First Contact: The 3 Phases REVEALED (and what you need to know NOW)


this video I’m gonna be sharing with you
the three phases of what is called first contact this is something that has
already started and I’m gonna show you exactly what to expect welcome back to
another video my name is Aaron and I help people
expand their consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you that
of understanding more about what is called first contact understanding more
about in a way disclosure and understanding who we really are as
spiritual beings living in this temporary human experience now this is
going to be based in a couple pieces of research one of that is that of the work
of Dolores cannon some of you’ve heard me talk about her conne her books before
and it’s a level of consciousness where people get into what is called a one of
the deepest levels of consciousness where their Higher Self and their
subconscious mind comes through it’s a level of hypnosis and she has had people
in this qhht technique quantum healing hypnosis technique and she’s had
thousands of people go under in this level of consciousness and what can come
through is amazing different type of things understanding who we are why we
had certain experiences with certain types of people understanding what our
purpose is in life and who we are beyond just this physical experience and what
we’re experiencing in those realities and there’s been a lot of information
that’s come through and in her 17 or 19 books it explains that now some of the
other the other information I’ll be drawing from is that a bashar many of
you heard me talk about bashar as well before and bashar talks a lot about
first contact and how as who he is it’s like an abraham hicks type thing where
it’s channeled material and what he says is his job from the higher-self point of
view of darrell Enka who is the channel is that what he does as a soul as he
comes in to different realities and allows his higher mind to channel
through to then relay certain information that helps us become more
aware of who we are because that’s one of the first phases of first contact so
he is what is called a first contact specialist now
I’ve been listening to Bashar since 2012 I’ve been reading on Delores cannon
books about since 2013 and I’ve done quite a bit of research in it and
there’s a lot of parallels with this and then even if you look into the law of
one material the law of one the raw materials that some of the most profound
channeling material of all time and it was done with a physicist asking the
questions through his wife Carla who was channeling the raw beans who were
responsible for that of the Egyptian pyramids and many other pieces of
information that come into our reality so what I’m saying is that there’s a
correlation between all of these different sources and many others as
well but these are the three that I’ll mainly be quoting and taking the
information from for this video and when it comes to the three phases of contact
the way that I understand it is that in this lifetime first off if we draw upon
Dolores cannon in this lifetime we knew that there would be a shift in
consciousness happening and the law of one materials this is called the harvest
what we are doing is we are harvesting from a third density reality to a fourth
density reality which is similar to dimensions but it’s also different third
density is a level of consciousness of us understanding duality good bad light
dark us really emphasizing form fourth density is when we start to get into a
level of consciousness where it things are still physical but it becomes much
more dreamlike we start to exist much more in our heart center and fourth
density is when things become much more magical in general and in this reality
what we are moving from and what the raw material states is that we are moving
from a third density to a fourth density reality and when we look at that of
Bashar he says the exact same thing we are moving from third density into
fourth density the Dolores can image the Doradus Canon books talk about how we
are also moving from this shift in consciousness she refers to it more as
third dimension to fifth dimension which is the same thing with third density to
fourth density it’s just we’re using dimensions or densities there are
different levels of consciousness and right now on the planet
we are going through this shift now part of this shift has to do with us
understanding our vibration in relation to that of other dimensional beams now
before we talk about other dimensional beings we must understand that we are
multi-dimensional beings we exist at many different levels this is something
that comes through all three of those materials all three of them whether is
Bashar Delores Cannon or the raw materials we are multi-dimensional
beings that exist at higher levels of consciousness that have forgotten that
this is who we are because the reason we came into this reality one of the things
we had to do is there’s freewill in this reality there is something called the
law of forgetfulness we forget who we are so that we can come into this
reality so that then we can then wake up to who we really are it’s part of the
game and there are certain realities there are certain planets that you may
incarnate into it you will remember who you are there are a higher vibration
than here and all of us have existences in higher vibrational realities but to
come here we had to forget who we are we had to lessen our body in the densities
they talk about this in Delores cannons and Bashar they talk about this in all
three of those how wouldn’t we come here we have to lessen our vibration go
through different densities in order to then incarnate forget who we are
completely and then go through this process of remembering so it’s part of
