Effortless Meditation Technique: Floating in Silence with Awareness | Dhyanse

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A very warm welcome to all of you
literally warm welcome in this blazing summer evening. I’m thankful that you are
here daring to be in one room so many people for this meditation session. My
name is Dhyanse, I started this journey with you all meditators this January and
since then every Monday from 7 to 8 p.m. we meet here we sit in silence we
sit in meditation, we sit in somewhat of an introspection. My intention
to start this group and continue this journey with the group is fairly simple.
One I realized that there is no authentic way at least in this part of
the world to learn meditation. And second each person is different so every person
has a different way to get in and it’s very difficult to find out what is the
way for you which might be different from another person. So I took these
two points as a challenge to say let me create this group and not only show what
meditation really is but also try to inspire you to bring this art of
meditation in your daily life. That is the hardest part to know first of all
what it is and then harder where you bring this into your daily life you make
it a habit out of it. Before we start today’s session before we go into the
meditation technique for today I would like to ask you a question. Has every one
of you been to the Rhine swim already this summer? Anybody who has not been to the Rhine
swim this summer or ever? Ever? Have you never been to the Rhine swim? Okay have
you ever been to a swim in the lake? Al right so let’s look into this process of
what is this Rhine swim when you go into the river into this Rhine
River. You decide to go into the Rhine because you feel super hot and then you
say okay I need to cool down or you decide to go into the Rhine by
just the fun of it you would say I just want to have fun so you go into the
Rhine. There could be you know an easy reason or a very specific reason why you
go to the Rhine but you decide to go to the Rhine and then you go to the
starting point where you will enter Rhine. At that point what do you do? The
first thing you do is you take your clothes off you put it in the
bag, you get ready to go into the Rhine. The second thing you do is when you are
stepping into the Rhine you feel hesitant because the water is
cold. Some people just you know they have
different ways of approaching it some people just run into the water, some
people are hesitating in the beginning but they somehow manage to go in but
eventually everybody’s in. Then what do you do? You take the fish bag and you
hold onto it and you simply float. You hold the fish bag to float in the Rhine
and you are continuously then floating in the Rhine. What do you do next
when you are floating in the Rhine? You look at the sky, you look at the people
on the side, you look at all the people sitting along the Rhine doing different
things and you observe them what they’re doing. Sometimes you’re getting
caught up with one person that you find interesting and then you watch the
person or you continue. And then that’s how you keep on floating
along the Rhine until you reach to a point where you come out of it, you have
completely cooled down, you are completely refreshed and then you can go
back to your daily life. By now I’m hoping that you could guess what I’m
trying to tell you here. Just this same analogy the same process of how you go
into the Rhine, what you do when you are cooling down in the Rhine it’s exactly
the same in meditation. Meditation is nothing but exactly the same process
which you do when you go and take a swim in the Rhine so next time when you do
that remember this process of of going into the Rhine. And what does this mean
in terms of meditation try that out when you next time if you get a chance to go
into the Rhine or any other lake. Let’s look into this a bit more in detail back
into the analogy of going into the Rhine and swimming into the Rhine with what
does this mean in terms of meditation. When you sit for meditation
first of all why do you do that your intention, your feeling that you are
hot from all the stresses of your life and you want to cool down or simply just
enjoy the silence of the meditation. You could have any reason but
you decide to sit down for your meditation. Then the next step taking off
your clothes. In meditation this means that you intend to put everything that
is belonging to your personality aside. When you sit for meditation you put
aside what your name is, where you come from, how you look like, what your titles
are your culture, your background everything you put aside. You take the
complete persona complete personality of yourself and for a few minutes you put
them in a bag. You don’t need them during the meditation, who you are, where
you’re from, what your roles are, what you already know about life what is good
what is bad everything you put aside into a bag. Third thing the river,
what is this river? This river is your inner silence. There is a silent river
and inner silence flowing in all of us. We only need to tap into it we only need
to take a dip into it we only need to access it. It’s always there it has
always been there and it will always be there. Only you somehow forget the way to
it you forget that there is something like that within you and the moment you
find it the moment you are tuned to it you see that you get the same cooling
effect that you would get when you are in the water in the Rhine. The
next thing when you are going into the water into this silence in the Rhine swim you hold on to the fish bag. What is this
fish bag in meditation? In meditation the fish bag is the object of your awareness.
