Do THIS Spiritual Practice Before Any Major Change [Step-By-Step]

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We’re on the verge of a major energy shift
on the planet, and in this video I am going to share a really special spiritual practice
for you to do before any major shifts in your life, but especially to do before 2020 comes
in, the start of a new decade coming up. Hello, everyone. We are outdoors today in this beautiful but
chilly day here in Portugal, and I wanted to pop by, because I wanted to leave a little
bit of an unusual video today. So, what I’m going to be sharing with you
is just talking a little bit about the energies that are coming in. If you haven’t noticed, we’re going to start
a new decade coming up soon, a new decade, the start of a new decade. When there are major changes, major shifts,
major endings, major cycles ending, I like to use a really beautiful spiritual practice
that I want to share with you today. So, make sure to watch this video and make
sure to do this practice before the end of the year, before the end of this decade, starting
into a new decade in 2020. But if you come on this video after 2020 has
started, you could still use the information in this video, because this spiritual practice
… I use it when there are major shifts occurring in my life, no matter when they’re occurring,
okay? So, this isn’t just an exercise that’s pertinent
for 2019 shifting into 2020. But since it’s when I’m shooting this video,
it’s really pertinent now, because it’s been quite a decade, hasn’t it? Can you believe that we are almost at the
start of another decade? In this particular time, the energies are
really, really powerful. They are really powerful. So, I wanted to give you some extra tools. The energy is just accelerating. It’s accelerating more and more and more,
and it’s not going to slow down. We all have to learn how to navigate these
new energies. We have to learn how to develop spiritual
practices and stick with them day in and day out. So, here’s this spiritual practice that I
want to share with you. Make sure that you do this before the end
of the year. Basically this spiritual practice goes like
this. You’re going to create a sort of a ceremony
in your home, a ceremony space. Now, ceremony spaces and ceremony in general
… They’re really misunderstood by Western cultures, but ceremony has been used for thousands
of years by tribal cultures, shamanic cultures around the world. The reason that ceremony is used is because
ceremony has this beautiful energy of intention that you bring to a ceremony, and the energy
of intention is everything. Okay? When you prepare a ceremony space, what you’re
really doing is you’re opening up a portal of energy in a ceremony space, because what
you’re doing is you’re concentrating the power of your intention, you’re concentrating energy,
and wherever you concentrate energy, it opens up this beautiful portal. What ceremony does is it really intensifies
your intention. It intensifies your will. It intensifies what you want to do. It also brings in all your spirit guides to
help you. You’re going to start by creating a ceremony
space in your home, and it could be something just like a rug, a nice meditation pillow
for you to sit on. You’re going to light some candles. You’re going to have some beautiful incense
burning. Whatever you feel like is appropriate for
your ceremony space, you’re going to get all of that energy flowing around you, okay? You’re going to prepare this ceremony space,
and then you’re going to sit in the ceremony space. You’re going to have a journal with you, all
right? Now, when you sit, you’re just going to take
a couple of minutes to just quiet your mind, quiet, quiet, quiet your mind, and bring your
intention down into your heart. You can even put your hand on your heart. I love putting my hand on my heart, because
it activates the heart center right away. As soon as you do this, for a couple of minutes,
you’re going to start feeling your mind quieting down a little bit. Then you’re going to have a journal with you,
all right? Don’t forget your journal. You’re going to have a journal with you. As soon as you feel like you are calm and
you are centered and you’re ready to start this ceremony, you’re basically going to call
your guides. You’re going to call God. You’re going to call all of your angels. And you’re going to call them into your ceremony
space to help you do this ceremony. Then what you’re going to do is you’re going
to put your hand on your heart, and you’re going to close your eyes. You’re going to start asking your heart what
has been really pertinent in these last 10 years, since we’re talking about … This
exercise is specifically reviewing the last decade. You’re going to ask your heart, what has been
pertinent? What has been really important for me in the
last decade? Then you’re going to grab your journal, and
you’re going to start writing in bullet points. Not paragraphs, not story. You’re not writing an essay. You’re writing in bullet points the most significant
things that you can remember that come up into your heart over the past decade. And you want to write down the good, the bad,
and the ugly, okay? So, everything you that you feel that happened
to you in the last decade that’s been really meaningful in your life, whether good or bad,
you’re going to start writing it down in bullet point format on your journal, okay? In your journal. You’re going to keep writing this list, and
this list may have 10 items. It may have 20 items. You’re just going to keep writing this bullet
list until you feel like it’s complete. Then, when you feel like your list is finished,
then you’re just going to put your journal down for a little bit. You’re going to put your journal down, and
you’re going to again focus your energy back on your heart. You are going to create this beautiful, beautiful
acknowledgement and gratitude energy in your heart for everything that you’ve been through
in the last 10 years. So, you’re going to look down at your journal. You’re going to see all those bullet points. You’re going to see all the significant events
that have happened to you over the last 10 years, and you’re going to have your hand
on your heart. You’re going to look at those bullet points,
and you are going to acknowledge and be thankful and grateful for everything that happened
to you, even the bad bullet points. Even the bad things that happened to you on
that journal, you’re still going to hold a space of deep, deep gratitude in your heart
space. And you’re going to hold that space for as
long as you want. You can be sitting there for 10 minutes. You could be sitting there for 20 minutes. But you’re going to be looking at your beautiful
journal with all of the items that you have, and you are going to acknowledge this beautiful,
