Do this everyday to put yourself into the Vortex


so on the one hand we say if you could
care less about so this is the this is the funny circular thing that we’re
ready to say to you finally we want you to not care about the manifestation so
you can get better manifestations isn’t that screwy yeah that’s sort of where
everyone is so okay I get it Abraham I have to ignore these manifestations
trusting that I put all kinds of good stuff in my vortex that I can’t get to
as long as I’m looking at these manifestations but if I can get into the
vortex then the vortex will affect the manifestations so what are we saying
what we’re saying is you’re supposed to have really good manifestations we’re
saying it’s perfectly brilliant and wonderful to look at everything that is
that is pleasing you and use it as your basis of vibration we’re not trying to
separate you from your reality from your manifested reality we’re trying to help
you create a pleasing manifested reality so what are we really saying just don’t
look at the stuff that doesn’t feel good when you look into what is and you’re
looking at the birds and you’re looking at the ocean and you’re looking at the
beautiful sky and you’re looking at them at the magnificent world you are living
in and you’re looking at the beautiful people and looking at the beautiful
children and listening to the comedy and the music and all of the wonderful
things that surround you you’re looking at manifestations and you’re utilizing
manifestations to align you with the vortex in other words this is the thing
that we really want you to hear we’re not often never-never-land we’re not
sitting on the clouds with our feet dangling over the edge we’re not some
nebulous mist we are involved in every intricate detail of your delicious
manifestations that’s why they feel so good to you we’re right there listening
to your saunas listen listening to your beautiful melodies listening to the
rapture in your heart we’re right there with you in your orgasms we’re right
there with you and your taste buds when you’re when you’re eating all of that
delicious food we’re right there with you right there with you right there
with you we’re not trying to get you to be other than this manifested genius out
here on the leading edge that you are we’re not trying to separate you from
that we want you to be there we just want you to spend less time in the
contrasting parts that are depriving you then of the manifestation that is coming
is that clear vortex first then manifestation follows
vortex first then manifestation follows so if we were standing in your physical
shoes we would be milking our current reality for every delicious thing that
we could focus upon we would be making lists of positive aspects we would do be
doing rampages of appreciation we would be doing anything and everything that we
could do to extract a keen awareness a sharp specific awareness in ourselves
right here right now of the beauty of that which is but if we find ourselves
in a moment where the beauty isn’t dominant where the beauty isn’t
compelling where the beauty isn’t even seeable because of what we are focused
upon then we would not try to wring it from the manifestation we would instead
find our way into the vortex the emotion of feeling knowing that if you can do
that that the vortex will then give you immediately a more pleasing
manifestation and at first the manifestation will be emotion next it
will be trains of thoughts will begin to come ideas inspiration next it will be
other others collaborating next it will be heaven and earth moving to
accommodate you and whatever you want and there was there’s no limit to the
details that manifestations will bring so that leads us to what we talked about
just before segment of refreshment that we’re really wanting to talk about
because they’re everything that every moment that you are conscious you have
this abiding awareness you cannot get away from it of your relationship
between who you really are and all that you’ve become and how much you’re
letting in in other words in every moment you’re having a manifestation ‘el
emotion and emotion that is a manifestation in every moment if you’re
bored is a manifestation and it’s telling you about this relationship if
you’re excited it’s it’s a manifestation in this moment that’s telling you about
this relationship if you’re fearful it’s a manifestation that’s telling you about
this relationship in other words you can’t stop having the feeling can you
don’t you wake up and say don’t you say isn’t something that you say constantly
how I feel well I feel this I feel that aren’t you aware of how you
feel I feel tired I feel happy I feel bored I feel hungry hungry that’s a
little different I feel I feel these emotions I feel all day long I feel I
feel bored at work I feel uninspired at work I feel inspired I feel happy I feel
happy and talking to you I feel unhappy and talking to you I feel frustrated in
this conversation I feel exhilarated in this conversation I feel I feel I feel I
feel you do you’re feeling you’re having those feeling manifestations all day
every day all day every moment that you are that
you are conscious you’re having this awareness of this relationship this
vibrational relationship so when you get it that this manifestation is happening
