What were you doing? Who was he?
– Nobody. Let go! Really? I’ve seen everything. Everything. Come on, let’s go to your home.
– Let me go, Mr. Kamlesh. – No. No, I won’t. Let me tell your father today
about how decent you are. Let go of me.
– Move! Was he that boy? I can’t say for sure, sir, but.. I think it was him. Yes.
– Okay, you may go now. But you can’t go out of Kohlapur until this case is solved. Okay, sir. But I’m innocent.
I’ll take leave. Yogita’s belongings
were found from Kamlesh’s farm and perhaps Kamlesh has seen
Vilas and Yogita together. Then it’s possible
that Vilas did all this. Yes, sir. Even Chetan Patil
had seen Yogita with Vilas at Kamlesh’s farm. You..
– Dad! This means
Vilas is involved in this. But at the same time
Patil had also said that Kamlesh had
tried to defame Yogita. He tries to defame my daughter. Then maybe
Kamlesh is behind all this. Gaekwad,
to find Vilas is most important. As only he can now tell
what had happened exactly. Sir Vilas’s friend
Sachin Parav had called from a landline in Asha Lodge
to his house. Sir, Asha Lodge’s location
is outside the city. Gaekwad, arrest him. Sir..
Sir, no! No! Sir, don’t hit me. Don’t hit me.
– Let him go. Sir, please don’t beat me.
I’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell everything. Sir, I’d stolen my mom’s
necklace for Vilas. That’s why
I was in hiding. You stole
your mom’s necklace for Vilas. Why? Because he met me
on 14th and said.. Listen, dad is very sick. Do you have some money? I needed it for his treatment. I shall return it
as soon as possible. Vilas, my friend.
It’s not about returning. But I should have them first. Well, that’s true. It’s okay. You’re my best friend hence
I asked you first for money. I-I shall ask someone else
for the money. All right,
I shall take your leave now. Wait, Vilas. Listen, Vilas, don’t you worry. I’ll see if I can
arrange something. Okay? I stole my mom’s necklace
and gave it to Vilas. But, sir, when Ganesh came
to me looking for Anjali that’s when I found out
Vilas fled with Anjali. His father was fine. He fooled me in the name
of his father’s sickness. So, Vilas had
an affair with Anjali. And what about Yogita? Sir, Vilas had
an affair with Anjali and was trying to woo Yogita. But Yogita used to ignore her. But, sir,
Anjali used to love Vilas a lot. She used to be ready
to do anything for him. Oh! Wonderful! Wow!
Thank you so much. Only for you,
I’m enduring the thrashing of mom and Brother Ganesh. You won’t cheat me, will you? Come on, Anjali.
– If you leave me I’ll die Vilas.
– Come on. Have you gone mad? Nothing like that will happen. I’ll never betray you. Do you promise?
– Yes, I promise. Now, wipe off these tears. Don’t you cry. Smile. Thank you so much.
– How did you like it? I liked the mobile very much. Okay, I better leave, Vilas. Or else, there be a scene
at house again. Go safe.
– Okay. Bye.
– Bye! Look, Sachin. She gave
such a nice phone. Come,
let’s try a selfie with it. Wow!
– Vilas, listen. Yes?
– Vilas, Anjali loves you a lot. Don’t ever break her heart. Listen..
– Come on. Enough. I know. She loves me. It’s all right. Who knows this
phone might prove lucky for me. Let’s get it started. Let’s put SIM card in it. Let me make
the first call to Yogita she might say yes. Are you crazy? What you’re doing is wrong. Don’t do this. This is wrong..
– Oh, silent. Quiet. Listen to me.
– Give me the SIM card. Come on. What happened then? Did Yogita listen? I don’t know, sir but when I met Vilas he told me he’s met Yogita. And Yogita has told
her of giving a chance. But I didn’t believe him at all. Because the girl who
didn’t even look at him how could she suddenly
have a change of heart? Tell me something. Ganesh Pawar, Kishore Pawar what do you know about them? All I know is Ganesh didn’t
use to like Vilas at all. One day when Vilas and I were returning home
late night after a movie then.. Get lost..
– Take out money. My.. Vilas, I told you
to stay away from Anjali didn’t you understand? You really want to
elevate your status, don’t you? Ganesh, don’t talk so much. Or else, even I..
– What will you do? What will you do?
– Leave I say. I’ll talk to him.