You hold on to an object of your awareness and that awareness is that
which keeps you afloat in the water. If you are unaware you sink. You
fall into sleep you fall into your thought process you fall into an
unconscious process that happens in your mind in your being. So the idea is to
remain always afloat always aware and to hold on to the object of observation to
the object of awareness as your fish bag when you are in meditation. When you are
floating in meditation when you are floating in meditation means when you
are in awareness when you are completely bringing your awareness to the object
and effortlessly remaining silent that is floating in the river of silence you
continue, you see that while you are becoming more and more effortless and
not really trying to swim you see there are things that come to your notice just
like the people at the side of the Rhine, you will see while you are floating in
meditation you would have thoughts coming in. You will see images coming in,
you will see your emotions coming in, you will have plans that would come out from
the past or from the future so many things would come out. And what do you
have to do? Not get stuck with it. Just like while you’re floating in the Rhine
you just continue floating watch it, take a look at it move on. Don’t get
involved is the same process. Just like while you’re floating in the
Rhine you don’t try to control what the people on the side are trying to do you
just observe or you don’t even observe them or you simply just float look at
the sky enjoy relax hold onto the fish bag. In meditation if you have to
observe something if these objects are coming along the way then you just
observe them, don’t get involved don’t get caught up. Keep flowing in silence
keep flowing with this floating bag with this object of your awareness. When you
learn to do that it becomes more and more effortless you don’t have to use
your hands you don’t have to use your legs you just remain afloat with the
object of your awareness remain in silence flowing as long as you want. And then
comes a point where you can even let go of this fish bag. I don’t know if you
have ever tried to float in a river without holding onto any object. In
meditation it’s possible that you’re not holding on to any object of awareness
after a certain period of time and you’re simply aware. You are
effortlessly in silence and aware and you’re floating in it as long as you
like. When this establishes as a practice the
entire life becomes like that. In your entire life you effortlessly float
without holding on to something without trying to struggle with things and
remain always established in silence which is flowing which is not stagnant
which is not dullness which is not static. Its movement its flowing it flows
along with the flow of life with the natural flow of life. All you need to do
is put your hands up let go and just float with awareness. We will use this
analogy in our meditation session today where the object of our awareness is
breath. This is a very simple technique that has been used for thousands of
years in all different kinds of traditions all different kinds of
practices where you simply remain aware of your breath. We will take the same
steps you do to when you go in the Rhine. First of all you decide that you want to
sit down here that you are here for the next 30 minutes 35 minutes you’re going
to meditate you’re going to not think about this or that you are here for
meditation. Then you will take your personality your mental clothes off put
them aside for a while. You’re not concerned with who you are, where
you’re from, what you do what your descriptions are put them aside for a
while and just create an intention in you that you’re going to sit down in
silence you’re going to effortlessly float in silence which is already in
your system it’s already there inside of you. All you need to do is tap into it.
Then you know what to do just float with the breath as the
object of your awareness remain aware of your breath throughout the meditation
until I ask you to even leave that. Any questions before we start how we do that?
Are you ready? alright then we close our eyes. Take a nice deep breath inhale from the
nose and exhale from the nose. Keep your back straight shoulders down head straight and relaxed face with a
gentle smile on your face. Another deep breath in and out. For the next minutes drop all that you
know about yourself. For the next minutes you have no name. For the next minutes you have no
descriptions no titles no backgrounds. For the next minutes you don’t belong to
anything you don’t hold on to anything. Put all what you know about yourself
aside for the next minutes and remain completely open to enter into your silence. Allow your body to settle and slowly
become still with every breath you exhale allow your body to become more
silent. As your body settles down bring your
awareness to your breathing. Keep all your awareness on breathing and
forget about everything else for the moment. Keep on breathing very naturally and
your awareness on the breathing. As you remain aware of your breath allow
yourself to become more and more silent. Keep your awareness effortlessly on your
breathing. And allow yourself to float in the
silence. Any noises, thoughts anything that comes
to your awareness just watch them and move on. No effort needed. Simply awareness on your breath. Keep on flowing in silence with your
awareness on your breath. Don’t touch anything that comes to your
awareness and keep it on your breathing. Stop all efforts and maintain this awareness naturally on
your breath. Allow yourself to become more silent more still and silent. Allow your awareness to settle on the
breath. Let everything go except your breath. No effort whatsoever. Just your awareness on the breath. Now in the silence even let go of your
breath. Simply remain aware naturally floating in the silence and
aware. No effort needed to maintain this
awareness and the silence. Stay in this silent awareness for the
next minutes. Let yourself go in this silence and awareness. Allow yourself to remain still in this
silent awareness. Don’t hold on to anything. Just float. Now bring your awareness back to your
breathing. Keep on breathing very naturally as you
always do. Become aware of the sensations in your
body and noises outside, your entire surroundings. When you are sitting absolutely silently and very slowly and gently you may open
your eyes. The next few minutes we spend taking any
questions any comments any experiences that you share that you would like to
share with rest of the group from your meditation experience, the floating in
the silence if you were drowning or if you were floating if you were getting
carried away anything that you would like to clarify, we take the next minutes.
I would like to then conclude the session today with just one small
anecdote that I’m reminded of about this topic which is that in one
village there was a sage that became very famous for answering a lot of
questions for answering any kind of questions, the most significant ones from
all the kings and everybody around. So this one person got curious about it and
he went to the sage and he asked he saw the sage sitting he asked the sage what
is the purpose of my life?
The sage remain seated there he didn’t answer
anything he didn’t say anything. Then the guy looked at the sage and thought maybe
I didn’t ask the right question. Then he said okay what is the meaning of my life?
The sage again sat there didn’t do anything. Then this guy thought maybe now
I’m asking two philosophical questions let me ask him any practical
question. Then the guy kept on asking all these random questions to the sage and
the sage was just simply sitting there saying nothing to the guy. And
eventually the guy got so furious and frustrated
the whole thing he said I’m asking you so many questions and you’re supposed to
be such a wise guy why don’t you answer? Then the sage opened his mouth he said I
am answering you all the questions. My answer is the silence, in this silence
you find all the answers that you’re looking for. So with that I wish you a
very nice evening I hope that you had some silence some moments of silence
even in this blazing hot summer evening and you take the silence back into your
life into your homes into also the next time you go for the Rheinschwim and I see
you next Monday again from 7 to 8 p.m. Namaste!


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