Facial Yoga To Soften Forehead Lines

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Hi guys my name’s Danielle Collins and I’m the world leading face yoga expert and I’m going to show you some techniques which help to soften forehead lines so it’s all about doing massage to help relax a big frontalis muscle at the front of the forehead. When we relax this muscle we really help to just soften and prevent expression lines in that area. So it’s a really simple easy natural way of helping to smooth this whole area so make sure you have clean hands whilst you do this clean face apply a little bit of plant-based oil or serum so ideally Fusion by Danielle Collins which is all accredited by the Soil Association as organic and vegan and is full of high performing botanical seed oil Very good for sensitive skin and if you want to do a structured daily face yoga programme I would really recommend you use one of my apps so just search Danielle Collins on your App Store and that’s £9.99 British pounds for a one-off fee you won’t have to pay regularly for it and you’ve got a nice structured daily program there. So let’s start off with our first technique we take the index fingers and we do little semi circles across the eyebrow area all the way to the hairline. Lift off and then come in a little bit higher gently moving across. Lift off then take that right up to the top little semi circles. Now might not feel like you’re doing much here but you’re actually having really good benefits. Let’s take that again from the bottom. You’re helping to boost the circulation so you are bringing you all the fresh blood and nutrients and oxygen up to the skin’s surface. This is really going to help the skin to look glowing healthier more youthful and you’re really relaxing that frontalis muscle so it’s such a nice natural way to smooth the skin. A great alternative to Botox and lots of people ask me if I’ve ever had Botox. I’ve never had Botox never have fillers I just do these face yoga techniques daily. So let’s relax the frontalis muscle a little bit more just by moving the fingers across and as you do this try practising opening your
eyes as wide as you can the more you can focus on widening the eyes without raising the eyebrows the more you’re going to train yourself to use your eyes more for expressing and less the forehead and the less you use the forehead for expressions the less you’re going to get lines there. Good, okay so next we’re going to a little zig-zig motion two fingers we’re just moving up and down nice and gently in a little zigzag moving across come to your temples a little press there really nice stress relieving point and take that again. Gently moving across come down and let’s do that one more time and then just come down to the temples. Bring the hands gently down take a deep breath in through the nose a deep breath out through the nose and just make sure you relax the whole of your face. If you’d like more information on face yoga including how you can train to be a face yoga teacher in the comfort of your own home via our distance learning program just go to faceyogaexpert.com Have a lovely day and I’ll see you again soon.


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