Digital Tranquility: Simple Habit Is Spotify-ing Meditation

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Meditation is a rising practice in the United States over 18 million Americans practice meditation on a daily basis it is made its way into schools homes and even the workplace CEOs and executives around the world are embracing meditation to improve their leadership skills and achieve professional goals the practice has now become a billion dollar industry meditation comes with a host of benefits to wellness and productivity it offers a rubric for how to deal with most situations and nowhere has it been more useful than in business an environment fraught with uncertainty, risk, and a lot of stress according to research conducted by IBIS World by the end of 2015 global revenue for meditation surpassed at least 1 billion dollars as companies embrace the idea that employee mental health is reflected in their performance many are allocating part of their budgets to benefits that help improve focus and alleviate stress according to a study by the National Business Group and Fidelity Investments 22 percent of companies already offer meditation training at work the San Francisco-based company, Calm which has a very popular wellness app has proven that they can help companies to be profitable Calm has raised a hundred and sixteen million dollars the funding has made Calm a significant player in the meditation industry another California-based company Headspace has reached 12 million users in 190 countries while Insight Timer has over 5 million users with 12,000 guided meditations and music tracks this only proves that mindfulness and meditation is successfully making an impact in the business world


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