Deja Vu and Parallel Incarnations (what it really is)


this video I’m gonna be showing you the
truth about deja vu and understanding more about parallel incarnations which
these two things are intertwined I’m gonna show you exactly what that means
what it is and what you can do about it welcome back to another video my name is
Aaron and I owe people expand their consciousness now in this video I’m
gonna be showing you more about what people call deja vu I’ve had a lot of
people on the channel ask me Aaron what’s deja vu all about what is it when
I experienced something that I feel like has happened before and then I have this
connection or this this wondering of why this feels so familiar well normally
there’s an old-school way that we looked about something like this in a new way
of thinking about it and more in a way you could say an evolved perspective on
it now normally the way that we look at that of past lives or future lives is
that they are that of lives that have happened in the past and in the future
from our own perspective from our perspective right now so the idea is
that on the timeline we may have been this person back in Egyptian time and
then all of a sudden or now all of a sudden maybe hundreds or hundreds of
years then we incarnated incarnated then we
have this life right now so in the past we could look to that life and be like
look back in the past I was living in Egyptian times but now this is Who I am
and we can then see maybe even that there are certain life patterns as that
version of us in the Egyptian times and we can see how that correlates with our
learning lessons in this life now in the same way you could also say that there
are future incarnations of us and if you look to many different sources like for
example if you were to look at Daryl Inca who channels Bashar or you were to
look at the law of one material or a lot of the blower’s canon material it talks
about this how we also connect to future incarnations is just that now that we’re
becoming more aware that we do have connections like this it makes it more
obvious to us as to how this how this work however what I’m gonna be sharing
with you in this video is understanding deja vu from a perspective of parallel
incarnations because the the the way this really works is all time exists now
all time exists now it’s all the same moment right now what’s changing is our
perspective of the same moment right now to give it like this as well when we
think of that of past lives future lives what we think we’re doing is we’re
seeing us in the past of the future we are seeing parallel incarnations from
our same oversoul so think about it like we all have a higher self and then our
higher self it’s like a trickle-down effect where it’s like starts up here
and we’re all one consciousness then we split ourselves off into different
different unit with different types of energy different could say different
like not really even different souls but in a way we split ourselves off to have
different perspectives and then we have the highest perspectives which could be
like the Oversoul or the higher self which then trickles down into individual
incarnations now what we think of when we say oh I was that person in a past
life the idea is that in the way you were and in a way you weren’t that
version of you still exists in that timeline but that version of you isn’t
the you that you think you are you are who you are right now having this
earthly experience in this time so you’re connecting to them which may also
be connected to your oversoul you may be having a certain level of relevance for
pulling information from that version of you however it exists right now the
future versions of you exist right now one thing that I’ve heard a lot and that
actually really resonates with me is that right now a lot of people that are
here on the planet are here to go through a massive shift in consciousness
it’s happening right now on the planet and as we wake up to more and more of
who we are it’s about us becoming aware that we came here for this we came here
to go through this shift in consciousness we
don’t always physically we don’t always consciously remember this because we
have that of a veil of forgetfulness that we go through and we come here but
we came here for a reason now the thing is is when we elevate our consciousness
at a three to forty perspective like we’re doing in this life we also raise
our consciousness at higher levels of perspective as well which we could say
are some of the more evolved versions of us in the future
but those future incarnations and past incarnations exist right now and what
sometimes happens when we cut when we talk about déjà vu as we go through and
we experience a pattern that we’ve experienced in the past or in the future
but really it all exists right now so when you see that up for example the
most common idea that comes to mind is date the deja vu in the movie The Matrix
when he comes and he sees like a glitch in the matrix and he sees the the black
cat walk and do this thing and then he seems to do it again it’s like oh that
means there’s been a glitch in the matrix well it’s like have you ever had
deja vu will you see something and then you see it happen the same way again in
the same way you may go to different parts on the planet you might go to a
certain location feel a certain level of remembrance I know right now for example
I am in that of Tulum Mexico you may see this beautiful background right here
maybe I’ll show you some b-roll shots or something but it’s absolutely beautiful
here so that I don’t know if you’ve seen it before but there is this place on the
beach that is a mine ruin that is overlooking the beach now here’s the
interesting thing back in 2012 when I went through my spiritual awakening that
was for some reason I just like that picture never really knew why I just
liked that photo of the the the Mayan ruins looking over the the ocean and
there’s something about it that resonated with me and it was the
background on my older iPad which is when I went through my spiritual
awakening I was constantly screenshotting different like epiphanies
I was having as I was reading different books and what happened was that was on
my background for a long time for like eight years or seven years or six years
or however many years it’s been and what happened was is uh then we were
I was talking to Lee or and she was like let’s go to Tulum Tulum is amazing we’re
gonna travel for a while let’s go to Tulum and literally then I saw pictures
of Tulum I looked it up and I was like there’s something about it that is
resonated with me then I see that it’s the same exact picture that I’ve had on
my iPad for like eight six seven years since 2012 and it kind of I was like wow
that to me just resonated and now that I’m here and I’ve already been I haven’t
even been everywhere yet it’s only been three or four days I feel such a
comfortability here I feel something about it every single thing has lined up
since I’ve been here I thought coming here that I was gonna have to get rid of
and not use that of the of alkaline water because I drink alkaline water
back in the States and my body’s used to it as like well I
have to give that up while I travel you know can’t be so bougie or not always
neat stuff like that come here there’s a place right down the street that has
that and that has a whole bunch it’s like a Trader Joe’s of up here and then
