Dr. Pillai Explains the Powers of Brzee

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how can poor people all the middle-class
people will ever get to have money it is not impossible but it is very hard
unless there is a miracle that’s what I’m going to talk about this question
became – can’t an emperor a very benevolent Emperor Vishwamitra and he
knew as a king that it is not possible to give a great life for everybody so he
thought that the only way is to bring in God or a divine where Miracle and that
miracle is in the form of a mantra that was given to me and we will spend a lot
of time on this sound but I can give you both material and spiritual wealth and
that sound is the sound Brzee which I took on the request of this saint as my
name and a person spends twelve hundred years to create this sound that is going
to afflict humanity and he comes up this is it use this sound and then you’ll
have tremendous success but spiritually I’m very grateful for this saint that
the same name is Vishwamitra who was the Guru of Rama and this sound has
miraculous power 1200 years of meditation power is packed into this
song whenever you are in trouble just say this sound-Brzee a few times we will
find an answer if you have a problem say this sound
I just don’t live become the man who transmits the sound this sound belongs
to the saint who who who is Vishwamitra means that the friend of the people, he is a
friend because he wanted to help humanity and he justAnd he just [said], “Well, you just take this.” You have a disease. Use this Sound. This sound will help you to accomplish a lot
of things that you cannot accomplish through the use of your mind
god bless you


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