Ethereal Meditations Introduction Launch Video

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Hello and welcome, my name is Karisa Evdokimoff, and I am the content creator and voice behind Ethereal Meditations. Behind the scenes, we are a team of three passionately driven souls committed to not only our individual healing, but the healing and transformation of the collective. We have founded Ethereal Meditations
on the belief that before we are able to help heal the world, we need to begin within ourselves.
Whether you are on a deep healing journey, or just want a little boost of motivation,
positive energy or uplifting affirmations integrated into your day, we have a meditation for you. We are always working hard to release new content. Every single week you can look
forward to new meditations, new videos and inspiring words of wisdom on our social media platforms. It is with excitement and gratitude, that we introduce our co-creation of Ethereal Meditations. We invite you to join us on a journey of relaxation, healing and self-transformation.


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