I was like oh I’m gonna have to give up going to like a nice gym with the sauna
and I love the sauna and everything there was a place right down the street
that has the most amazing sauna with the cold plunge even better than this stuff
back in Vegas which is where I I was filmed in most of the videos before so
it’s even better than I imagined but it’s not just that there’s a certain
level of residence here it’s like everything is aligning I’m finding
myself at the right place at the right time but even going to the beach
yesterday there was just this sense of familiarity it just feels so familiar
and there’s not a really a way to put words to it but it’s like I feel like I
have been here before now to be fair I have been told by
different clairvoyant people that I do have a past life or a parallel
incarnation in that of the Mayan civilization and it’s very interesting
to me because I do feel such a connection to this space to this area
I’ve always felt like learning Spanish for me has been easier then than any
other any other language so maybe there’s a connection to the roots there
I’m not sure but when it comes to deja vu understanding that when you go to
places on the earth there’s certain associations within the soul that will
then remember that will then help you to remember who you really are and what the
purpose really is or what the connect that you have really is so DejaVu is
this cross-pollination of the present moment right now knowing that in the
moment right now all potential future probabilities exist all potential past
realities exist but they all exist right now and what you’re seeing is the bleed
through of different themes of different versions of you of different
incarnations and there’s some level of relevance for it if it’s coming up for
you you wouldn’t have clicked on a video unless there was something that
resonates with that idea now I do want to share with you though this is where
it gets a little bit slippery this is where I’m gonna go a little bit more
down the rabbit hole with you so normally when we look at this we could
even say oh there’s a parallel incarnation in the past or a parallel
incarnation in the future what we like to think of is that that’s a set
timeline now the thing is is in the future and in the past those are
constantly changing as you change in the present moment right now there’s an
infinite potential on each sides but as you change you then pick up on different
themes of the future versions of you and the past versions of you so what you
pick up on is the most relevant life themes as that version of you now for
example just to explain this I remember my mom when I went through my awaking in
2012 it wasn’t that much longer that my mom and her husband at the time got a
divorce now when that happened my mom was
talking to someone that was a clairvoyant or was able to kind of see
into that kind of stuff and she was told Oh in a past life because he kind of
left her in a way in the house and just kind of like got like temper tantrum and
like stormed off and didn’t come back for a couple weeks and what happened was
is he he said my mom he said well and past he left you in tribes left you in
tribes he left you at different times when you were together and did the same
type of thing so it’s a similar type of karma playing out and then there were I
think there was one or two other lives that he kind of picked up on but the
idea is that maybe it was just relevant to this moment right now because that
was happening my mom’s life her husband was kind of just like temper tantrum and
left and they for that was the past life parallel
incarnation connection that was able to be made because of what was happening
right now but let’s say my mom just got a promotion at her job or something and
then there was some that could see some parallel or past incarnation there they
had to do with some other type of thing you know where are you right now because
that’s going to determine what kind of past and what kind of future
incarnations you pick up on but they all exist right now I remember when I was
first trying to come on YouTube and I was even before I first decided to come
on YouTube I was starting to get the courage to make these videos and I was
kind of feeling reluctant and at that time this is uh this is a probably back
in 2012-2013 I went to somebody that was also clairvoyant and they said that in
past lives I was killed for this type of information and that when I was there
were times I was either eaten by some type of animal or something like that
thrown in some type of Lions Den some crazy stuff like that
could that have just been relevant because I was afraid to put out content
so it’s picking up on lives where I was punished for doing so I don’t know but
the idea behind this is knowing that we have the power right now to choose and
decide what parts of ourselves that we relate to and that as we change in the
present moment we also change the parallel incarnations on the future and
the past side and that by knowing that what we can then do is say what can I do
about it right now now remember these all exist right now right now and they
are they are fluctuating based on our own level of consciousness and on our
own choices so if you want to pick up on the parallel incarnations of the most
powerful versions of you in the past or the future then be powerful now or just
be in the present moment these things are just kind of Mind Candy anyways
because we don’t know exactly what they mean we’ll never really know exactly any
of this because it’s left up to interpretation but my interpretation of
understanding all the work that I’ve done was studying Bashar Abraham Hicks
or the law of one material tool or scan in
all these different books and going within myself and seeing what resonates
and even my own experience because I’ve had experiences of connecting to
different different timelines of different versions of me it’s been that
these are parallel Incan are incarnations that exists right now in
the present moment deja vu is an overlap of these different realities and that if
we want to change or understand what they mean it’s about going within and
seeing what the pattern is is there a certain pattern there knowing that you
can make a choice to never live out a certain pattern again you know when I
look at the the pain I went through with my ex stepmom when I was young believe I
closed down that contract I dealt with it and it led me to a spiritual
awakening and now I don’t have to deal with it yes I talk about it because it
gives people a way to relate because otherwise people just see me and assume
I’m some hive eye person that had a childhood that was just like really
entitled but then I can explain say hey know I went through this this and this
and now I’m this way you can do the same thing so in the same way you can work
through your own karma by realizing the kind of actions you’re taking the kind
of thoughts you’re having and then simply decide that you’re going to
choose you’re gonna give yourself permission to choose something new to
step into the unknown to claim your own power and as you do all of this you’ll
notice that your life begins to change in very powerful ways so also if you
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peace much love and namaste


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