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In this video we will talk about that what
is “Twin Flame Union Program” and how it will help in twin flame union? Hi, I am Ritu from TwinFlamesCoach.com. We help in uniting twin flames and creating
twin flame coaches. To watch previous videos and upcoming videos
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flames can be found in the description below. Lets understand why we created Twin Flame
Union Program When we talk about inner work, most people
think that inner work is like doing meditation. Understand this that only meditation is not
enough on this journey. Meditation is one part of inner work, but
there are other tools and techniques that will supplement meditation. As health is not maintained just by exercise,
it needs diet, exercise, discipline, knowledge, guidance from experts and other equipment
and gear, in similar way
inner work is a combination of meditation, energy clearing and other such tools & techniques. This journey demands a constant touch of a
teacher or guide who can guide us through all the difficulties of our journey. Preferably someone, who had already walked
on this path and had figured out one of the shortest route to our desired destination. For example: when we go from Chandigarh to
Delhi, we use a GPS that can help us navigate. Similarly, a teacher/guide in the journey
of inner work is a GPS who will guide us in this unknown territory. Lets talk Aim of twin flame union program
So, The aim of this program is to teach you tools and techniques that will help you to
get into a harmonious union with your twin flame. The program is designed in a way to make you
self dependent, so that by the end of program you can handle your twin flame journey without
needing any external help. Here is Overview of program:
Utilizing the knowledge from ancient Yogic Wisdom and modern Energy Clearing techniques,
this program teaches following: 1 Meditative techniques to raise your frequency
and awareness, making you immune to the ups and downs of twin flame journey. Kriya Kundalini Yoga.A powerful system of
meditation best suited for modern times which promises
Perfect health, Peace of mind and
Blissful living. 2 Life Transformation tools and techniques. 3 Communication techniques to communicate
with soul aspect of your twin flame and spirit guides, to get answers to questions about
your journey. 4 Energy clearing techniques to clear energetic
blockages that are causing distance between you and your twin. For e.g.
Clearing past lovers energy Forgiveness for old hurts
Healing fears Chakra clearing
To clear Sadness and heal the reason for sadness, To clear Any commitments or promises that
you have done to others which cannot be fulfilled, which otherwise would take many life times
to get cleared. To clear Negative attachments – means connections
with people with whom we had interaction in a negative manner. To clear any foreign energy between you and
your twin, To clear Any negativity that you are feeling
from your twin, To get higher guidance from your spirit guides
and soul of your twin that can help you resolve issues in your life quickly. To help awaken your unawakened twin. And finally to have soul merge on at least
spirit plane, so that there is no more pain left. Classes Details:
There are around 12 live online classes that are conducted weekly in total of 4 months. Each Class is 1.5 hrs long. All classes are Interactive classes which
means teacher and student will interact with each other as Both way communication facilitate
clearing of doubts and thus results in better grasp of the subject. All you need is a phone or Laptop and an internet
connection, using which you can attend this online class. All classes are live classes because a prerecorded
video can never be a replacement of a live teacher. Class can be taken in
Personal setting i.e. A one to one session OR
Group setting i.e. A group of twin flames moving ahead together
on their journey to Union with their twin flames. Finally, constant support is provided by the
twin flame community on your ongoing journey until harmonious union is achieved. And during this process, you are also trained
to help other twins who are starting their journey after you. If you are already following kriya yoga or
some higher practices, then you dont need to go through complete program. Get in touch and you can improve your journey
by just learning the supplementary tools and energy clearing techniques
If you have any questions or comments about this video then leave them in comment section. If you want to know more about Inner work,
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next time.


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