the process of us as a soul coming here Earth is a master school it’s a paradox
because on one end you could say it’s a kindergarten because many of us are
remembering who we are and if you look at the levels of consciousness in the
world and you see people at war against each other who have no idea that they
are other versions of themselves who don’t remember that they have this
connection but are fighting each other then you see it’s like a kindergarten
but at the same time in order to incarnate in this much density you must
be a master salt you must be able to carry and go through that much darkness
in order to get to this much lightness but in this time in this in this reality
it’s the most profound time ever because we are able to go from
this much density this much darkness into this much lightness and it’s
happening right now on the planet in this lifetime there will be more
transformation than we have ever seen before on the planet in the shortest
amount of time that’s what it’s called the graduation the harvest it is
happening now now there’s three main phases of first contact now when it
comes to first contact understand that these other dimensional beings many of
these other dimensional beings higher dimensional beings ET beings that we
talked about there are other versions of us there are other versions of us we are
multi-dimensional beings we exist here in the third dimension we also exist in
the fifth dimension in higher dimensions but we forget about those connections
when we are here spiritual awakening is when we become aware that we are
immortal spiritual beings eternal spiritual beings live in temporary human
experiences and because that’s who we are
we start to remember this we start to go through a process of bringing more of
our 5d energy in more of our higher vibrational energy in many of us are
picking up on frequencies of existences we have in different realities and
that’s what we call star seats people that are drawing upon energy from maybe
the Pleiades maybe serious maybe Andromedan maybe our tourists
these are all different planetary systems that we have multi-dimensional
connections to and when you go to bed at every night you may be awake in those
dimensions in those realities but when you come here you forget this now first
contact why we think of it as higher vibrational beams there are other
versions of us and when we see that it gets away a lot of the fear because
these other versions of us are aware that we are connected to them when
Bashar is when Daryl Inca is channeling Bashar Bashar is just a name that we use
but he’s connecting to his higher self existence in a planet called esos Ani
which is more fourth density going into fifth density level of consciousness so
as we are going from 3 D to 40 we have multi-dimensional existences
where we are going from 4d to 5d or 5d to 60 or 60 to 70 there are many
different dimensions and we are going through a transformation of
consciousness in this dimension and as beloved so below and so below as above
so we are also going through this transition in different ways so when I
explained all this one of the reasons I’m explaining all these different
levels is because first contact is about us connecting to these ET beams they are
trying to meet us halfway what I mean by that is their vibration is so high they
are also other versions of us their vibration is so high that when we meet
them it would jolt our energy field unless we were able to meet them halfway
the way that Bashar has explained it is that imagine we have a very high
spinning gear very high vibration and then we are a very low spinning gear if
you were to Jam these two gears together they would strip they would be stripped
the lower the lower vibrational one would completely strip it depending on
the the faster gear but if we were able to move faster we can then meet it
halfway so then it can then carry us faster and faster so that’s what first
contact is it’s about us understanding our connection to our multi-dimensional
selves and then understanding as well that when it comes these three phases
I’m about to share with you that ETS have been around for thousands and
thousands of years just that the information has been suppressed but
these ETS are other versions of us they’re connected to us so the way that
Bashar explains first contact is the different phases the first phase is what
is happening right now on the planet you have me bringing through information
connect you to my Higher Self and bring you through different information about
this process you have also the information the daily YouTube videos I
make that’s me connection to my Higher Self it’s not the ego Eren that’s like
oh I made all this up no it’s a higher vibrational energy that flows through
and that’s why I’m able to make day videos for three years straight every
single day you have people like Bashar who is channeling Daryl Anka who is
channeling his higher self and allowing that information to flow through and
that’s his Higher Self and that’s the way that he explains it happens Bashar
says that what he does as people’s higher self will bring through et
information higher vibrational information higher self information for
us to then to then integrate and there are millions of people on the planet
that have studied channeled material whether that be the law of one whether
that be the bashar or abraham hicks and as we become aware of this information
that’s the first level of first contact it’s us connecting to our own higher
selves so this has been happening on the planet since like the 1950s or 60s and
every year it becomes more and more powerful that’s the first stage you can
think about this if ETS were to land and and people were at a certain level of
