Experience Freedom of The Subtle Body: Guided Meditation by Dr. Pillai

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Generally speaking, mind is a thought producing
mechanism. Mind has within it, also what maybe called as intelligence. Intelligence discriminates
thoughts, gives understanding, comprehension, etcetera. Intelligence is like a sword. Take
this sword and slice the gross body from the subtle body. The subtle body, invisible to
the naked eye, carries the intelligence and higher understanding. The gross body carries
karma which are old thought processes, and, uh, sense impressions, input from the senses.
So, input from the senses and stereotype thought patterns, which are called karma, are in the
gross body. Now, with the intelligence sword you are separating the gross body from the
subtle body. With the subtle body, you can fly into the cosmos. And with the higher intelligence
within the subtle body, you can go anywhere and enter into anybody’s mind, body, or do
anything you want to do. Only when the subtle body is united with the gross body, which
carries your karma, and are ruled by the senses, you have problems. What’s the problems? You
feel you are stuck. You feel you are a victim to the senses. You feel you are a victim to
karma which are thought patterns that come:nag you over and over again and limits your understanding.
So, go into the Subtle Body and detach yourself from the gross body. You will have liberation.


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