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– What’s up everyone? Welcome back to Dedicate,
your 30 day yoga journey. It’s Day 24 and today I invite
you back to your balanced state. Let’s get started. (bright music) Hi darling people and pets. Let’s begin standing today. Unless you’re a pet, you can stay down nice and low. Do whatever you want. Humans, let’s
start in Mountain Pose. Feet hip width
apart or feet together. I always say I love Yoga With
Adriene community because it’s like no person
or pet left behind. Everyone’s welcome.
(chuckles) And not just dogs or cats. We have all the pets. All the babies are welcome. Okay, when you get grounded
through the feet lift up through the chest and let’s right away
bring the hands to the heart. So this is our first posture,
Quiet Mountain. We’re gonna use
this shape today, this asana to just do
a little body scan. Day 24. Feel your feet on the floor. All four corners rooted. And trust me, trust yourself,
trust this practice, this time that you’ve dedicated for yourself with yourself,
trust it and go ahead
and close your eyes. And if you’re really sleepy
today or for whatever reason just balance feels a
little off to begin with, just take a nice wide stance. You don’t need to torture
yourself by bringing the feet really together
so find nice footing. And allow the sound of my
voice to gently guide you. So you don’t need to look at
the video for this moment. Without moving too much, let’s reconnect with
this loop of energy. This lift, this rising
up through the front body. Take a deep breath in
and then as you exhale, relax your shoulders
and gently feel, imagine, see, awaken this grounding
through the back body. So again we have
this lift in the front and this sense of
a grounding in the back. And then nice and easy just
bring your awareness to the soles of your feet and just
notice where you’re kind of carrying your weight today or I
just noticed that I was shifting back and forth between
my heels unconsciously. So bring your
awareness to your feet. And if you’re wanting a
more vigorous practice today, I’m going to get to
some movement here in a bit. We are gonna get some
movement here in a bit but let’s not waste this moment. I think it’s valuable
to start nice and easy. And acknowledge where we are
so that we can embody balance. Then after taking a moment
to just notice where you’re carrying your
weight in your feet and where your
center might be, maybe it’s just
like completely disappeared. Maybe your abdominals are sore from all the great
work you’ve been doing. Whatever is going on today,
maybe you’re full. Maybe you’re hungry
literally or metaphorically, whatever is going on. Use the sound of
my voice to guide you as we slowly ground
through the feet. And take our awareness up
through the ankles and if you want you can just trace a
little line or if you’re feeling creative you can put
a soft warm light down on the feet and the ankles. Gently begin to
deepen the breath and we’ll continue to draw awareness all
the way up the body. Up through your legs,
lovingly tracing a line, bringing that
awareness up through your legs. Past the kneecaps, into the thighs. And then all the way
up through the pelvis, the bowl of the pelvis and
the right hip and the left hip. And then draw your awareness all
the way up through the base of the spine and continue
to travel all the way up through the torso. The low belly, take a
full balloon breath here. And then you continue
to bring your awareness all the way up through mid back, mid torso. And now all the way up
through thy heart center, the figurative heart center but also the upper back body,
the shoulders. Notice how this could,
not saying it will, affect your breath and just
the way you’re carrying your shoulders and the awareness you
have in your neck as we travel up through the neck. Sweetly part the lips as you
bring awareness to the jaw, the mouth,
the jawbone, jaw line. And then up through
your nose, the eyes, the ears, the back of the head
and then finally the front of the forehead, the third eye,
the brow point. And then all the
way up to the crown as you stand up as tall as can be or if you’re modifying and practicing this
in a seated posture, sitting up as tall as
you can be here. Just honoring who you are and
where you are today because I think that’s the first step toward embodying balance is kind of honoring
where you’re at. And it’s a practice. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, let go of everything. Fingertips come down.
You can open the eyes. We’ll let go that
little visualization but do not let go
of this idea that balance is so
much more than standing on one leg or one arm or
juggling multiple scenarios throughout the day.
It’s a state of being, right? It’s our natural state perhaps
and naturally we get a little bit far off to one
side and then the other. And so the practice of yoga
just helps us come back into our natural state of balance. Not necessarily trying to
transform into somebody else’s idea or become the
superhero version of ourselves, but you already
