Floating Atop The Clouds: Guided Sleep Meditation and Hypnosis


Hello and welcome to Michelle’s Sanctuary. You are listening to a hypnotic sleep story
and guided meditation, Floating Atop The Clouds. Within this journey, as in all hypnosis, you
are in charge of how deep you go and where you allow yourself to be taken as you unwind
at the end of the day. This story will take you from the safe confines
of your home to the majestic skies above, where you may float as the day turns into
a starry blue-black night. If you have not already, you may wish to subscribe
to this channel so you may easily find your way back to this hypnotic story in the future. Please do not listen to this recording while
driving or doing anything that may require your full intention as this is meant to induce
sleep. If possible, this meditation is best enjoyed
with headphones. And with that, you may find a safe place where
you may lay down, get comfie, and drift away towards a restorative night’s sleep. And as you are settling in, you may take account
of the protective shelter that surrounds you. The ceiling above, the floor that supports
you below. The walls that protect you. Pretending for a moment that your room is
like a protective sanctuary, like being inside a globe or orb that gives you the freedom
to be yourself. You are free from the judgment of anyone else. And most importantly you are free from the
judgment of yourself. Now is the time to be open to my words as
you imagine my voice as the voice of a dear friend and an advocate for you to grow in
the ways you desire and to find peace and serenity. And in doing this in a protective place, you
may be free to let your mind and creative thoughts take flight as you go further and
further down into a trance state. Internalizing the feeling of gratitude you
feel right now and the sense of earning this special time. You deserve this. And you are entitled to having a place that
is just for you. Where you may be silly or sad, where you may
dream big, where you may protect all that you wish to keep just to yourself. You are allowed to keep a piece of yourself
that is just for you as you travel through this life in the body you have been given
and may honour. Continuing to allow your body to feel heavy
and relaxed… easing into your bed, shifting and snuggling as you shake off any last impressions
of your day. Drifting closer to the dark stillness inside…
this sacred stillness that is always waiting for you, whenever you wish to return. You may now turn to your breath, taking over
control of this function of the body that can be voluntary or involuntary… and by
taking control of your breath, you are letting your body know that everything is just fine. Empty out all your air. Sighing if you like. Until the deepest part of your belly collapses. And inhale for 1…2…3… and exhale for
3…2…1 and again inhale for 1…2…3… and exhale for 3…2…1. And on this breath, you may exhale for double
the amount of time you took to inhale. Emptying out all your air… as you inhale
for 1…2…3 and exhale for 6…5…4…3…2…1. Perfect. You may now sense a lightness in your heart
center, a gentle release of your solar plexus, feeling more at ease. You may visualize yourself so comfie in your
bed, as if looking from the outside in. Seeing this special place, that is warm and
safe. And your hands resting gently, almost as if
floating in water. And as your hands are resting, a soft, white
feather suddenly appears and falls into your relaxed palm. You enjoy the softness, the slight tickling
sensation on your skin, opening your eyes and looking at the curve of the satiny, white
quill. And intuitively you stand, going to your window
and opening it… holding the feather just before your lips as you gently blow the feather
outside. And suddenly, you are given all the vision
of this feather which crosses into a new world as soon as it reaches the fresh, clean outside
air. Traveling higher and higher up… and floating
with ease. And you feel this same lightness of being,
ascending higher and higher. The sky is a beauty sky-blue pink, with magenta
streaks and light golden rays of sunlight. Wherever it is you most enjoy, over the countryside,
or over the sea, or over the mountains, this feather guides you. Taking you on a relaxing adventure perfectly
tailored to your whims and desires. Feeling the warm breeze that carries this
feather towards the sky… and as it goes higher and higher up, you feel yourself relaxing
deeper and deeper within this state of peace and stillness. And as this feather goes higher it comes to
the drifting puffy, sun-kissed clouds of the warm-colored sky at sunset. You find as this feather continues to drift,
you are magically transported from your home to the tops of these clouds. Filled with a sense of splendor and curiosity
that you have not felt since you were a small child. But suddenly this imaginative part of you
is coming alive, feeling the tingling sensation and warmth it brings to your head, to your
face… with the spontaneous need to just smile. Feeling bliss. Taking it all in. And you realize now you are so light, so untethered
to gravity, that you may hop from one cloud to the next. That you may experience every cloud in the
sky if you so desire. And so you do… effortlessly floating and
jumping. Playing around with your body and this new
sense of freedom. Knowing you may even take flight if you like,
just like the feather, you may float just above each cloud, releasing any ties to anything
that may have caused you to not feel so light and carefree in the past. Because this bliss is accessible with an ease
you are now discovering. Continuing to bounce high in the sky, skipping
from one cloud to the next, you see yourself laughing. You see yourself full of a joy and sense of
freedom that words cannot convey. You feel a part of yourself changing, an opening…
a shift that makes you more aware of the magnificence that is there for your own enjoyment. You may plug into this beauty whenever you
consciously make this decision… And the sun begins set beyond the horizon,
brilliant hues of orange and coral, of amber and lavender. You find a cloud that is the most appealing,
the shape of which may perfectly support you and form around you with gentle puffs. Puffs that are like swirls of pastel tones,
their rainbow hues wrapping around as the sun disappears. And you feel warm and safe, you feel content
and at ease. Drifting and floating on your own cloud. Enjoying as twilight comes in with a cooler,
soft breeze. And on this breeze, you ride along with the
clouds. Just going with the flow. Surrendering. Watching a flock of white birds that fly alongside
you, their soft wings gracefully riding the stream of air, feeling as a few feathers of
the spread wings lightly touch your arms and face. Letting you know that you are welcome and
belong. Right here. Right now. The sky is getting darker as a sliver of a
moon illuminates the sky. The stars above, seen perfecting from your
refuge above the clouds. And in this special floating space, you realize
you have the ability to travel across the night’s sky overhead. Looking down below through the soft filter
of clouds below you, as if looking through gossamer blowing in the breeze. And you see the homes below you, the lights
going off one at a time. Imagining the people of the towns below, also
getting ready to bed down for the night… feeling connected by this sacred time for
sleep. And you are feeling more and more at ease
and relaxed, your body just melting over the cloud that supports you… feeling the tiredness overcoming you. Breathing and out, this cleanest of night’s
air. Cool and fresh and as pure as the gentle waves
of a waterfall. As you continue to float westerly in the night
sky, you come over a calm, expansive sea that twinkles below. So expansive and vast, the dark, glittering
waters seem as infinite as the starry sky below. And here you are, in the middle of nature
wonders that fill the sky above, and flow below you. And this great space makes you appreciate
your own smallness… all your cares and concerns as just as small… and you may release whatever
you would like… know the universe that surrounds you may absorb and take away all that does
not serve you anymore. Letting it drift away to places things go
that are no longer needed. And just the same, you may infuse your spirit
with this greatness and power, sending out your dreams and deepest desires, knowing that
just the clouds may carry you now, so too many the synchronicity the universe may orchestrate
for you. And you feel so fully aligned, as perfectly
connected to this world as a phonograph’s needle that finds the grooves of a record
and plays beautiful music… finding harmony. Looking up at the stars again, as you float
with ease above the calm sea… enjoying this solitude. The silvery white sparkling stars above reflecting
on the ripples of dark ocean waves below as the crescent moon illuminates the sky, reflecting
a metallic glow on the clouds that carry you. This time to honor yourself. Which you deserve each and every night. Feeling the tiredness come over
you like a nighttime fog. At any point knowing you may guide yourself
back to your bed, teleporting beneath your soft blankets. Or you may continue on this journey on a cloud,
drifting to sleep here. Or perhaps going between the two places, existing
in both at the same time. Whatever feels right, your intuition is your
compass, your desires are your guides. Knowing that wherever you float, or drift,
you will find respite and restoration. No matter how much time you sleep, you will
drift into such a deep slumber that it will be enough. Just as you are enough. Drifting and drifting, further and further
down. As you inhale. And exhale. Happy and warm…serene and grateful… succumbing
to moment as the tiredness takes over and you may rest. Breathing in and breathing out…
you are free to drift, drift further and further away to a dreamy world. Beautiful and serene, and you are floating…deeper
and deeper down… Drifting away, closer to sleep. As you inhale and exhale. Finding surrender. If anyone were to witness this moment they
would see the soft and sleeping face of a person who is so very happy and relaxed…
the epitome of peace and stillness… aspirational. As you are so safe and snuggled into a beautiful
place for respite. These clouds have carried you, connecting
you to the sea and bringing you closer to the stars, as if sleeping among them, floating
above the salt water waves. Knowing that within this special place, anything
is possible. The reigns are in your hands. You need only ask and you will receive. And you will fall into a sleep with dreams
that are harmonious with the natural beauty that surrounds you. The air offering a freshness that purifies
you within as you inhale and exhale deeply… finding sleep. And it makes all of right now easy to let
go, because you can let go and relax, you an drift asleep and do all that you need to
do to heal and recover from the day and still have the great fortune of a new day… with
more adventures… waiting for you. As you let go. Right now. Drifting down… down…down… letting your
consciousness drift away with the last of the summer winds, into the night… traveling…
finding rest and ease… finding enchantment. I am going to count you down to this place
of restorative and beautiful dream-filled sleep…10…9…8…7…6….5….4….3….2…1…
finding release. Finding peace. Finding sleep. Goodnight.