constantly and that you have much more leeway and latitude in how you feel than
just observing what is now you’ve got it now you’re free right and what is being
being a platform of contrast sounds like like you’re standing on like some rock
that’s got lava and hot fire coming off in and you want to leap off of this rock
into this next place well it’s like being in Hawaii there’s the volcano and
there’s the ocean and there’s the lava and there’s the most beautiful
bougainvillea you’ve ever seen and there’s the lava and there’s the dolphin
in other words it’s all around you and every particle of everything is wanted
and unwanted you have to tune yourself to the wanted part so that leads us to
what we were talking about earlier that because of this range of emotion between
completely allowing the fullness of who you are in a moment or not allowing or
resisting over here in the most resistant emotion like fear or
depression is something really active and really specific going on in your
mind about something you really don’t want so if you’re really specifically
focused upon something that you really don’t want you’re exercising the
greatest resistance and feeling the worst if you are general as
you are focused negatively in the generality rather than the specifics
there’s not as much resistance and you would feel relief so it would feel
better to be general about it than to be specific now a lot of times people think
that what we’re saying is well when you really know what you don’t want you
really know what you do want so go think about what you do want right now just
stop it and go think about what you really do want right now well you just
can’t do that because the vibration within you is only giving you access to
a certain number of things that are in the range of where you are so you just
torture yourself it’s like these magnificent oh and they are may manifest
this is a law of attraction money in the law of attraction we wrote these they’re
just they are just brilliant they’re just brilliant and so if you are if
you’re standing in the need of money and you and you read these I can create both
the money and the time to enjoy it really let me read that again I can
create both money and the time to enjoy it I don’t get that seems like I have to
go to work to get money I wonder if I send this to my employer if if it would
make if it would make a difference oh here’s another another really stupid one
I can earn money by doing what I love to do I’ll send that one to my employer too
life is always working out for me I’ll send that one to my employer do so
affirming from from your awareness of what is sometimes get you in an even
more specific place I will praise success wherever I see it like hell I
will there’s not a good card in here I’m always receiving the essence of what
I’m giving I don’t want to hear that welcome to planet Earth give me a break so bye-bye
when you’re really on that wrong ragged edge and and that’s when you try to get
specific about what you can’t that these cars were written in the vortex when
you’re not in the vortex and you try to read these cards they annoy you they
don’t help they cause you to be they cause you to be more specific than you
are able to be they they they it’s sort of like having a conversation with a
friend and you’re having a disagreement and you’re really trying to make that
person understand what you know and the more you say the more they can’t hear it
the more you both dig in to your opposing positions well sort of what
happens when you when you try to when you try to get too specific when you
don’t feel good it’s like Law of Attraction just keeps
bringing more of it and it just holds you longer and harder in that place that
you don’t want to be so you have to find a way of letting go of the resistance
and what we are wanting you to hear is that by staying on the subject because
you kind of can’t leave the subject because it’s so compelling and so
in-your-face if you will just get general about it you’ll feel relief and
when you are generally negative you can become generally positive quite easily
and then once you are generally positive then you become become more specifically
positive and that’s sort of the trail that we would follow right it’s it’s all
something that you have to feel your way into and as we are moving forward we’ll
play with some of you on some of those things if you’ve got some Bugaboos going
we’ll move from the specific to the generally negative to the generally
positive and you’ll feel the shift it’s easy it’s easy it’s much
easier no matter what you’re dealing with then you know


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  1. We're all doomed!

    July 21, 2018 10:42 pm

    Gobbledegook, wordplay ramblings for gullible people who are too needy and already have all they'll ever need but will never be happy with what they have. Simpletons

  2. Contessa Anna von Funk

    December 4, 2018 6:48 am

    Greeeeeeeaaaaaat! 馃槏馃槝馃槡Soooo sooooo beautiful and fantastic… 馃槂馃槏馃槝馃構馃槡鈽吼煓傪煠楌煒

  3. Gypsyjan55

    February 9, 2019 1:55 am

    I needed 2 hear this 2 day. How perfect. Today I鈥檝e been dancing around n my kitchen.. happy as can b… when I realized I鈥檓 doing what I wanted when I was 8.. 鈥2 stay home & play w/my toys鈥. My joy.


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