consciousness where they’re afraid of everyone else people only perceive of
ETS mainly from their own level of consciousness so when you look at some
people that are afraid of ETS landing because they think that ETS are just
going to completely obliterate us or imprison us it’s because the current
level of consciousness they are is seen that because we are at war with each
other then obviously these other higher dimensional beings would be at war with
us in a way it’s like thinking that God is some white guy in the sky because we
are some white guy or that’s the idea it’s a limited view of perception that
we only interpret through means that we relate to so it’s understanding that
it’s far beyond what we can imagine source energy is far beyond some
individual race something that we have with our 3d body and then the same way
these ETS are beyond our level of consciousness as the 3d physical humans
so it’s about understanding that it’s much more beyond what we
can imagine and if you were to see how we exist in reality and we are at war
with each other and we have all of these things happening do you think that
higher vibrational beings could even land here and feel safe
you see they could see probable futures they could see that if they landed here
it may be like tomorrow there’d be a lot of people that be afraid and won’t want
to go out war with them because they wouldn’t understand that
they are other versions of us and then be in fear because they would carry more
power also this is something that Bashar said happens when a higher vibrational
beam comes up to you when a very high vibrational being comes up to you which
these we have connections to these but if they were to physically come up to us
as they are walking up to us their energy field would be so powerful and so
high vibrational that it would bring up anything within us that is not already
integrated to the surface so that we could then deal with it because they’re
so integrated it would make us immediately have to integrate and what
would that happen is that high vibration we would then feel and we would feel the
negative aspects of that of some childhood memories that weren’t
integrated other things that what integrated we would didn’t think it was
them and we would think that they were making us feel that way when really it’s
ourselves matching a high vibrational frequency and then having to deal with
all the shadow aspects that weren’t already dealt with so you see there’s a
reason why it has to come in phases as much as I would love for it to happen
tomorrow for for high vibrational beings to come here for the technology to be
released that has been suppressed with free energy I know at the same time that
it’s about vibrational resonance and that a lot of the people on the planet
might not be ready for it right this moment but it’s still happening so the
first phase is through our own higher selves and bringing through this
information because it’s the most hands-off way we can’t really go at war
with ourselves we’re not gonna we’re not gonna we’re not gonna have pitchforks
trying to let go after aliens when we realize that is being channeled and it’s
other connections that we have so Bashar has explained that in the different
protocols one of them is that the first phase is in
information being brought through a higher selves and us channeling it
knowing that these are other connections we have now the second phase of that of
first contact has to do with information that has been around but suppressed it
has been about the pyramids and how they were created it would be about
understanding a lot of ancient ruins a lot of sacred sites on the planet
a lot of et connect past connections we may have had with Atlantis with lumeria
with different times on the planet that the the history has been suppressed
there has been first contact here for thousands of years and a lot of the
things when you look into that of different sacred texts you’ll see
whether this is Sumerian text or whether it’s you know even different
interpretations of the Bible you’ll see that it references many times different
et connections but the interpretation of it may not be there to where people
understand that but if you look at it from a certain point of view you could
see it’s very obvious I went to when I was going through my spiritual awakening
2012 2013 I went with my dad and my – two of my half-sisters we went to a
place at the Grand Canyon and when we went to the Grand Canyon we went to this
one Hopi temple and I I felt such a strong connection to this temple this
Hopi temple that we go into and when you look up there were these there were
these these symbols of these people of like people and then these et craft
floating above them and this Hopi temple was hundreds of years old but I felt a
very strong connection to it and I remember since that time my spiritual
awakening really sped up but I felt a connection I felt like back in the Hopi
Tribe at least or many different tribes have connections these e.t races because
they can perceive of them because of their of a similar vibration they’re
open to it they can connect to it so a lot of the second phase of first contact
is us becoming aware of that the connection that we’ve had for
thousands of years but we’ve simply forgot about so it’s already here it’s
happening now – there’s different levels of disclosure we’re coming out you look
at a show called cosmic disclosure on Gaia TV and you have these these
whistleblowers coming through people like Corey Goode that I’ve seen Emery
Smith who have seen and been around this kind of stuff works for different
organizations and said you know I I also know somebody as well that’s older now
that has been through and knows and is expressed to me 100% that the government
and different sections of of our world know 100% that the ETS exists and they
