Elements Meditation Technique – Fire, Water, Air & Earth Energy Technique

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Elements meditation technique: fire, water, air & earth Hi guys, welcome to another video on
becoming a better you by skeed now did you practice the last meditation
where we were taking everything round our bodies if so then there’s another
very powerful meditation you will probably like to try especially if
you’ve been following all the different things on this channel so if you’re
interested in learning another very powerful technique keep watching
so first of all I’m outside again you might get some background noise I
apologize for that I’ve got my dogs with me there’s a typical background noise so
if you get any distractions on it very sorry for that got bird singing etc okay
so what is this powerful technique this powerful technique is going to be
combining this movement of energy around our bodies this Taoist system this
snaking system removing the Chi around the bodies but we’re going to combine it
with another system and this is the system of the elements
so the elements you have was we have five elements we’re going to be
practicing this with the four basic elements this means we have the earth
element we have the water element we have the air element we have the fire
element now when you practice the last practice
and you said to yourself power or solid or firm on your feet did you notice how
stable you actually became now what we’re gonna do instead of that
on our feet we’re going to feel the earth element and how the earth element
comes up as we use this through our feet to create a grounding a stability within
our system and then in the lower Dantean we’re going to attract through our
abdomen and the abdomen area we’re going to attract the water element then around
our middle Dan Tien where our lungs are it’s going to be the earth element
and then around our upper dentine it’s going to be the fire element as we do
this obviously we’re going to start with a lower down T and so we start with the
water and then we go around the system if you’re not a hundred percent sure how
to do it go back to the last video and practice that more until you know the
secrets well and just exchange the manifestation words you’re using
for the elements and feel the elements and when you do this you’re gonna find
it is very different and you want to make sure as you’re doing this you keep
the amount of energy of each of the elements imbalance so one doesn’t become
greater than the others because this is about balancing our system and that’s
all you have to do again I don’t want to tell you what you’re gonna experience
what you’re gonna feel what’s gonna come to you because that’s going to bias your
outcomes and I don’t want to bias your outcomes so have a play around with this
and enjoy the experiences you do it and just remember to keep those elements in
balance because we all tend to have one element we have a tendency to with more
one element than another but the whole point nervous is to balance them out
within our bodies so have a go at this and as always remember if you enjoy the
experience comment on it click the like button share subscribe and remember when
I say share perhaps you are in facebook groups perhaps you’re in reddit groups
or other social media please feel free to post links to these videos in those
groups so that so many more people can experience these things ok
that’s it for today I hope you enjoy this whether you call it meditation a
concentration practice and energy practice I hope you enjoy it and I’ll
see you in another video


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