#EwangeliarzOP ll 20 marca 2020 ll Mk 12, 28b-34

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[music] One thing is being reasonable, wise, another thing is being a wiseacre. Reason is a beautiful gift of God, it is a gift that allows us to approach the truth in such a way that we do not own it, but the light of this truth penetrates our interior, enlightens us, then shapes our actions, our mentality, our sensitivity. And being a know-it-all is such a fatal feature that we like to use our thinking, this ability of our mind to, for instance, show off to someone. or to prove someone that they are silly, or to please myself – how intelligent I am. How smart I am. Jesus, seeing that the scholar answered reasonably, says – you are not far from the Kingdom of Heaven. Please ask yourself: Do you use reason as this wonderful power, the ability to contemplate the truth, or do you selfishly go to feel better
and to shine before other people?


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