even study with them and they even do work with them so it is something that
has been suppressed for thousands of years and now we’re becoming more aware
of it so it’s us understanding there’s free energy there’s us understanding
that that we have this connection and we’ve had this connection for thousands
of years so it’s not so much about the future but just knowing it’s already
been here the second phase is us having some certain type of information
disclosed to us that has prior been hidden and right now we’re going through
a part of the universe we’re going through a part of the of where earth is
moving through it’s a high vibrational photonic light that is increasing the
vibration of our bodies as we go through it
this has talked about in the law of one Bashar talks about this
Delores cannons where it talks about this we’re moving through a part the
universe doesn’t just revolve like this it’s spinning and it’s moving through
different areas and one thing that has been expressed is that the area that
we’re moving through right now is such a high vibration that is speeding up our
vibration and making us become more aware of ourselves that’s one of the
phases of first contact is us speeding up our vibration and becoming aware of
what’s already been around us the third phase of first contact is actual first
contact with higher vibrational beings but Shar says that this is most highly
likely to happen between that of 2025 to 2030 3 now he says that this is meant
and this to happen at first in very small batches
it may it’s not gonna mean that in that time period that it’s like proclaimed on
CNN or Fox News however it is stated and what he states is that if you are of the
vibration of it you may go to may be a part of Sedona a secluded part and you
may have contact with them now before I get too far into this phase the second
phase as well and this is a part that Bashar said his civilization went
through is we start to have memories that surface within us of us in these
higher vibrational states so imagine every single night you go to bed you’re
awake in these higher vibrational states of being connected to other IET races
and imagine some of these memories come back to you memories like oh yes this
memory has been clouded from me but it’s just something that did happen
well you can’t fight anyone else it’s something within your own consciousness
and these memories are going to begin to come back to us I’ve had some of these
memories surface at night time I realized that at night time it’s similar
it’s like a school we’re also learning and teaching in nighttime and these
memories of surface for me so it makes me more aware of this multi-dimensional
aspect that’s one of the phases as well you may have these star seed memories
you may have memories of why you came here memories of you in higher
vibrational states of consciousness as you open up to this information now the
third phase let me elaborate a little bit more on that is going to be more in
smaller batches and and by 2050 Bashar says that we will then have a high
degree of likelihood that we will then emerge as a Galactic Federation as one
of the Galactic ssin the active Federation’s will literally be initiated
into a higher level connection to other ety races and this is happening now and
there are some people on the planet that have had et connection first contact it
already has happened for some people but as time goes on you can only perceive
that what you are the vibration of it will increase for us but in our lifetime
I do believe first contact will happen what level I
don’t know whether it’s whether it’s et technology is release or you know higher
vibrational technology is released a lot of its already been here by the way it’s
just been suppressed and then it’s us becoming more aware and then us
perceiving of these peep of these beans or whether it doesn’t happen for 30
years I don’t know I do believe that will happen though and I believe that
these three different phases are all happening right now and now you kind of
know what to expect you know how you can relate to these different aspects don’t
be surprised if after hearing this information you have certain memory
surface don’t be surprised if you get these in dream state don’t be surprised
if in meditation you start connecting to this energy don’t be surprised if you
start to have these you start to feel these different connections because now
it’s gonna be happening more and more as time goes on it’s not gonna slow down at
all it’s gonna continue to speed up the old systems have to fall away for these
new ideas to emerge and for us to I start asking the question you have the
whole area 51 thing that has happened recently where people are demanding
information and it’s just showing how much more people are waking up to this
information so know that you’re not alone you clicked on this video there’s
many other people that are into this type of information and as time goes on
I will share it more and more about it we’re right now moving into a 5d level
of consciousness and it’s very exciting if you would like as well I made a one
of the most powerful meditations that I’ve ever made will help you tap into
the 5d energy so that you’re able to disassociate from the old reality and
then be in a high vibe state let us do it for 21 days I think it can absolutely
change your life it’ll be in the top of the scripture marks below also turn on
the notifications so that you can see the daily videos I do the way YouTube
does it now is you can only see the daily videos if you hit that
notification bell so you can hit that right below other than that I hope you
enjoyed this video feel free to like it if you liked it and as always I will see
you in the next video peace much love and namaste


