Don’t Buy Insta Profit Sniper by Ian Ross – Insta Profit Sniper by Ian Ross Scam Review

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Hi Folks, this is Michael Murray, that’s me
there in the photo enjoying some leisure time with the family while my Internet Business
Makes Money for me. After decades of working in the Corporate world tied to a desk or a
30,000 foot office in the sky, I now go where I want and do what I want thanks to my 24/7/365
Internet cash machine. I’ve done a lot of reviews this year and today
I’m doing a Insta Profit Sniper Scam review and
I promise you, this review will not only be
brief but right to the heart of what this product is and does. Unlike a lot of online
reviews, I’m not going to insult your intelligence, try to sell you anything or waste your time
blathering on and on about some gimmick or shiny new object. Here’s a dose of reality.
Considering any online product or service to earn income is a business decision that
requires careful and responsible scrutiny, otherwise you end up getting burned time and
time again like I did early in my online career and wasted countless hours and thousands of
dollars my first two years. Just understanding that over 90% of the product launches online
either grossly under deliver or their flat out scams, is going to save you a lot of time,
heartache and a ton of money. Now I’m not going to tell you in thisInsta
Profit Sniper Scam Review that it’s a scam, nor am I going to tell you it’s the greatest
thing since sliced bread. What I am going to tell you is 100% truthful, strictly the
Pro’s and Con’s with NO BULL or fluff so that you can make and informed decision on your
own. By the way, I’m not going to ask you for any money so you can hide your credit
cards and wallet. I will have a special bonus for you though at the end of this review so
relax, pay close attention and I hope this information will at least save you some time,
heartache and money. So what is Insta Profit Sniper anyway? Recently launched by Ian Ross, the product
is an automated software and plug-in that will allow anyone to make money by linking
their Instagram photos to Amazon. He claims that by using this method you can earn about
$20 per photo and thousands of dollars a year. Insta Profit Sniper leverages the 8 million
daily visitors to Instagram to promote your Amazon affiliate links to them. As an internet marketer you must realize that
to make money online you need traffic. Ian Ross supposedly made his fortune with Clickbank
products, but he now insists that Clickbank is dead and Amazon products are the place
to be, even though Amazon notoriously has very low commission payouts. Unfortunately,
we can’t give you a detailed review as this whole product seems to be covered in mystery,
and even though it has already launched, there is not much detailed info out there. What
we do know about Insta Profit Sniper is that you can use your cellphone to make extra money
on Amazon by taking photos. This course, by Ian, shows you step by step
how to use photos to get an amazing amount of traffic to your Amazon affiliate links.
What makes this course rather unique is the fact that until one has known how
to use the free Instagram traffic to make money, so claims the creator Ian Ross. Because
this technique is new, there is literally no competition or so he claims. And of course
there may be a reason there is no competition…there may not be any money in this endeavor! By
the way, Instagram is a separate application available on the internet that allows you
to take a picture or video, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post
to Instagram. You can even share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.
Ian provides you with his software that helps automate the process and get targeted Instagram
users to see your affiliate offers and, you will make commissions with very little effort.
But beware…when the sales video says things like “you can make thousands in a week,” then
you have to click out as fast as you can. They are not telling the truth. They’re just
trying every tactic in the book to get you to buy their product. Hence the hyped up video.
So many of these new products are geared toward newbies who are wet behind the ears and still
believe what they read, and fast and easy cash promises. Remember we all were at that
gullible stage when we started, and we bought into it (literally) because we were desperate.
Cost: $47.00, with a 60-day money back guarantee Insta Profit Sniper Summary Although this application sounds new and interesting,
there are still too many unanswered questions and too many promises to make it sound like
a good investment. Amazon pays very low commissions, and there is so much competition out there,
I would have to recommend you take a pass on this one. Once again, you can join for $47.00, with
a 60-day money back guarantee . or I can let you in on a FREE PROGRAM. I do a program called Instant Payday Network.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to give me any money so you can put your wallet away.
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costs or up sells. I get paid $25.00 — $58.00 multiple times daily when folks come into
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