Defining & Attracting Your Ideal Partner & Soulmate Guided Meditation

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Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Relax. Gently close your eyelids and take a deep
and slow breath in and, as you fully breathe out feel how you release all the tension you
may feel in your body. Again, take a deep and slow breath in and, breathe out all
the static, blocked or unusful energy you may have stored in your body. Feel how your body sinks into a deeper and
deeper rest each time you take a conscious breath. Take another deep and slow breath in and,
breathe out all the distracting thoughts, emotions or feelings you may be experiencing
still in this present moment. Let them all go. Feel how your body sinks deeper and deeper
into a gradual and complete bliss of the present moment. And, in case your mind continues to wander,
bring your attention back to your breath and let it all come and go. Relax. Through this meditation with my guidance,
you will ask yourself a few questions and when you do, allow yourself to receive the
answer. If you don’t get the immediate answer, then
wait a bit and, if you still don’t get the answer or you can’t perceive it clearly that’s
all right. Focus on your unique experience and energy
in the following moments. Now, imagine a flower of your choice, a flower
radiating petals that are closed. Choose the colour of your flower by asking
yourself: What is the colour of my flower, right now? What colour does my heart seek, right now? Place the flower with its closed petals in
the centre of the chest – your heart centre. And, as you pay more and more attention to
it, bit by bit, the flower is opening its petals. The colour of your flower becomes more and
more lively and brighter. Its radiating bright glow starts emanating
from its centre while at the same time your illuminating awareness is growing and, spreading
further away to the area close to your heart. Your are witnessing the birth of something
immeasurable, healing and precious that has been buried under the protective and limiting
layers of everyday waking awareness. The radiant glow smoothly travels and spreads
through your abdominal area, pelvis, the whole pelvic region, hips, upper legs, knees, lower
legs, ankles, heels, soles, feet. It goes through your shoulders, upper arms,
elbows, lower arms, wrists, hands, palms, fingers. The sides between the armpits and hips, lower,
middle and upper back, the entire back, neck, head, forehead, ears, eyebrows, eyelids, eyes,
nose, cheeks, lips, chin, jaws. Your entire body is bathing in this radiant
glow. Your body and mind are deeply relaxed. Free flowing and overwhelming energy of the
universal love circulates throughout your entire being. Invite and feel your heart radiating openness,
love, peace, warmth and gratefulness. The magical glow is now expanding beyond your
body, it pervades the space close to you and goes further away to the space of all possibilities
where your creative power is directed towards the attraction of your ideal partner and their
manifestation into your life. The space of all possibilities is in this
present moment. You are paving the path for manifestation
right now. Say to yourself in your mind or out loud:
I love and accept myself totally. I am ready to love and be loved. Each and every day I wholeheartedly commit
myself to positive and high vibrational energy. I trust the Universe to bring the right people,
timing and circumstances into my life. Now, ask yourself:
With whom do I want to share my heart? With whom do I want to grow, share life’s
experiences and laugh? Who is my loving, nurturing and supporting
significant other? What do I want to experience in the relationship? Spend some time thinking deeply and be open
to receive the answers. Now, imagine your partner quite specifically. Clearly state in your mind all the qualities,
attributes, physical appearance and other details of your partner. What do they look like? What colour of eyes or hair does your partner
have? How does it feel to hear your partner’s voice? What are the specific physical features that
you really like about your partner? Ask yourself the questions that matter most
to you.Take a few moments to create the mental image of the partner you want. Allow your imagination to be as vivid as possible. At this moment, think about the partner’s
qualities, attributes, similarities and other things. How do you see your partner considering your
core values and beliefs? Think about your core values and beliefs for
a few moments Is their sense of humor important to you? If this is the case, you can visualize yourself
sharing the beautiful and playful moments with your partner while laughing together. Do you want a clear communication in the relationship? The one that leads to trust and openness? Visualize yourself talking with your partner
clearly and openly. Feel how both sides are truly heard and understood
by each other. What does it feel like to you to be fully
aware of your partner’s presence and to listen to their story by giving them your undivided
attention? How does it feel to share your story and be
really heard with the undivided attention and commitment of your partner? Do you want someone you can count on? Someone who is compassionate? Someone who accompanies you on a physical,
mental, emotional, spiritual and other levels? Visualize the specific ways you want to be
accompanied. Feel it. Do you want a person who shares your vision
for the future? Do they live in the same place or maybe, another