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    September 4, 2019 5:37 pm

    heyyyyy everyone! here's the 5th dimension meditation I mentioned in the video! for best results listen for 21 days 🙂

  2. Saad Loulidi

    September 5, 2019 1:18 pm

    You're right, i've been having clear visions deep of memories from my childhood lately. Keep up the good work and keep believing in yourself. Thank you Aaron. NAMASTE.

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    I was gone for a Walk in the woods, took a nap, saw e.t.'s while falling asleep and came Back 10 days later. I cant remember a Thing but it's here believe me. My mother even called the Police to search for me. The Joke: my Bank Account was emptied after that. Haha –

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    You mention shift in consciousness for humans and all the thinks we can do. What about animals, insects, and other forms of life on the planet? How they factor into all the things you talk about?

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    September 5, 2019 3:25 pm

    The other night I was camping and I had a dream I was a Pleadian woman writing a self help book for inter-dimensional beings reincarnating to Earth.
    Not sure what to make of it, but I thought I’d share. Lol


    September 5, 2019 3:45 pm

    Namaste 🙏. Not only the mass awakening, but also the ascension – the 3D to 4D consciousness shift will happen on 9/19 😊❤️☮️🕉️

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    Been reading the Law of one off and on again for a little over a year now, pretty cool to see someone articulate it in such an open and helpful way. I guess you could say I 'found it' on my own and hadn't met anyone else who'd discovered it- really changes everything… Graham Hancock's Pyramid and ancient civilization studies kind of helped kick it off in my life and now I can say I believe it to be reality… keep up the good work man

  12. Rei Diko

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    I meet creator himself, Like I didnt meet him, He came and check on me because I was going nutts on some psychadelic. He/She was the nicest thing/being on the universe and was like "ohhhhhhh you have done so much demage to your brain, let me fix it for you, gonna take 3 hours in your human hours, but its light years for me"….I was in huge brain pain, like he installed everything from the begining in my brain and then said "now you are good to go, but before you go let me instruct you on what you gonna do these months"….pretty much like some months of instructions but in like 1 hour human lifespan…. Reality its like a big scary game and yet the funniest game ever, accepting the darkness of your own self and other people you care around you will make you meet light. He gave me a little tiny tiny look at the biggest "datacenter" of the universe, he also told me he implemented them in my brain and with hard work, lots of love and faith I will start remembering what he put me in my tiny beautiful brain….(I also got a "soul" which would help me translate what he left me in the brain some weeks ago when i wasnt fully aware)…. Well 3-4 years or more of full nightmares and depression paid off, finally feel free and reborn. I am enjoying every single day and I feel so happy, I jump and dance from joy and also work and plan my days very carefully so I dont waste them. These last weeks feel like 10-20 years for me…….Also also, what aron said about when we are asleep we are awake, Creator himself explained in super details what happens when we are alseep spiritually and phisically, but I wont go into details because I know none will read this long comment I typed. Much love everyone ❤❤❤🔥⚡⚡⚡

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    What if… None of it is true? What if… We live under a dome and nothing gets in and nothing gets out?
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    Yea I was talking to my sister yesterday about how aliens definitely exist or at least very advanced beings maybe from the Earth's interior. The U.S. government released the videos from the air Force a year and a half ago on a Sunday and though many will still deny, it is not reasonable to believe that the videos could possibly be a hoax began by individual pilots in the air Force that fooled their superiors who put these many videos together to present to the public on a Sunday. Friday is when things are released that they don't want talked about and Sunday is when they want to see if we are paying attention is my conspiratorial opinion. I have other opinions too but I think the conspiratorial opinions are best when considering government or business and it's always best to remember that we are each complicit in all things.
    The Great Pyramid and the Tesla tower at Wardenclyffe were designed as electron transfer chains and so are we and so is all that we see. All things are energized by a resonance of attraction like a string on a harp causes another that is in harmony to vibrate when the first is plucked. It's the mind that chooses the string to pluck and memory is the song.