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  1. Michelle's Sanctuary: Sleep Stories & Meditations

    April 3, 2018 5:13 pm

    Growing up in a rural town, I remember summer days spent by the lake staring up at the clouds and just wishing I could float along with them. A child of the 80's this fantasy was further fueled by the Care Bears jetting around in cloud mobiles. As an adult, it's easy to forget about the fun of fantasy and the power of the imagination. This meditation will help you connect and open that part of yourself as you enjoy a night, floating atop the clouds.

  2. Crystal Kirkpatrick

    April 4, 2018 2:43 am

    Im so so excited to float atop the clouds!!!!!! you have changed my life and completely help with my insomnia i have suffered from for years everyone at work says how much better i look as the dark bags are fading from under my eyes i cant thank you enough for what you do!!!! you are truly making a difference in this world and doing some good!

  3. agender-cookie

    April 4, 2018 2:45 pm

    i love the clouds and always wanted to float on them (probably because of one Moomins episode), so i'm really thankful for this story! Btw do you plan to create more "daily" meditations? i'd love to hear some! i actually fall asleep way too fast on the "night" ones ,since your Voice is so soothing ^^;

  4. Kelsey Larsen

    August 4, 2018 4:17 pm

    I cannot tell you how much your sleep meditation and hypnosis audios help me cope with my anxiety and insomnia. Thank you so much for creating these…nothing compares! I have an idea for a future one, if you're interested: taking refuge from a thrashing rainstorm in an old Scottish castle atop a grassy bluff


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