deep sleep Meditation Video in hindi


Hello friends. Today I will teach you sleeping meditation. See if we get deep sleep then a lot of our diseases can get cured automatically. People are restless for deep sleep. I have found out a formula for it. You do this and see. It is a very amazing, very powerful and a very good meditation. See our prana vayu( life air) is from the neck to heart center. And from heart center to navel there is apan and vyan vayu. So when we get sleepy then what happens? The requirement of prana vayu in our body decreases. Less oxygen is required to our body. And with that less oxygen only our body becomes capable of leading all the body’s processes. Because throughout the whole day our eyes are open our ears are open. Our all the senses are working and they need a lot of oxygen. All that oxygen gets finished off in the use of those senses only. And the required oxygen is not available. During sleep what happens? Less oxygen also works more in our body. So sleeping is very important. So what do you have to do for this meditation? You have to imagine from your heart to navel center A small baby. Like you were a small baby Compressing your hands and legs how you used to sleep. So you have to imagine that you have become a very small child. That child is sleeping in between you heart and your navel. You have become a small baby. That baby is sleeping in between your heart and your navel. And you are taking deep breath. and your stomach is swelling and squeezing. You have become a small baby. You try it. You will get a very long and deep sleep in two minutes. Do this meditation every day. In a few days your sleeping pills will stop. Your depression pills will stop and you will start getting very strong sleep. Do this for sure. Try it for sure. You can also do any one meditation from my website or seeing my youtube videos. Thank you very much friends.


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