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    Hi Aaron, I am sorry such a huge discussion has come on ur video in comments, I did not ask for that, felt like defending u guys, I still think ur a great person.

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    Isn't Gaia TV controlled opposition? I'm not sure about them. But for sure this is definitely happening, I have several friends around me that have experienced first contact w plaedians. None of the others though, not sure why just that race of star beings.

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    September 5, 2019 8:27 pm

    as a truth seeker, i noticed all the info's and hidden truths are based around what comes through the channelled messages yeah, i wonder how you trust it and seem so sure and relaxed lol it's like there's a guy who i spoke to who's a former new ager, over time he lost trust and said it's a false hope and deception. i try to see thing's from many perspectives to try figure out what is really happening on a spiritual level, it's very hard to imagine yeah i find myself questioning everything these last few weeks. i need to be more sure and have more faith in spirit i guess but from what former new ager's say it really makes you step back into observation mode, it's like im trying to get past this stage it's almost like a distraction or block on this journey to discovery.

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  25. Diane Clayton

    September 6, 2019 6:31 am

    I am loving the channeled work of Paul Selig. Lines up with the messages referred to on this video. 💕

  26. Frank Smaller

    September 6, 2019 11:00 am

    Aaron I really enjoyed your first contact video..
    At some time do you think you can explain what is a thought form and where does it fit in in your work. NAMASTE Brother xx

  27. TUNEleaks

    September 6, 2019 11:21 am

    What is cool: phase 3 is already happening. Check ECETI and CE 5 Protocol. You can experience it too if you are in the right spot, did enough inner work and follow the guidelines.

  28. Que_Rico

    September 6, 2019 2:10 pm

    There are "12 universal laws" and there is no LAW OF FORGETFULNESS. lol I don't mean to point out the obvious but this guy just makes stuff up!!

  29. Guitagious

    September 6, 2019 2:11 pm

    Yes, it does, in fact, "jolt" our energy field when we are near them in this physical dimension. That's why, for now, they communicate better with us in our dream state world where we are on a more equal playing field. If they happen to stay with us too long, and we begin to wake up, we get extremely frightened and disoriented, which causes them to depart very suddenly and this is the "jolt" you mentioned, Aaron. As we are coming out of our dream state and coming back to this side of the veil, sometimes we bring them with us for only a few seconds and get to see them in their light being form and it instantly scares us. In that moment they realize our 3-D minds can't handle it, and therefore they leave in an instant, tearing out from this dimension in a blue ball of energy causing our hearts to almost leap out of our throats! How do I know this, you might ask? Well, that's a story for another day!

  30. Chad Klasens

    September 6, 2019 6:53 pm

    Recently on a larger mushroom trip, I made contact with a handful of entities. It sounds bizzare, and its cool if nobody believes it but what Aaron is saying about raising our vibration in proportion to 'them' is true. Each entity or entities carry with them a unique 'signature vibration' I was told… Kind of like each of us have our own unique individual DNA structure. It's the same for 'them' my intention was to connect with a higher level vibration being, this isn't to be taken lightly by the way… I've been aware long enough to understand some of the principles here, but it's highly subjective and to me it's my truth. So I don't try to convince anyone. I know what I experienced. 'they are willing and desire a line of communication with us, but like Aaron's analogy, of the cogs, it's actually very difficult for them, I think it actually drains their energy also… Which is why being in a psychedelic altered state is more conducive to perceive them.

    For starters, psycilocybin has been scientifically proven to reduce neural activity in the amygdala (our fear response network) or fight or flight response, so it slows it down to a halt. The default mode Network also goes seemingly 'offline' which is our Egoic sense of self network.

