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Choose a time when you have time to
relax without interruption. Close your eyes and make yourself comfortable. Concentrate fully on your breath begin
to breathe full slow breaths. Inhale for a count of five and exhale through your
mouth counting to seven. No need to force it just do what you can. Take a slow
breath in through your nose and slowly let it out through your mouth. Again take
a deep breath in through the nose and slowly slowly let it out through the
mouth. Now allow your breath to continue in a natural and relaxed rhythm and let your whole body relax, Just notice your breath as it falls into
a natural and relaxed rhythm. Imagine your feet feeling so relaxed that they
become loose and heavy. Can you feel that? And now your entire body feels that same
release of tension. You are feeling very relaxed and so
content. Now imagine it’s 1927 and you are living
in England. You are in your small apartment home feeling very comfortable. Your home is furnished just as you like
it take a look around you. You have many art deco pieces which you
are proud of but you are most proud of the radio you recently purchased which
is positioned by a comfortable chair. You’re in 1920s clothes wearing an
outfit suitable for travel from your shoes all the way to your hat. You feel
relaxed and you look fabulous. It’s going to be a big travel day because you’ve
been invited to see your friend Mary Crawley at Downton Abbey. You take a look at the letter she wrote you again. She has such beautiful penmanship. You step
over to your window and look out at the town scene outside. It’s a beautiful
summer’s morning. When you see a taxi stop right outside
your home. You slip on your final touch a pair of gloves. You’ve taken great care getting ready
and feel pleased with the final result. As you leave your apartment you imagine
a light glowing all around you. A pale pink glow of protection. It’s very bright. No one else can see this pink light but
they’ll be able to sense your confidence. This pink light sinks into every muscle
relaxing every fibre that it touches. Now you are inside the taxi. The driver
puts your leather luggage on top of the roof and the driver makes his way
through the streets while you relax in the back. The sound of the engine gently lulls you
to sleep while you close your eyes. You are completely at ease. Feel any
tension in your body dissolve. You open your eyes just as you arrived
in Downton village. Look around you. Notice the honey colored stone houses. The village green, the local church, Wind
down the window. What do you hear? As the taxi driver arrives at the
Downton Abbey driveway you ask for him to continue without you, you’d rather
walk the driveway. He helps you out of the car and into the fresh air and then
he continues up the driveway to deliver your luggage to Downton Abbey. You on the other hand enjoy a leisurely walk up the driveway. The grass is a lime spring
green. It’s hard to distinguish the surrounding countryside from the
Parkland of the estate for as far as you can see to the side of the driveway are
perfectly green lawns. The sun is shining and the home looks like it’s glowing. Feel the ground beneath you as you walk
slowly. You can’t help but smile. You feel content. Before ringing the door you
stop and take in the view around you. Take a full breath in and slowly let it
out. The door opens. When you are ready gently bring your attention back to the
current time. Bring your awareness back to the present moment to the room you
are in and your present surroundings. Become aware of your gentle breath. When you are ready move your fingers, stretch your arms out and relax your shoulders
down and back. Open your eyes now. Remain sitting for a few moments longer
enjoying the feeling of relaxation. Slowly continue with the rest of your
day, feeling refreshed, calm and relaxed. Feel the warmth of the pink light of
protection as it rests in your muscles and keeps you calm as you continue your


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