– Move back! Sir, even after that Vilas
didn’t stop meeting Anjali. Only to use her. Sir, he’s a pitiable man. Sir, I’m telling the truth. I really don’t know
where is Anjali and Vilas. You may go. But you can’t go
out of Kolhapur. Did you understand? Leave. Gaekwad, get all
the details of the Pawar family. It’s possible they’re behind
Yogita and Anjali’s abduction. Sir. Sir, a dead body has been found
near Kamlesh Surve’s field. Oh, God! It can be
either Anjali or Yogita. Sir, it’s a male corpse
not female. What? Yes, sir. Sir, this is Vilas Shinde. Vilas! How did this happen to Vilas.. My son..
– Get a grip. Control yourself. Calm down. Sir, he’s been throttled
with a plastic bag. There are no
struggle marks on the body. Ms. Patil. Check the bag. Yes, sir. Some clothes and
this necklace has been found. Necklace? Perhaps Sachin
is telling the truth. They killed him.
Sir, they killed my son. That Ganesh and
Kishore killed my son! Just because we’re not
of their social standing that’s why they killed my son. They killed him! Come. Is that the necklace
you’d stolen? Yes, sir.
This is my mom’s necklace. Send the body for postmortem.
– Sir. Vilas Shinde was
our prime suspect in this case. And now his murder
had put all of us in a fix. Because as per our theory this was a love triangle and the dead body
should’ve been of a girl. As per the postmortem report Vilas Shinde was
throttled to death by a plastic bag. Vilas Shinde’s murder raised some important
questions before us. Did so happen that
both the girls found it out that Vilas was cheating
on both of them. And that’s why
they together killed Vilas. Or was it due to
narrow-mindedness related to caste and community any one among Chetan Patil,
Kishore Pawar, or Ganesh Pawar had killed Vilas. It was Ganesh Pawar
we suspected the most. When we reached his house
in order to inquire then another shocking fact
came before us. Ganesh is also missing from
the day Anjali went missing. And you neither filed Anjali’s
missing complaint nor Ganesh’s. Why did you do so? Sir, I was afraid this will
put Ganesh in the wrong light. because Ganesh used
to hate Meena and Anjali. She won’t listen if
told politely, Dad, let me talk. Tell me. Will you meet him?
Will you? He used to think due to Anjali
we’re being defamed. Where was Ganesh
the day Anjali went missing? What was he doing? Sir, Ganesh was sure
Anjali will be with Vilas. And he even went to Vilas’s
place looking for her. But he didn’t return after that. Even his phone was switched off. I asked about him to his friends
but none of them knew anything. We didn’t even
find his motorcycle. And, sir,
we thought he might’ve done something wrong with Anjali. That’s the reason
we didn’t talk about it. Do you know this act
of yours can cost Anjali dearly? You don’t
realise you’ve put both your children in a problem. You must inform us immediately
if Ganesh contacts you now. Do you understand? Yes, sir. Come on, run!
– Go! Run! Faster! Gaekwad inquire with Ganesh’s friends. Any one of them
might give us some information. And tap everyone’s phone.
Even his parents’. Because if Ganesh has
done something and is in hiding then he’ll definitely try
to contact one of them. Yes, tell me. Okay, we’ll be there. Sir, a girl’s dead body
has been found near the river. A woman’s dead body.. Gaekwad, why don’t you call Anjali and Yogita’s parents
to the crime scene? Sir.
– Take us to river. Move, please. Take the kids away.
– Take the kids away. Move back. Sir, the kids playing cricket
spotted the body. Tell them to stay
where they are. It appears, the body
was underwater for a long time. It has decayed. Perhaps, the victim
was a young lady. There’s not a single piece
of cloth on the body. Gaekwad,
call Anjali and Yogita’s moms to identify the body. Perhaps, a birthmark
or something can help. Yes, Sir. Get them here. Please try to identify
if you may. T-This is Yogita. Yogita.. Yogita.. My daughter.. That’s her ring. Didn’t you gift it
on her birthday? Yogita, get up. Send the body for post-mortem.
