Face Yoga To Reduce Stress

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Hi my name is Danielle Collins and I’m the world leading face yoga expert and I’m going to show you some face yoga to help reduce stress. So everything I show you is very nice for helping to boost the skin tone, very good for giving the face a wonderful glow but really it’s about wellness. So it’s helping you to feel as good as possible on the inside but we all know when we feel good on the inside this radiates through the outside. So let’s start off with our first technique. We’re just going to rub our hands together and just really focus on building up some warmth and some energy in that area and then just cup the hands over the face. Feel the warmth from the hands just relaxing the face muscles. Remember when you do this always have completely clean hands, that’s so important, soften every single face muscle and with every face muscle completely relaxed bring the hands down keep the eyes closed for a moment. Just start the breathing now so breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the nose. Then just open the eyes when you’re ready and for our next technique we’re just going to do a really fun technique so it’s called The Lion. It helps to reduce any stress, it helps to build the energy, so really fun ones to do with children as well, I love doing this one with my daughters Lucia and Lilia. So we just inhale through the nose. Tence the hands a little bit, help that mind-muscle connection and this time we breathe out through the mouth, stick out the tongue, open the eyes and again inhale. Inhale. Exhale. One more time, inhale. Big exhalation. Gently bring the hands down. then just breathing in and out through the nose as you massage the temple area. Deep breath in, letting the abdomen rise, deep breath out letting the abdomen lower, And then just circle in the other direction. Nice and gently. Then just gently press this area between the eyebrows. Really allow yourself to relax completely as you stimulate this very calming acupressure point. Take one more deep breath in and out then bring the hands slowly down. And if you’d like more information on face yoga you can just go to faceyogaexpert.com or you can search Danielle Collins on the app store and you can purchase one of my face yoga apps it’s a one-off fee and it gives you a really lovely daily structured Programme Or you can use my book, Just search Danielle Collins face yoga on Amazon Have a lovely day take care of yourself and I’ll see you soon.


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