Find the Real You Meditation

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Welcome to this guided meditation to discover the real you with this meditation you are going to be
able to reduce stress control anxiety and hence self-awareness may help in
addictions by simply allowing your body to relax and return to your natural
physical and mental well-being practicing deep breathing and body
muscle relaxation turns on your parasympathetic nervous system which is
the rest and digest system that conserves energy as it slows the heart
rate increases intestinal and gland activity now lay down in a quiet place where you won’t be dropped a job take a
comfortable position with your back straight place one hand on your stomach
and the other are your chest take a deep read into your nose and exhale through
your mouth pushing out as much air as you can while
dancing your abdomen muscles the hand or your chest should rise very
little while the other hand should move as you breathe in and breathe out let’s repeat this again take a long
breath in for four seconds and Excel for the count of five you can rest your hands now in an easy
way besides your body now shift your attention to your body
take a moment to focus on your feet notice any sensation you feel while
continuing to focus on your breathing imagine this relaxing energy coming up
trail feet your mind will try to wander many thoughts come into your mind gently
place your attention on your body and place your attention on your knees feel the same relaxing energy if you
notice areas of particular tension try to solve on those areas those areas of your body softly bring
your attention to your abdomen then your chest dear arks and they are ahead aloud it’s relaxing energy to flow through you relax your eyes the
muscles of your face and jaw loosening every tight area now imagine you are by the ocean on a wonderful beach on a breathtaking sunny day of summer breeding that fresh air breeding that clean fresh air the sky is
so blue with a few clouds floating by the ocean breeze is softly touching your
face feel it feelings touching your face today
he’s so peaceful so calm you hear some distant Birds you start walking on a beach feeling so
peaceful with every step you’ll become more Oh
and more peaceful you can feel the sharpness of the sand as you take one step after the other it is so
soft the water is so clean
and blue you bend and touch the water you see yourself need a reflection of
the water look at your own reflection look into your eyes what do you see
your eyes begin to smile back at you they seem to have a knowing that you’ll
be looking for for such a long they hold so much love in them you can
feel a warm energy starting to pulsate within you this is the real you the real you full of love full of wisdom full of belief full of trust full of knowing you feel so happy you feel full of energy you feel full of
vitality you look up and explore the place you
are in look around and explore your world this is your time to see whatever you
need to see to be with whoever you need to be with align yourself with the energy of this
magnificent universe


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