    I was meditating listening to music, eyes closed… Then I've felt drawn to stand up, and ended up standing against my wall in the living room, instantly had a strong rush of energy and it was like I started vibrating higher speeds then I've ever been before, it was very intense, strong heat, started from my lower body, moved all the way up my chakras until the sensation reached my crown (head) my ears were going thru the buzzing sound, like I'm sure a lot of us have exp (random buzzing) in one ear suddenly then goes away… After about 2 minutes of this, standing it got overwhelming, my body couldn't handle the intense energy yet… My eyes were blurry, and sensation in my head was too much to continue standing… So much heat, and had to lay down on the couch after that. Sweat was pouring from me, my heart rate jumped up frantically so I was getting a bit nervous… After laying down it subsided. Now I believe a positive vibrational being attempted to 'greet' me, and I couldn't handle its presence, OR it was transmitting some powerful light frequencies to me, to help… Either way it's nothing like I've felt before.

    After that, my body temp returned back to normal and other beings came, nothing physical even tho I requested they materialize, they chose not to…sounds so bizzare right..but this happened… They communicate to us telepathically, so information is conveyed in a nano second… What to ask? Lol. Where to start? Introduce yourself? Your name, they already know. It's weird. So unusual to what we think. Also they communicate by feeling, they are masters at transmitting their emotions, seemingly, I was ask a question like 'what galaxy or solar system are you from' they wouldn't respond with a name, but would allow me to feel like what it's like there… Such intense serenity, peacefulness. We have to release all fear, fear is such a odour to them, they can't stand being around such odour. That's how they taught me to look at it.

    Also one said not all higher entities are trying to assist us, which I believe is true, some beings just mind their own business lol, do their own thing, they aren't heavily vested in our best interests to ascend. Other lower beings also met me, which was interesting, allowed me to feel lower emotions, they weren't particularly resonating love or empathy, but were curious of me still. Be cautious, I was would say, don't trust the messages of just any entity I learned, some like to joke around, some are selfish to their own, not all entities care about our well being and ascension, but the ones I met were genuinely curious of our density and 3d reality. It's not all rainbows and lollipops out there in the higher spirit worlds. We have to remember this. Lower 4Density non physical beings are out there too.

  31. bridget oubre

    September 6, 2019 8:29 pm

    Your energy is much different than usual, your coming from a different place and holding back something. I find this quite interesting. I saw a Gordy rose(quantum computers guy) talking about the “entities” being summoned by the tech as well as people, saying how they’re beliefs aren’t aligned with us. They would see us as we see an ant. Comparable to the lovecraftian ideas. I believe everyone needs to raise their vibration, however we must ALL use discernment. Not everything out there is bad, but it’s not all good either. These beings have been here since the dawn of time, and while all these texts may have different interpretations, the SOURCE by which they came is pretty evident.

  32. chocolateress

    September 6, 2019 9:42 pm

    Thanks Aaron, bold topic. Kudos for owning it! Really helpful you compare 3 sources. I recently started on Dolores Cannon's Convoluted Universe series because of your videos. It's easy enough to read, but such high vibe material it's kind of exhausting and takes a while to get through a book, but it is so totally worth it. Mind blown. Thanks for naming your sources every now and then. Have a great weekend and namaste.

  33. William Snyder-Jr

    September 7, 2019 1:03 am

    He says "don't be surprised" if you encounter this energy after this video. I'm still gonna be surprised if I start hearing from ET's!

  34. Vijayta Kant

    September 7, 2019 3:59 am

    Aaron I absolutely love you. Channelling can feel like being on a rollercoaster ride followed by a quiet, withdrawn phase for reflection and recoupment. I haven't made any videos yet. My blabbering is usually with whoever is in front of me. It flows with divine timing. I recognize that what comes to our awareness is energetically scripted into the Akasha and held within the collective conciousness for individuals to access as they expand their consciousness along the journey. We are literally speaking scrolls into existence.

  35. mytube tube

    September 7, 2019 4:34 am

    Aliens have tried to make contact but keep retracting because humanity is not ready. There is so much hate in our planet. We talk about race and how divided we are now. Just imagine Aliens arriving. Nope, not everyone is ready!