country? Visualize both of you and your relationship
considering the specific vision, space or time in the future. Visualise and feel it all. Now what about your interests, passion, hobbies. What kind of hobbies and interests does your
partner have? What interests and activities do you like
to share with your partner? Visualize both of you spending some time together
enjoying activities together, perhaps watching your favourite film, playing sports, traveling
together or hiking in nature. Visualize it in as many details as you can
and feel what that experience feels like to you and how much you enjoy it. Do you want someone who can share the moments
of silence with you? Someone who gets along with your family, friends
and other people in your life? How do you see your partner approaching the
other people? What is the most important behaviour or approach
according to your values? Visualize both of you attending some social
gathering, chatting with other people or making new friends. How do you want to feel and how do you see
your partner in these situations? At this moment, think about the expression
of feelings of your partner. What is the intimacy and closeness like with
your ideal partner? Visualize the ways or situations where your
need for intimacy and closeness in the relationship is being fulfilled. Also, visualize the ways or situations where
you fulfill the need for intimacy and closeness of your partner. In the next few moments, think about other
important traits of your ideal partner for a while. Visualise, in your hands holding one circular
pie puzzle. Begin to take pieces of the puzzle and write
down all the qualities, attributes and other things of the partner you want to attract
on each piece of puzzle. While you are doing that, visualise and feel
the entire scene or image in your mind. Replay some of the scenes you imagined earlier
as well. This way, you are making some scenes clearer
to you and you can add some other features or improve the existing ones.By adding each
piece of puzzle to this perfect circle, you are adding more and more of your unique creativity
and awareness about the partner that you desire and sending an important message to the universe
for this partner to be manifest in your reality. Visualise adding the last piece of puzzle
to the circle. By putting all the pieces together, feel yourself
creating the harmony among all their subtle bonds. Feel new and uplifting vibration circulating
throughout your being and expanding further and further away to the place where the connection
between you and your partner becomes stronger and stronger. See yourself and your patner standing at a
short distance of around 1 arm length with your backs turned to each other. Feel the presence of your partner. Right now, imagine the spiralling tube of
light extending from the space in between your eyebrows to its parallel point at the
back of your head. The particles of light are slowly travelling,
floating and spreading beyond the back of your head towards the back of your partner’s
head. The spiralling tube of light is spreading
further away until it reaches the space between the eyebrows of your partner. Feel this unifying tube of light. Feel the deep connection with your partner. Allow these magnetic, powerful particles to
spread throughout your bodies. Feel how you become one soul. At this moment, both of you are slowly turning
your bodies into the standing position facing each other. Your arms are resting at your sides, extended
and relaxed. At the same time you and your partner are
slowly lifting your arms towards each other. Now, holding each other’s hands by gently
touching the outward palms together and smiling from the heart
If you can’t imagine your partner’s physical appearance, focus on the feeling of touch,
the sensation you may feel in your hands and palms. Right now, you feel as light as a skillful
dancer who is ready to surrender to their partner’s movements. The dance floor is all yours. The two of you mirror each other’s steps,
move together, easily flow with the rhythm of the dance style that resonates in this
moment. Enjoy the new energy that arises from the
dance movements. Feel the flow. You are dancing together and the shiny particles
of light that are spread through your body swirl and move in the same way you do. Visualise your partner’s body and yours become
one spiralling light. Feel the elevation and the ultimate unity
in this very moment. Now leave everything up to the future, the
next moment. The bond between you and your partner is strong,
the energy that you created is real. You can now leave it up to the Universe, the
energy that creates worlds to manifest what you created here during this meditation. Bring your attention back to your breath,
your gentle and soothing inhales and exhales. Your chest gently rising and falling. Your relaxed body barely moving with the breath,
just like a small wave, in and out. Take a minute and scan your body from your
head down to your feet. Now slowely wiggle your fingers and toes. Move your wrists. Stretch your arms and legs gently. Take a deep and slow breath in and, fully
breathe out. When you feel ready – gently open your eyes. Take a look around you, feel a shift in your
inner and outter physical environment. You sent the greatest energetic message for
attracting your ideal partner to the Universe. From the rest comes the best. Enjoy the fruits of attraction and welcome
it every day.


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