Don’t be dependent on meditation apps – ME app user review

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hello Lilliane, this is Dhyanse from meditation easy app, we are very thankful to receive your feedback and also for the fact that you’re using the app for your meditation journey. I heard from your email that you have been doing this program pretty regularly, you’re happy with it, you have been enjoying the variety of meditations that are there in the overall program and now you would like to know how to proceed further. So my suggestion to you is once you have gone through all these techniques you must have liked some of the techniques which are fitting to your style and are feeling more natural to you. So I would invite you and suggest you to repeat those until first of all you’ve learned the technique how to move into meditation and more importantly you have to see where all these techniques are leading to, the technique is not the most important. What is more important is where they are leading to and that state you have to try to achieve even without the techniques. You know while we were creating this app the idea behind this app was not to make you feel dependent on the app and keep on consuming meditations as a consumable. The intention always has been that you and others learn from the app, what meditation is? how can you move into meditation from different techniques from different ways and find your own way. So what I read from your feedback is that you want something still to guide you into meditation, on that point I would say you should try out the techniques more often, the ones that you enjoy doing and to your question that you don’t like the introduction is it possible to straight move into meditation, over there I would like to apologize that our apps are at the moment pretty simple because we are self-funded, very small company and we try to provide as much functionality in terms of apps as possible to our meditators but the focus is more on the content on providing you authentic ways to move into meditation and that’s where I would like you to focus on and eventually I would be very happy to receive a feedback from you once again that in a few more months of training with the techniques that you like you could put the phone aside all the techniques aside and just by sitting move into meditation.


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