Faster, Deeper, Bliss by Tom Cronin


One of the great issues with the world today is stress and Dr. Bruce Lipton says that stress is the cause of ninety-five percent of all sickness and it’s having such a deteriorating effect on our relationships and our ability to create truly magnificent lives and when we get mindful with this 21-day program deep into our power over our mind we really start to reclaim our lives and create something truly magnificent. So this 21-day program is called ‘Faster Deeper Bliss’ And I’m going to be with you every day for 21 days taking you deep into the awareness of your mind and how to master your mind in a mindfulness manner. I felt so compelled to doing this program to get it out to the world in a very large way. I’ve seen mothers who have been suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety, who have reclaimed their life after doing this program. I’ve had CEOs that were almost at the end of their career just struggling with stress and lack of sleep and just really not being able to find passion in what they do, to reclaim their lives and reclaim that passion and become very successful And I’ve also had school students who are struggling with the stress and pressures of exams and deadlines, who have found that this is a really calming technique that helps them get their life back and move through life in a much more fluid and unstressed way. OK so this is what inspired me to do this program, this is what inspired me to bring this out to the world. As a result of doing this course here are 5 things you’re going to notice more of in your life: Number one: you’re going to be much more aware of your feelings and thoughts. You’ll be able to sit back and start to watch how you’re reacting to life, what are the thoughts that you’re having every day, whether they’re serving your highest purpose. Number two: how to be more productive and sharpen your focus. Our mind gets very distracted being around so many different ways of processing information and with mindfulness we’re going to bring it in and be much more focused, much more productive with our attention, get a lot more potency of the power of mind. Number three: how to see the beauty all around you. This beauty is around us all the time and we get very distracted with their mind being in the future and the past and social media. With mindfulness you’re gonna learn how to discover that beauty that’s right here right now in every moment. Number four: how to manage those distracting thoughts during our mindfulness practice. Let’s face it – mindfulness is one of those things where we will have lots of thoughts coming in all the time as that mind wants to run away into the future and the past, and this program is going to help you to manage all of that and understand why that’s happening and go deeper into your mindfulness practice. And Number five: you’ll learn how to manage those incredibly stressful and overwhelming situations in life. These circumstances are going to continue on in our world, and learning how to move through them in a calm, peaceful manner while there’s turbulence still going on around you, is such a powerful technique. So once again all the information is here on this page as well as case studies of people whose lives have been changed as a result of trying out this program. Go ahead and enroll and i look forward to having you as one of our newest students…


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