Fear of flying guided meditation – female voice

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Find a comfortable seat and let both your feet firmly touch the ground. Doing this will allow you to feel grounded even when many thoughts are floating around in your head. Let your eyes gently close and sit so your spine is straight, but not stiff. And let’s start by taking notice of the energy level in your body today. Mentally scan your whole body. What sensations do you feel? In your mind you can name the parts of your body that feel tingly, painful or tight. Now bring attention to your breath. Follow the air as it enters and leaves your body. Notice how your belly expands as you breathe in and release as you let go of the breath. Feel your lungs filling up with air and then slowly release it until there is no air left to squeeze out. Concentrating on your out breath can help to regulate your breathing. Let’s take three more breaths like this. So breathing in, feeling the belly expand and as you breathe out squeeze all the air out of your lungs. Breathe out for longer than you breathe in. Whenever you feel tense during the day, you can always come back to your breath. Notice now if there are any thoughts dominating your mind today. Not trying to do anything about them, just noticing them. You may find yourself overthinking today, maybe even thinking about the last time you traveled. That’s fine, it’s normal human behavior. No need to be critical of yourself for worrying, just accept that your thoughts will wander. The most important thing you can do is become aware of your daydreaming as it happens. So throughout the day when you notice your thoughts wandering off see if you can gently bring yourself back to the present moment. Reminding yourself of what’s really going on in the environment around you and inside your body. Negative thoughts can be like a strong current in the sea. You can get pulled along with it. One thought triggers another, and before you know it you’ve been totally wrapped up in reliving the past or imagining the future for a few minutes. But because you are going to be doing something that is quite stressful, this is a really good time to practice meditation. So every time you notice your thoughts wandering off gently guide your attention back to the here and now. Mentally scan your body again. Notice if any tension is creeping back into your body. If you notice anywhere that feels tension, gently breathe into the area and let go. When your body gets a signal from your mind that it’s scared it tries to protect you. Which is why you get so many sensations when you are nervous. Things like sweating, fast heart rate etc. So feel grateful that your body is trying to protect you from danger. It can’t distinguish between real danger or imagined. So when you have a negative thought today, let it pass and thank your body for looking out for you. When you are on your flight, what is certain is that there are other people that feel nervous too. They may even be experiencing the same feelings and thoughts as you do right now. So when a negative thought comes to you and your body reacts with a stress response thank your body for looking after you, but you can handle it from here. Then focus on something else. First, your breath. Then, look around you. Focus on what information your sense are giving you one by one. sounds, sights, smells… Let’s end this meditation by setting an intention. I’d like you to think about your trip. What is the flight for? What would be the best possible outcome for this trip? If you’re traveling for business perhaps you want to have a successful meeting that closes a deal. If you’re going on vacation you may wish for a fun, family time. If you are visiting a sick family member you may want to hope for a loving reunion. Whatever the best possible outcome is, bring it to mind right now. Imagine it with as much detail as possible and don’t forget to put yourself in the picture. What feelings would be there with your desired outcome? Feel it as if it is happening right now. See it as if it is happening right now. Allow the image, your vision to gradually fade. And allow it to just drift away. Now there is nothing more to do. So whenever you are ready take some slow breaths, and come back to the present moment. Check in with your body and mind. Just notice what is happening there. Gently allow your attention to fall back on your breath. Gradually open your eyes, feeling calm, healthy, and ready to travel.


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