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do not listen to this recording while
driving or while operating any kind of heavy machinery only listen when you can
bring yourself to a deep state of relaxation and bring your awareness to
your own complete comfort hello this is vikram welcoming you today to this sleep
hypnosis exercise designed to help you deal with your insomnia in a more
effective way and bring yourself to a deep relaxed state where you are more
likely to fall asleep and become more free of the tensions of the real world remember that just like any hypnosis
sleep hypnosis is something that you can induce within yourself and that you are
in complete control at all times and for whatever reason if you need to react or
respond to the external world know that you may do so hypnosis is one of those
states where you are going deeper into the confines of your subconscious mind
and regaining control so that you may enter a state of suggestion
in order to Bradish new thoughts within the confines
of your mind when you’re ready I’d like you to find yourself in a more
comfortable space preferably your bed so that right now you may find yourself in
a position in which you are ready to go to sleep and when you are ready
I’d like you to gently close your tired eyes and take a deep breath in as you continue to do so with every
breath that you take in and exhale at the same time with every breath I’d like
you to think of your tension drifting away with every exhale any stress that you may be suffering
from know that with every breath it makes its way out of your body each one of us including you have a
desire to sleep through the night to sleep easily to sleep quickly and stay
asleep until morning and the way that you are going to do
this now and starting this very tight is to learn your own unique patterns and
way to sleep remember the most important thing that he must keep in mind in order
to go to sleep each night is to learn to quiet in your mind this is your minds
time to quiet him down before actually falling asleep and at the end of your
day before attempting to sleep your body may feel tired if you sit or lie down you can rest your body keep in mind that
it is your mind that continues to work in the same fast mode thinking about the
busy things of your day often your mind hasn’t had the time or the proper
thought process to unwind and let go of the busy tasks it’s been doing
throughout the day and that’s why it is now important to show your mind
how to end wine and how to let go as you continue breathing now
I’d like you to pay a little closer attention to my voice for the way that
you are going to do this now is by using your imagination they’d like you now to imagine that you
are alone in your bed and you’re more comfortable now than you’ve ever been
before it’s as if you’re laying down on the most comfortable featherbed or
mattress that you can ever imagine take a few moments now to bring into
your imagination and have it on your skin this amazing comfortable mattress get that vision clearly in your mind and
truly feel what it’s like to be sleeping on this large take comfortable
featherbed imagining that you are now looking
upwards towards the ceiling and that you realize that there is no ceiling at all instead you are able to look outside
into the evening sky and you notice that there’s a beautiful
full moon out and the white light of the moon
is very clear to you it’s a calm comfortable evening and the
temperature is just right even though you’re able to see outside
into the sky you realize that there is not even a noise from the outside that
can come into your room and even if it did you wouldn’t hear it the environment that you are now in is
very comfortable and very safe as you’re looking up into the sky you notice a
cloud being moved by a gentle wind moving overhead and as you focus on the
cloud you notice that it seems to fall into the shape of the number 99 notice how the numbers so we take shape
as they build into the number 99 and just as quickly as it formed into those
numbers in your mind you notice for a few seconds and then the wind seems to
blow away the number and next you notice the clouds about
farming into the number 66 as you take some time to see the number 98 form
completely with these fleeting moments passing by you see the numbers slowly fall and
shifting with time and as you see the number 96 forming above in a few moments you see it float away soon another cloud forms overhead
turning into the shape number 69 and first as the number six takes shape soon after the number nine for loaves ultimately to find that the gentle wind
blows it away as I am speaking to you now notice that it is this pattern it
continues as the clouds form into the number 96
once again and then it blows away they wink slowly as you continually
watch and focus on these clouds continuing to form the next number going
in a downward sequence forming into a number of six or nine and then blowing away continuing on and I would like you to continue watching
these clouds from this point on completely on your own paying no further
attention to me or any outside sounds all you need to do
is watched the next cloud form see it clearly for a few seconds and
then fade away paying no more attention to my voice just watching the X cloud
and the next one going down further and further with every cloud that you see
form and every cloud that blows away you find yourself going into a deeper
and deeper relaxation and a deeper and deeper state of comfort with every cloud
that forms and every cloud that goes away you will find yourself now becoming
more sleepy with a slow rate of breath more drowsy more at peace as you slowly let go walk everything
that has happened today and just as you focus on your clouds until you get to
the point where you are focusing on just the clouds and the clouds alone whenever
you feel that visualizing all counting them becomes too tiring or too much of a
hindrance allow yourself to stop counting and allow yourself to drop off into a
deep sound sleep in a few moments I will stop talking and
as you find yourself dropping off into this deep deep sleep
the sound sleep know that you will be able to sleep until morning without any
interruptions without anything disturbing you and you will not awaken unless there is
an emergency or there is something that demands your immediate attention and even if that should happen know that you will awaken take care of
the situation and when you finally come back to bed you’ll be able to fall deeply into sleep
once again very quickly as all the outside sounds fade away
completely as you continue to count down even now trying not to pay attention to my voice
or what I’m saying and each and every time that you listen
to my words you will become more and more sleepy you’ll be able to fall
asleep so much more quickly so much deeper each and every time you’ll find yourself
becoming sleepy just by thinking of the thought of
falling asleep just by thinking of this session and soon you’ll find that after
this session is over you will be able to sleep on your own free of the
overthinking the anxiety the stress and the ongoing overactive thoughts of
your imagination very very easily because now you are in control of your
mind and body because you now understand the secrets and the procedures of how to
sleep on your own remember that is assembly by focusing on just one thing and letting go of all the busy tasks remembering to breathe and anything that
you haven’t finished today will still be there tomorrow remember that even if you haven’t had
the chance to get the job done you can always go back to it tomorrow let go of the ongoings of the day and
focus on sleep focus on these clouds focus on counting
down focus on each cloud as you drift into a deeper and deeper
sleep now you may already have let go and are
just listening to the sound of my voice and either way you will be becoming more
and more steepy more and more tired more and more relaxed feeling better and
better with every breath with every breath that you take you are becoming
more peaceful more relaxed feeling better than you ever have before finding yourself in a place where you
may dream dream pleasant dreams you dream beneficial dreams dreams that will help you to become more creative more productive more successful and more healthy each and every night when you go to
sleep and you gain the proper rest required that will allow you to function
at your very peak each and every night you will feel better than you felt the
night before know that you’ll be able to sleep quicker sleep deeper and more easily than the
night before and as my voice now fades away just allow yourself to go to sleep this very moment sleep just sleep and allow yourself to go into a deep
sound sleep you will continue to stay in the sound state of mind even after my
voice goes away and will allow you to sleep quietly to sleep soundly so now
just sleep just you


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