are that version. You get the picture, right? You just kind of spiraling
back in towards what feels good, what is already
naturally balanced. So nothing like balancing
postures though to really hold up the mirror and reflect,
you know, kind of where we are. So just honor
where you are today. Whatever happens happens. We’ll fill it with
nice conscious breath. We’re gonna start by coming into
Warrior II with the right toes forward and the
left toes turned in. I’d like to take a moment to
thank my assistant for just showing up every day
with a positive attitude. Thank you, Benji. You helped keep me balanced.
I appreciate you. Send the fingertips
out when you’re ready. Let’s settle in.
Front knee bends. We drop our
center down in space and then notice if you’re tending to lean forward
a little bit here you might not even know. So part of working with balance
on the yoga mat is kind of turning on, (clicks tongue)
wink wink, that inner mirror. Okay? And you can always practice this
with a chair underneath your right thigh for a
little extra support. You can pull the pinkies back. You can lift the heart. And by golly, you can
reconnect with the deepest most loving breath. Inhale in,
just waking up the legs, pressing into the
knife edge of your back foot, engaging through
the left inner thigh. Inhale to reach of the
sky straighten both legs. Exhale, turn the right toes in,
turn the left toes out and we’ll take it to Warrior II,
Virabhadrasana II, on the other side.
Just waking up the legs. Feeling this lift
up through the spine, this length through
the crown of the head. Bringing the mind’s eye,
the focus inward on the breath, on the sensation of
the body in this asana. Take a big inhale,
get nice and long in the neck. And exhale,
relax your shoulders down. Next inhale reach the
fingertips up towards the sky, turn your left toes in, look up
and then exhale hands to heart. If you want to be a little
adventurous and have some fun you can bend your knees
and hop the feet together. Otherwise let’s bring back
this ancient yogic move called heel-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe. Thank you and good night. Okay, here we go. From here you’re going to inhale
if the sternum to the thumbs. Exhale, send the hips back in
space for Utkatasan, Chair Pose. So again continuing to
gently wake up through the legs, the lower body so
pull the hip creases back, send your heart forward and
let’s open up to the shoulders and the heart by
sending the fingertips forward, thumbs reaching up but you don’t
have to go too far up here. That’ll come in time. You can use the fingertips and
the arms reaching forward to really allow yourself
to drop your center down in space even more. Kind of counter
balancing this weight here. Great, now find your breath. If you’re holding your
breath here, release. Break free of the change, start to break free the
chains is what I mean. Start to breathe a
little deeper and more fully. Inhale in, exhale, send
awareness down through the feet as you reach towards the sky. Straighten the legs and once
again exhale hands to heart. Great, set the feet wide again. This time in a little bit, challenge your stance
is all I’m saying. Maybe a little bit throw
yourself off balance a bit. And we’ll find
this loop of energy, again lifting through the front,
grounding through the back. And then, here we go. Take up space, send the
fingertips out, Star Pose. Think of a big X shape. If you’re doing this in a seat,
you can just send your fingertips out left to
right find length in the spine. Again, really,
really tall and long. Deep breath in. Big, big breath. Exhale, relax
the shoulders down, spread the fingertips
in celebration of you, of this practice,
of this experience. Then we’re gonna inhale in,
check it out. Exhale, left hand
comes behind your back, right fingertips
reach toward your left toes. So just go as far
as you can here breathing into
the right lower back. If you can touch
your toes, great. Give it a sweet kiss. Maybe you touch the shin. And then here we go,
from your center, from your core, Star Pose. Take up space, inhale in. Exhale, right hand
comes behind you, left fingertips reach
towards the right toes. Wherever they land is great. Remember honor
where you are today. Part of finding that natural
state of balance is learning how to honor who you really are
and where you are each day, each time we wake up. Alright, let’s pick
up the pace a little. Inhale, Star Pose. Exhale, right
fingers to left toes. Inhale, Star Pose. Exhale, navel draws
in and we crossover. Inhale, take up space. Exhale, navel draws in. Touch the toes. Inhale, rise up, lift the corners of
the mouth just slightly. Exhale, integrating the spine. Inhale, rise up. Take up space.
Strong lower body. Exhale, soft fingers,
send it down. Awesome, inhale, reach it up. Exhale, left fingertips down. One more to each
side with your breath. And the next time you’re in Star
Pose take a deep breath in and then exhale palms kiss
together up and overhead and slide down to your heart. Bend the knees, step or heel-toe
heel-toe or hop it together. Trust yourself. I’m gonna do the weird one
