Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD – Medical Benefits of Orgasmic Meditation

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(wooshing) – So Orgasmic
Meditation, I believe, is one of the
best answers, because it solves the cortisol problem. It gets cortisol into
that Goldilocks position of not too high and not too low. It makes your
thyroid more efficient. In fact, there was a
study looking at women who were postpartum. And they found
that the women who had the highest levels of
oxytocin were the happiest. They were much less likely to
have postpartum depression. So oxytocin is really important. And, in those
women, they also found that the thyroid was
improved in the women who had higher oxytocin levels. So, I’m a big fan
of Orgasmic Meditation. I was just doing
some research this morning looking at the
connections between serotonin and oxytocin,
because these two systems work in sync in your brain. The details are
still getting mapped out. But I think that’s
one of the reasons why you feel so fabulous at the end of Orgasmic Meditation.


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