Find Your True Self, Your Inner Peace in Your Control, Guided Meditation Series, Intro

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Find yourself, a journey of self discovery. An introduction. Hi guys welcome to becoming a better you
by Skeed. This is an introductory video so please watch this video if you’re
going to go on this undertaking this journey with me of these meditations
this is going to be a massive massive undertaking on my part so really hope
you like them you share them comment on them as I said it’s gonna be in theory
it’s probably gonna be about 80 meditations long how long do you spend
on each meditation is entirely up to you it depends on how much you resonate with
each meditation you might find listening once to one is enough and you might find
others you spend weeks on them before moving further on this is something that
I’ve discovered I’ve been working through myself and now I feel ready it’s
time to share them with you because it is amazing it’s an amazing thing it is
walking the walk rather than talking the talk
I want to keep these meditations short I still don’t know exactly how they how
long they’re gonna be I’m gonna try and keep them under or around 20 minutes
long so when you do them I’m going to assume you’re ready to do them you’re in
a comfortable place you are wearing the right clothes etc etc exception you’ve
got your phones away so you’re not going to be distracted at the time you’re
going to be doing these meditations every time I’m going to use the same
introduction to get us into a nice meditative state
simply because that way the more you use this sort of it’s almost like in a
hypnotic induction the more you use it the more powerful it will become and the
quicker you can get there so we can make these videos shorter and it takes less
time to actually do the meditation now I say meditation they are meditations but
they are contemplations of thoughts and ideas I am going to call
them guided meditations simply for the reason that that is what people most
commonly call them people don’t sort of call meditations contemplations and they
don’t call contemplations contemplation as they call them meditations so
therefore I will be calling them guided meditations but understand we are
contemplating certain ideas therefore actually there contemplations so I
really hope you get as much out of doing these as I am getting out of them they
are as I said wonderful that’s why I want to share them with you so if you
like them please share them with people so as many people can get this
information as possible and so as many people can follow their paths as
possible okay without further ado that’s it
thank you very much I will see you in these meditations they’re going to take
time to do said it’s I estimate it’s gonna be around 80 videos so it is a
long process as I said whether you love some and decide to stay with some for a
couple of weeks it could extend now for you to cover all the material it could
be a year you might go through it much much faster so I hope you enjoy them and
that’s it click the like button on the video comment on this one on the videos
throughout the process and okay well further ado let’s get started with them
they will be just to let you know they will be numbered so you know the order
you don’t have to do them in that specific order of course you’re free to
do them however you want I would recommend personally doing them all in
order I’ve done them in order because they do grow on each other so if you
jump to number 10 and you start at number 10 you will be missing a lot of
other information you might find you decide to skip a couple and then come
back or you might go through them in order and then come back and that’s
entirely up to you as I said my recommendation is to do them in order
okay right that’s it thank you very much and I will see you in the meditations


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