because I’m from Austin, Texas. I like to keep it weird. Okay, then here we go,
back to the Quiet Mountain. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Interlace the fingertips. Shift your weight
gently over to your left foot. Nice and slow, again
with the marionette string. Imagine the string is just
pulling you up from heaven. (chuckles) From the sky. Your right knee
lifts up, up, up. So we’re here, we’re building
strength in the right hip flexor, the abdominal wall
has our back here, literally. And then from here
we’ll catch the right shin, squeeze and lift. Beautiful, inhale in. Exhale, relax the shoulders
and find your focal point. Maybe a little
something out in front of you, a Drishti, something
you can set your gaze upon. Okay? Then you can stay here
if this is much too much, you can come back here bringing
right big toe to the earth working at your own pace. Next stop, we’ll slowly take
the left thumb to the sternum. This is set there to remind
you to lift your heart. Keep this lifted, not collapsed. Okay, breathe deep.
Hang with me. Right fingertips slide
down to the right ankle. Right knee stays in.
It’s gonna want to come out. Keep it in, in, in as you come
to kick the right toes back and we find this
beautiful quad stretch. Then from here, you can
stay here just enjoying this quad stretch or we’re gonna
take the right hand to the right inner
arch of the foot. Inhale in and exhale take your
right knee all the way towards the back, kick your right toes
all the way up towards the sky. And again, just
like in that Chair Pose, we’ll send the left fingertips
forward to counter balance this shift of weight. Standing Bow or
a Dancer variation. Breathe deep.
Take one breath at a time. Holding onto your center. Soft gaze forward. Moving at your own pace. Using your vocabulary,
all of your tools. And then best you
can with control bringing it back
in nice and slow. If you’re right toes
are on the ground you can meet up with us here. We’re all gonna hug the right
knee up and into the chest and then let it go with soft,
easy control. Sweet. If you need to shake out
the left foot here, please do. We’re going to begin again on
the other side nice and slow. Interlacing the
fingertips and again, rather than catching, we want
to kind of get all of these intrinsic muscles connected and
moving before we hold ourselves. So keep your hands here in
this little prayer position and nice and slow lift your left
knee up without your hands. Yep, beautiful. And here we also like
feel the right glute turn on. You feel everything
turn on, right? And then we can actually
grow our balancing postures and our asana
practice in this way too. So if it’s difficult,
just keep at it. And then if we want to
take it to the next stop, we’ll then bring
the hands to the shins, squeeze and lift,
press away from your yoga mat with your right foot. Inhale in. Exhale to relax
the shoulders down. Stay here or we’re here or we’ll take the right
thumb to the sternum. Just a little reminder
to keep the chest lifted. And when you’re ready slide your
left fingers to your left ankle keep your left knee hugging in
as you slowly slide your left knee in and back for
this awesome quad stretch. Opening through
the left shoulder. Heart stays lifted. Alright, stay here or
moving with your breath, you’ll flip your left hand to the left inner arch
of your foot. Inhale, squeeze and lift. Find your connection to
midline, you’ve got this. And then nice and
slow go exploring. Soft and easy. No rush particularly if you’ve
done this a million times see if you can slow it down,
find something new. A new connection. In time right fingertips come
forward to help balance the kicking of your left leg back. Left toes towards the sky. Breathing deep. Upward Facing Dog
in the front body. Using that loop of energy,
soft bend in your standing leg. Find your breath here. Find a grace. Find the joy
with this steadiness. You totally have
everything you need. Inhale in. And exhale, with control,
best you can slowly release. Everyone, we’ll
hug the left knee in. And then release
it down with control. Awesome, back to
the Quiet Mountain. And just take a second
to notice how you feel. Take a deep breath in. Use your exhale to
relax your shoulders. Interlace the
fingertips one last time. On your next breath,
press your palms forward. Then send your
pinkies up and back. Inhale in here. Exhale, slow tilt to your right. Bump the hips to your left. And dig into the heels.
Come all the way back up. Slow tilt to your left.
Bump your hips to your right. Then inhale all of
your full potential, your amazing
potential that already exists. And exhale, we land grounded. Left and right side of
the brain and body working to unite as one. Bring the palms
together at your heart. Inhale and exhale,
drop your chin to your chest. Closing our practice, honoring the process, honoring it all in an
effort to stay balanced. Doing great. Tomorrow’s Day 25. I’ll see you there. Let us know how you’re feeling
in the comments section down below and I’ll see you then. Namaste. (bright music)