– Sir. Sir, what do you have in mind? Do you think, Vilas and Yogita’s killer is one and the same? It may be possible, Sir. And if it’s so, Anjali
becomes the prime suspect. Perhaps, she found out,
her boyfriend was cheating on her
with her best friend. And she killed
both of them in vexation. Okay, I understand
when it comes to Yogita. But, how can a girl like Anjali suffocate a guy
like Vilas to death? Sir, in such case,
maybe Ganesh is the killer. But, why would he kill Yogita? After all it’s good for him if Anjali was in a relationship
with Vilas. Sir, there’s another angle to it
which can’t be overlooked. What if, we are looking
at two murderers? What if, Ganesh killed Vilas? And Kamlesh killed Yogita? After all Kamlesh and Chetan
are yet to clear the air. In order to harass Chetan,
he has used Yogita before. Also, Yogita’s body was found
around Kamlesh’s land. Pull up the call details and
mobile location of Kamlesh. Call one member each from the
Patil and Pawar family to match their DNA
against the dead body. Okay, Sir. Yes, Shinde.
– Sir I’m outside Prakash’s house.
He is a friend of Ganesh. Sir, Prakash is acting weird. He leaves his own house
like a thief. He brought food and medicines. He’s riding Ganesh’s bike. Keep an eye.
Don’t let him escape. Gaekwad is on his way there. It’s the police. Ganesh, run. Hey, stop.
– Hey, Ganesh. Where are you going?
– Sir. How were to planning
to help him escape? You can come with me. We’ll fix
your other leg at the station. Come on. Sir, honestly I didn’t kill Vilas. I’m not lying, Sir,
I didn’t kill him. Why were you in a hideout
if you’re innocent? And how did you fracture
your leg? Sir, I left in search of Anjali. I assumed,
Vilas would be with her. But, I couldn’t find them, Sir. I lost it and started drinking. And then Pakya called me. Yes, tell me.
– I just saw Vilas in the field. I’ll be right there.
I’m not going to spare him. Pakya thought,
the man dead in the accident. I was injured too. He called up a few friends
and they took me to a hospital. The doctors said,
I have a fracture. Ergo the plaster. Sir, I couldn’t help,
but think alike. So, I was in a hideout. So, the person had a knife
and he went after Vilas? Gaekwad, cross-check the story. You stay here till then. After all you’re injured. According to the post-mortem
report, Yogita died around 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm
on 14th October. And Sir, around the same time,
Kamlesh’s mobile location is that of his field
where we found Yogita’s body. There are high chances,
Kamlesh is the murderer. Just a moment. Hail India, Sir!
Okay, Sir. Investigation is going on and we’re trying our best
to solve the case, Sir. Yes, at the earliest, Sir.
I understand. Hail India, Sir! Gaekwad, I’m getting orders
from the higher authority. We have to solve the case
as soon as possible. Bring in Kamlesh. What are you talking about, Sir? It’s my field and I can
go there any time I want. Sir.
– Why are you talking back? I dare you to repeat yourself. All the evidences of
Yogita’s case are against you. Starting from her cycle,
to the chain and clothes. Everything was found
in your field. Her dead body
was also close-by. And most importantly,
when Yogita was murdered your mobile location
was tracked back to the field. Sir, do I look stupid to you?
– Shut up! S-Sir, do I look stupid to you? Why would I do such a thing?
For you to come and arrest me? Sir, I’m telling you,
Chetan Patil is after all this. I’m sure, he’s framing me. Are you sure?
– Yes, Sir. Gaekwad, keep interrogating
until he tells the truth. Hey, Sir. Sir, trust me, I’m not lying. Sir. Sir, he is the same man
who was running behind Vilas with a knife on that day. Later, he collided
with Ganesh’s bike. What is this? Why are you making noise?
Get lost! Police? Why is this police here?
Sir, why have you come here? Why has the police come
to my house? What have I done, sir? Sir.
Sir, what have I done? Why are you hitting me? You have murdered
Vilas Shinde, right? Sir, I am feeling thirsty.
Can I drink this? Shall I slap you? Sir, I had gone to kill Vilas on Meena’s say. I am Meena’s first husband.