  36. Shane E

    September 7, 2019 11:18 am

    I only ever had 1 problem with dolores

    She said "addicts" would remain in the lower astral realm

    Im a recovering addict and KNOW for a fact 6 months ago I had my kundilini awakening and knew my entire life I was different. So that hurt but maybe i just took it wrong

    Oh and edit: your thumbnail I have that exact "map" right above my head when I sleep. So weird

  37. A. Moropoulos

    September 7, 2019 11:58 pm

    Why were we put here to raise vibration for? Why wasn't the planet just made with high vibration already, or why weren't all sentient beings just already made with high vibration to start with?? Also ppl coming out with ideas like yours is not new. Its been around for centuries. How's that a sign of contact all a sudden? Just playing Devil's Advocate. I've come to many the same conclusions as well.

  38. waterdragon 541

    September 8, 2019 12:46 am

    I think we have always had access to other dimensions through altered states of consciousness. We are 'awakening' because the oppressive conditioning we've been subjected to in the past has lost its grip on our consciousness. Thank you internet.

  39. Adriana Morgado

    September 8, 2019 1:09 am

    i wish i woul've found your youtube channel earlier, it could've helped my husband not to kill him self, but at least it's helping me now. i thank you, keep up the good work

  40. Jessica Grgich

    September 8, 2019 6:05 am

    What happens if you just don’t want to here anymore. What if you feel so sad and lost and just want it to be over?

  41. Infinium Dankstar

    September 8, 2019 7:27 am

    Thank all I'm not the only one talking about these subjects.
    Hope your doing well out there brother! 😊💚

  42. Andrea Andrea

    September 8, 2019 7:02 pm

    Aaron! You mention the Ra beings and their connection to the Egyptian pyramids … and then show a photo of the Mayan (or Aztec?) pyramids! (Different continents and time periods).

    Otherwise, Love your content and fabulous energy! So uplifting. You're like a daily anti-depressant!

  43. Elizabeth Vazquez

    September 8, 2019 9:21 pm

    Wow…. thank you for sharing this information and for being so brave to do so! You are absolutely AMAZING AARON!!! 🧙🏼‍♀️🔮🤗

  44. Infinite Multiverse

    September 9, 2019 1:48 am

    Amazing video. I really love it. Keep it up! 🙂

    I think about this kind of stuff everyday, it keeps me going.

  45. david sonny

    September 9, 2019 3:00 am

    Aaron this is crazy man
    I’m Hopi and Diné and it brought me to full attention of what is happening or soon to happen in the next quarter century can’t wait

  46. Success Mindset

    September 9, 2019 4:46 am

    I used to be fully into this stuff but I started to do my own research regarding the origins of this "New Age" religion and all im saying is that you guys should simply do your own research as to the exact origins of this and see where the rabbit hole takes you instead of listening to others. Goodluck.

  47. Marcel Smiley

    September 9, 2019 12:19 pm

    Well my soul brohter and I had a very direct contact to extradimensional beings here on earth at a Goa festival. But it was clear to us that they look out for places and people with a high frequency. Their energy is full of unconditional love, warm and soothing 🙏❤️ We welcomed them and also sent love to them. This is one of the most remarkable moments at the festival ✌🏼😊 Light and love!

  48. Spiritual Wave Rider

    September 9, 2019 5:46 pm

    This is interesting stuff. However, one thing that concerns me is that these entities are likely working with governments today. If the world is a great big stage (for example) I, as an observer, do not see those in seats of power as working for the good of mankind. There is a lack of integrity, honesty, care and concern for humanity, nature, and animals, etc., and the continued efforts to keep people conquered, divided, oppressed, and asleep is disturbing.

    There seems to be light and dark energies/forces in us and around us, we attract what we vibrate, and what we focus on grows (i.e., we create more of…). We hold the power within to break free. I believe that wisdom is knowing that we don't really know a whole lot of anything, but what we've been taught and what we actually experience for ourselves via observation as our consciousness increases. Intuition and our hearts must be our guides. Thankfully we have free will. Much love and light!

  49. Peter Black

    September 10, 2019 8:27 am

    Adding a little if I may, Dr Stephen Greer’s CE5 documentary will be out soon about extra terrestrial contact and the people’s disclosure movement is holding a worldwide meditation on the 21st of this month to facilitate ET contact as well.

  50. Ebony Zanella

    September 10, 2019 11:07 am

    You explain your knowledge so well. Everything you have learnt comes through so easily. Your videos are great and I’m sure you’ll go very far. Thankyou so much, love and light ✨


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