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    Embody BALANCE.
    And an extra special personal reminder from me…
    Your balance is already there. You already have everything you need.

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    After not having done yoga in months, my body handled that better than I thought it would. Here is to catching up and trying again!

  50. PonyPegasister

    November 13, 2019 5:28 pm

    Anyone else notice that we stand on one leg every single day, multiple times a day? when we walk, we lift one leg and we're standing on one for just a split second, but we're balancing every day! I notice this at least once a week, and decided to ask if anyone else has. Namaste everyone, and good job on finishing day 24 with me!!

  51. rehab riad

    November 15, 2019 6:58 am

    Adriene every day i wake up first thing i think about is meeting you in this amazing dedicate program , love you Adriene you always made my day every day

  52. Sarah McLin

    November 18, 2019 5:27 pm

    Whoa! Definitely felt that! Thanks for being such an encouraging person. Balance poses aren't my strength, which isn't hard to imagine since I was trying to do yoga, dishes, vacuum, and nails all at the same time. This practice made me ask myself, how balanced am I when I'm not allowing myself time to just do this one thing only?

  53. Ranjani Pammi

    November 30, 2019 2:21 am

    Wow how has it been 20 minutes ?! This practice flew by with such ease and calm! Thank you so much from my heart to all of yours for joining this community and cultivating the already present best parts of all of us as human being :))))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  54. Gina Rogers-Santos

    December 5, 2019 2:22 pm

    6th month Day 24! Wowzers, that practice was intense! My hips are still reeling! Thanks, Adriene!

  55. GoddessLinda1

    December 11, 2019 5:11 am

    Now completing Day 24 – Balance at 9:09 pm on Tues Dec 10, 2019. Tension in small of my back makes balancing on one foot much harder. Over exercise is my transportation and is part of my job as a street and gathering merchant. The Holiday overeating isn’t helping me! Nevertheless, I am taking this almost-daily yoga time, morning or evening. At least I am trying. People notice my physical strength, and my daily walking.

  56. EmpireFaith

    January 17, 2020 8:41 am

    I absolutely love balance work 🙂 Thank you, Adriene. I'm going to redo this soon enough. The poses were great!

  57. chakkara varthi

    January 18, 2020 1:00 am

    Hey Adrienne. I have been enjoying and learning a lot about yoga, relaxation, joy, fun, positivity from your yoga videos. Your positive energy really fills me up in a good way and I'd like to get that someday. I enjoy every second of these videos (even the weird singing 😅) more than my 8hr job. I don't know why I was holding back whenever you said leave your comments in the comments section but today really really hit me and it's all thanks to you. I hope to learn more and become a more balanced person physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you Adrienne. Love you loads😍😍😍


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