Anjali is my daughter, sir. Meena came to me one day
and told me that Vilas is framing Anjali. Really? So, you are trying to say that you felt the emotions
of a father one day and you killed Vilas
all of a sudden. No, sir. That was not
a fatherly emotion. Meena knows
that alcohol is my weakness. She knows that I cannot
survive without alcohol. So, she promised to give me
alcohol for lifetime if I kill Vilas. So, you killed a man
for alcohol. No, sir. I wanted money, sir. I thought I will kill Vilas
and blackmail Meena forever and I can get alcohol
throughout my life. Continue. Meena came to me one day. She told me that Anjali
has eloped with Vilas. I went in search of him. Sir, the moment
I spotted Vilas I went behind him
with a knife. I was lying
unconscious there. I called up Meena
when I regained consciousness. She brought me home
from there. She comes here even now, sir. She comes to give me
food, alcohol and medicines. Ganesh and Dattaram’s
statements were matching. Ganesh had no idea that the man whom
he had collided with was his stepmom’s
first husband, Dattaram. But the important question
even now was who killed Yogita and Vilas? According to
the postmortem report Vilas was murdered
on the eve of 14th October which was around two hours
before or after Yogita’s murder. Did Anjali kill them as revenge? If this was true,
where was Anjali now? That is when we found
two important clues. One, Yogita’s DNA report. Second, Kamlesh Surve,
who was out on bail took his daughter for an exam
to Ichalkaranji and he brought an important
information for us from there. Sir, why have you
called us here? Sir, did you find
my daughter, Anjali? Yes. The dead body found
near the bank of the river is Anjali’s. Make her sit. We thought
it was Yogita’s body because the ring
on the body was Yogita’s. But her DNA matches with yours. She is Anjali. H-How can she be Anjali? That was my daughter,
Yogita’s ring. She is Anjali. The question is how did Yogita’s ring
come on Anjali’s dead body? Yogita and Vilas
might have put the ring on Anjali’s dead body. No, sir.
That is not possible. They were good friends. Both of them
liked each other a lot. – Yes. Jadhav Sir. Jadhav Sir, the girl
for whose murder I was arrested is enjoying her life
in Ichalkaranji. Yogita, you are standing
alive in front of me. People in Shahapur
are assuming that you are dead. Yogita, who is it? Police? Who is he? Sir, I am Yogita’s
husband, Ashutosh. Your mobile location
was Kamlesh Surve’s farm between 2 p.m and 6 p.m
on the 14th. Anjali and Vilas’
dead bodies have been found in the same farm. What were you doing
in Kamlesh Surve’s farm? Harvesting the crops? Your biggest mistake was you saw Yogita’s ring
on Anjali’s dead body and assumed it
to be Yogita’s body. But we found out
from the jeweller that one day before
14th October you had purchased
a similar ring from him. Tell me the truth now. Otherwise, Ms. Patil and Wagh will hit you a lot. Isn’t it? Wagh, go.
Bring the chillies. Feed them green chillies. The truth will be out
only then. Go.
– Sir. No, sir. Sir, I’ll tell you the truth. My dad was insisting
on getting me married and I didn’t want
to marry anybody else apart from Ashutosh. That is why we made a plan. Vilas was after me. That is why I made sure
dad heard me calling Vilas to Mr. Kamlesh’s farm so that dad believes
that I have an affair with him. Vilas, I love you a lot.
I want to marry you too. Later, I called up Vilas. I apologised to him
for dad’s misdeed. I told him that dad
will never let us get married. That is why
we will have to use Anjali. Yogita, I don’t know what to do. Mom and Brother Ganesh
will kill me if I don’t leave Vilas. Anjali, I think
you should elope with Vilas. What!
Are you out of your mind? I’ll do everything possible
to help you. Don’t worry. Yogita, I cannot be so selfish
that I’ll frame you. Do we have any other option?
No, right? And I will be in trouble only if anybody
finds out about us. Anjali, you are my best friend. I can do this much at least
for you. Okay. I called up Anjali and asked her to come
near the lake at 2 p.m. I made them elope
after that. I came to file her missing
complaint the next day. I arrest all three of you for murdering Anjali Pawar
and Vilas Shinde. Chetan and Ganesh
became the cause for the death of an innocent girl,
Anjali Pawar due to the stupid beliefs
of caste and community. A best friend
killed her friend who was worried and upset. And Ashutosh Naik,
who was a teacher who had the responsibility
of creating the future played the most shameless
role in this case. All the people
related to this case were culprits somehow. And an innocent girl,
Anjali Pawar, became the victim who loved everyone
and trusted everyone. I,
Senior Inspector Rajesh Jadhav will take your leave now. I’ll meet you again. Till then, be alert
and keep watching ‘Crime Patrol Dastak’ because the intention
is to save you and not to warn you.
‘Jai Hind’!


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