Do You Consider Yourself AWAKE Yet Do This?


hi guys so it’s been a while how long
has it been since I did a little food for thought video well here’s a little
food for thought we all like to say we are not you know people who have woken
happens I’d like that we all said oh we’re not controlled by other people but
this is famous little saying treat thy neighbors as thyself
yes I might have heard of that one but yet if you depending on your age but if
let’s say you have your own house and some friends are coming around or family
are coming around do you clean your house because they’re coming around do
you do special things become there because they’re coming around why are
you why are you doing that is it because you want to show them something that
isn’t real there’s something that’s not actually you are you doing it for false
appearances surely you’re just not treating doing NED your neighbors is
yourself a tool and there are many many many little things that people do like
this oh but I do it because that’s my education well that your programming yes
it is but why do you do it what is the point in doing amazing amazing the way
people do this an amazing views look at this amazing views it’s rather hot here
but Suns going down so yeah just just think about that why
do you do little things like that especially you know why do you clean
your house to give your friends and family a false impression of you it just
doesn’t make sense does it I don’t think about that have a think
about all those little things that you actually do to create false appearances
that aren’t actually you if you live in our house it’s always clean fine if you
live in a house it’s messy then don’t be afraid of what people
might say if they come to your house or what they might think because you’re
being controlled by your program okay have a think about it


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  1. iulianthegreat

    July 24, 2019 8:17 pm

    thank you as I was able to remember a situation similar to this one and I was able to heal it and change my perception about it 🙂 thank you

  2. SpirituallyYouJustBeen X

    July 25, 2019 8:48 pm

    To be honest.
    If I clean my house it's because I want people to feel comfortable in my house so that they will want to come over again.
    People don't want to come in a dirty home.
    I don't mind telling them, "hey my house is a mess, filthy, dirty trash' is everywhere.
    I've been depress and lonely with just me in the house so I didn't feel the need to clean it. But now I have company over I will clean, because I want you to feel comfortable enough that you will want to come back"

    I'm not fooling anyone.
    I know my reasons and will sometimes admit to it even if destroys my pride

    I only pretend to be something In not if it's a girl I like.
    I don't want her to see me as the guy with the messy house.
    Girls don't like those guys. They want guys with a clean home.
    So in that case I'd pretend to be able to have a chance.


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