beautiful phase in your life, this beautiful cycle in your life. What you do when you create a space of gratitude
in your heart is that you are … You’re just saying to life that everything that happened
to you had its purpose, it had its reason. You may not know what the purpose was, but
you know that it does have a purpose, because this universe is immensely intelligent. Everything has a purpose, okay? So, when you open that gratitude space, you’re
basically saying thank you to life, for everything that you’ve been through, the good and the
bad, because everything that you’ve been through has sort of chiseled you into the person that
you are today. So, we always want to give thanks and gratitude
to the road that has led us up to where we are, and sometimes that road can be a bit
broken. It could be a little bit jagged. But it’s still the road that got you to where
you are today, and so it’s a road that needs to be really recognized. Really sit with that energy, that immense
energy of gratitude, because you’re here. You are alive. You made it. You had ups, and you had downs, but you made
it. And acknowledge that in your heart, really
acknowledge that in your heart. Once you’ve finished with your gratitude practice,
then what you’re going to do … You’re going to now go to the next phase of the exercise,
and the next phase of the exercise, you’re going to start writing down particularities
about the person that you have become as a consequence of all the stuff that you wrote
down, as a consequence of all the stuff that you’ve been through in the last 10 years. So, you’re going to write down particularities
about you. Like you can say “I’ve become more resilient.” You can say “I’ve become stronger.” You can say “I’ve become more open-hearted.” The particularities are going to be different
for you and me, but you’re going to start writing … Again in bullet point, you’re
going to write down the person that you have become as a consequence of all the things
that have happened in the last decade. Again, you’re going to do this exercise in
a bullet point. You’re going to look at the characteristics. You’re going to be really just looking at
the person that you have become, and again you’re going to put your hand on your heart. And you’re just going to say thank you to
life. Wow, you’re becoming this incredible, incredible,
ever-expanding being, and it’s such a beautiful energy to be in this gratitude about life,
about the person that you’re constantly become, is an amazing place to be in. Then, once you have finished writing down
all these things, the things that have happened in the last decade, then the person that you
have become as a consequence of those events, then you’re going to continue in your heart,
and now it’s really time for not the most important but one of the most important parts
of the ceremony. That is you have to be willing to let go of
everything that happened to you. So that bullet point list? That bullet point list that you wrote down? If it has painful things, if it has wonderful
things, it doesn’t matter what you wrote down there … You’re going to look at that list,
and you’re just going to let it all go. You can even tear the page out of the journal,
and you could burn it if you want to. But the point is you are going to let go of
all of the things that have happened to you in the past decade. The reason that this is a crucial part of
the exercise is because, if you don’t let go of your old stories, you can’t usher in
new energy. This is crucial, crucial, crucial, beautiful
soul, so you’ve got to do this. Whether you tear that piece out of your journal
and burn it, or you just look at your journal and you say, “This is finished. I let this go,” whatever it is, you’re going
to really just focus on your intention to let the past go so that you can make room
for what’s coming in. You can even have an intention mantra with
that. So, you could be looking at your bullet point
list, and you can say, “Bless the road that got me here, but now I’m going to let it go
so that I can continue walking forward.” All right? That’s the intention part. You’re going to intend to let all of the past
go. You learned your lessons. You become this beautiful, different person
as a consequence of all those things. Now you’re going to let the past go. As you let the past go, that’s when you can
start writing new intention mantras in your journal for the new energy coming in. You can say things like, “I intend to open
myself up into the future.” “I intend to continue expanding a long life.” “I intend to continue taking the ups and downs
of life with a lot of gratitude and openheartedeness.” I intend, I intend. Just continue writing down the mantras, starting
with I intend, and just write them down as they resonate with you, but make sure that
you’re starting to tell new stories now, okay? You’ve got to tell new stories. You’ve let go of the old energy. Now you’ve got to tell new stories so that
you can usher in this beautiful, beautiful new energy. That’s it. That’s really it. As soon as you finish doing the mantras of
just intending … I intend to continue opening my heart to life. You can end like that. I intend to continue opening my heart to life. That’s it. Then you’re finished. You thank your guides. You thank God. You think the universe. And then you can close your ceremony. I love this ceremony. I love this exercise and this spiritual practice. These last 10 years of my life have been incredible. They’ve been incredibly blissful and incredibly
painful also, but I wouldn’t exchange it for anything else. It’s been a beautiful decade. It’s the decade that so many things happened
that got me to where I am today, talking to you every week on these videos, and just helping
you and serving you. I’m so grateful that everything that happened
to me led me to who I am today and the teacher that I can be and the guide that I could be
for you, walking side by side with you. Every single day, every single week, with
every single video that I send out, I’m always with you. I’m going to continue to be with you in the
start of this new decade. Oh my god. It’s a new decade. A new decade, new energy. The energy is very intense, and we all have
to learn how to work with it. So, here’s to 2020. Here’s to a beautiful new energy coming in. Take the rest of the year to just relax and
to do your contemplation work, to say goodbye to this last decade so that you can welcome
this new, beautiful energy. I love you, beautiful soul. I hope that you welcome a new decade with
new energy, with beautiful, open … With your heart open. Open your heart. I will be back in 2020 for more videos and
to continue walking side-by-side with you. I love you, beautiful soul. Talk soon. (silence)


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